HOW TO: Diffuse Water Flow in Aquariums

Aquatic expert Tom Sarac provides simple and effective tips on how to easily diffuse current in an aquarium without affecting water flow – a topic of particular interest to hobbyists who keep delicate fish.


Enceladus says:

I like to use the toe of some pantyhose and fill it with biomedia and tie that to the out flow.

Tami Gariepy says:

Great tip , thank you !!

Ben Betta Aquatic says:

Hello everyone follow and subscribe. I have import most of my betta from Thailand and Indonesia

g bear says:


Carter Alt says:

What if I have a 60 gallon community with a Betta, should I reduce the flow?

Cae Walker says:

I use the sponges all the time

April Anderson says:

I love the light and acrylic cover for those firt tanks. Do you have that for Fluval evo 13.5?

GC Aquatics says:

what about a traditional HOB filter?

janehult says:

That mopani wood looks like a dead beaver if y’all look closely

Carter Alt says:


Monkey Nut says:

Cheaper to buy a sponge and cut a hole in

JRPy Fish-n-Game says:

I have the sponge in the beginning of the vid. I use it when I’m going to feed my fish live brine so it does not get sucked up into the filter. Great product. Thanks for sharing.

Aqua Oscarman says:

Hey fluval you guys should make a bigger HOB like a aquaclear 150 I love the 110

Erik Bradley says:

What is the purpose of diffusing the water flow?

Tampa Tom says:


V. Stag says:

Awesome Video Thanks for Sharing

Donya Lane says:

I did the same thing with another tank and wound up getting a biofilm on the water’s surface, because it wasn’t being agitated enough. I corrected it, by sorta wedging a small piece of sponge in the outflow spout and angling it ABOVE the surface, so that it softly splashes down, fountain-like. I have a young betta in that tank, and she has no problem with it.

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