HOW TO set up a CO2 kit

A basic guide on how to set up a pressurised CO2 kit for a planted aquarium aquascape. The best way to grow aquatic plants faster is to add carbon dioxide via a pressurised CO2 system like this.

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UKAPS (superb resource for hobbyists)


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Sonic Ninja says:

My main question is…is that a bed or a sofa?

chikinstories says:

George where did you get the cool shirt? Rachel O’Leary recently wore one in a video too.

Alex Olson says:

Is it worth getting a co2 system for a 36 gallon planted tank, or can I use the liquid version

mitojo60 says:

Can’t understand the thumbs down very helpful and informative thanks George

Paul Garwood says:

Is this suitable for a marine system?

Tugger Wilson says:

George can I run more than one tank of one Co2 tank? and if so how to do it

Ben Shaw says:

0:00 – 0:05 I thought there was only 2 Hodge twins?!?

JustMyFish says:

How much would that setup cost.

varanidguy says:

Thank you! This was a very easy video to follow. I’m wanting to set up a co2 system on my 40 gallon breeder (about 150 liter tank). All of the different information and equipment out there makes it intimidating…this video honestly helped put my mind at ease.

Tugger Wilson says:

George thanks for great Video’s can you do one on using one Co2 tank on several Fish tanks.

Jordan Yang says:

Could you do a video on where to place your diffuser.

Sam Melyanets says:

I’ve always been avoiding co2, but I think I might try it soon.

Duppy says:

I like when he lubed the nipple 🙂

Fish N’ Wheels says:

Whats the brand name-of the regulator? Diffuser and counter?

Aarón León says:

Perfect vid!! Very good explained. Thanks to other mate of UKAPs. Regards George.

Austen Whitcher says:

If you’re open to suggestions i’d love to see you set up an aquarium and through each episode upgrade it until you’re at a high light/high tech system. This is similar to what BulkReefSupply did with 52 weeks of reefing and does a great job of catering to every level of knowledge because the system starts at the complete basics and then ends at very advanced (co2, high light, possibly auto dosing pumps, EI dosing ect) Really love your work 🙂

Nikhil Choudhary says:

Till how many days a 2kg cylinder lasts.

George Liston says:

Could you recommend a co2 diffuser which is compatible with the tropica nano pressurized co2 system

Sherry Swinney's Fishroom says:

Good video.    When  I decide to use co2 at least I know where to start.   Thanks for sharing.

Wil Morris says:

Are these regulators made specifically for aquarium CO2? I have a regulator that I use for carbonating homebrewed beer will that work?

Petr Svatek says:

Do you count bubbles or just rely on the dropchecker? Thank you, great job! says:

I really like this video, and I find it very informative. However, I moved to the UK from the US, and I find it next to impossible to find regulators designed for tanks. The only place I can find them is on eBay, and I have no idea about the quality. Do you have a place where you recommend buying a regulator (i’m planning on doing the smaller paintball setup). Thanks.

Ultimate Fishkeeping Show says:

Fantastic video. You did very well on explaining how to set up a CO2 kit.
Thank you for sharing.

Dave C says:

I know this is an older thread, but was wondering if you have HOB filters in a 55 gallon, would you still use one diffuser? Thanks.

Glenda Steel says:

BRILLIANT!!! These are the types of informative videos I’ve not been able to find so thank you so much for doing them George!
Pleeeease could you make a similar video about setting up a tank filter with glass lily pipes etc. for those of us wanting to move from a hang-on-the-back filter aquarium? Perhaps in your new Evolution Aqua The Aquascaper 600?

Reynaldo Zamora says:

Can you connect the ista 95g regulator to a 24oz paintball tank?

Michael Mitchell says:

Awesome video George!…. Perfect tutorial, my question for you please sir is how long does a tank that size a one bubble a second last in a 30 gallon aquarium?…..and is one bubble a sec to much?…. Thanks for this video again, exactly what I was looking for!

Patrick Krazyka says:

I’ve been trying to convince myself to run a planted tank in my room. However, i’m kind of worried of running Co2 in there. Should this be a big worry at all?

Turtles19 says:

Wow thanks so much!!!
Anyway your subscribers can get a discount on a co2 system ? Hehe

Adam adi says:

Can I used ro water for water changes for planted tank?

jean claude douaumont says:

i wonder how many bubbles i need for my tank..i have 100 bubbles/minutes

Glenda Steel says:

Would this be the same for the nano CO2 sets such as the Tropica version?

Edwin Efendi says:

George, you are using 8-9 BPS. What is the size of the Tank? What is your recommendation BPS for a 60cm Tank?

Another Q, there are 2 method of injecting co2 into the water. Using selenoid (following the lighting period) and using manual regulator where co2 injection is 24 hrs. What will be the pro and con to these 2 system?

Ngan Le says:

Hi bro.! Where can I get those thing? And what is it call? I have 55 gallons fish tank , how long for last.! And is it expensive when we refill the presser Botto

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