HOW TO: $8 Aquarium sterilizer

In today’s video, i show you how to build an aquarium water sterilizer that will only cost you $8.
What I used to cement the wires:
Disclaimer: This is only what I THINK the twinstar does. I could be wrong here. The point of the video is to share my ideas and inspire some of your own. As always, proceed with caution and insure you do some testing and further research prior to adding this to your aquarium.

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Fishman says:

Don’t use this with any kind of tank cover. The accumulation of hydrogen and oxygen gas under the cover will result in an explosive reaction with any spark or flame.

mahmood ben rashed says:

Only one awars on one day ?

Joe M. says:

Oh did you notice Zero difference in your already perfect water? Lol thanks for the video Joey

The Hand Of Truth says:

It’d be a good way to see how the water moves around you tank without harming fish or plants.

BlazRa says:

Your a genius! does anyone know if you could rig this to wear instead of plugging to a battery you just wire it to a plug maybe with some kind of adapter to make the voltage correct but I’d much rather be able to just plug this thing in and then have to keep buying a big Square batteries

jean claude douaumont says:

Thank you !! Thank you so much!
Greeting from France !!

Austin Dunford says:

Thank you for the how to video. I was able to make this successfully on my first try. I did a very basic one that doesn’t look great, but does the job. Now for the real challenge. How often and how long should I run it for?

David Miller says:

Is stainless ideal for the anode and cathode? Eventually isn’t the screen going to deteriorate into the water? I would think iron would be better. Would it? Im not sure. Been a few decades since I was in science class.

hellcat1988 says:

You should look into the problems with stainless releasing chemicals into the water. If you watched Eron Brockovich, you’d know how bad those chemicals can be. *I* wouldn’t want that near pet fish… Also, you’re releasing hydrogen and pure oxygen. Both extremely combustible.

Space Cowboy says:

How long does it last till the electrodes dissolve away or the wires erode off the wire mesh,,thats always the problem with such things. By the way since I like fish, Ill fill you in on the dangers of using such things, and you can do your own research to know this to be true, or not, poor fish. Anyway the electrodes are literally dissolving into the water, so you are adding metals into the water, as ripley would say believe it or not, again poor fish.

Victor Fox says:

Isn’t the water sterilized by the chlorine gas coming off the anode side? Won’t that harm the fish if the concentration gets too high?

Truong Tran says:

why not just use Salt? It’s more simpler ….

Lation Fly says:

is this o2 grow??

Love Rule says:

So Joey is an engineer I figure that

Gabensy says:

XD Brilliant
Top Man

Xris Carter says:

so this is basically just another type of filter…but what is it filtering in the process of braking h2o down?

Morrissey Kuc says:

same as making your own hydrogen, same as a smoking vape. nice.

Adhitya Ruswoto says:

Its safe for fish?

Christian Mirtelstet says:

you are awsome

Unknown User says:

Have you done any testing to see if it does work?

Lation Fly says:

would work if the water is tox?

Dilesh Bansoodeb says:

didnt you got pH problem

B ra D own says:

could you use a cellphone charger to power it from a 120v wall, or add a voltage dial to be able to tune it?

Francisco Navarrete says:

Does this also work as a aquarium airpump… I want to say does it also oxygenate the water?

aquillae says:

Fish that smokes cigar nearby the device will be instantly cooked by the brown gas explosion 😉

John Marfal says:

I thought I have seen all your videos!

Paul Cohen says:

Where did you ever find those screens from??

Md Redwan says:

is it harmful for fish?

Nil Sikder says:

i want to know what kind of fish thst dednot eat baby shrimp

MrZona93 says:

Twinstar vs ozonator, which is better?

Md Redwan says:

will fish die?

Mary Pead says:

Very interesting video, thanks for your efforts in making it.

Ahmad Noor Haqimi says:

hahaha..funny the you present this video…nice

zeer365 says:

Next up connect it to 24v 200mA

prokopis avramidis says:

το νερό έχει σίγουρα αλάτι η σόδα

jason andrew Ybas says:


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