How To Set Up Aquarium Co2 System – The EASY Way

In this video I quickly show you how to set up aquarium co2 system with tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. We use many co2 tanks at the shop for the plants we sell online.
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Carole Kveen says:

Lost! Where did the check valve go? You put the check valve on the end of the co2 line for demo. Then you added the defuser on the end of the line……cant have 2 objects on the end of the line……do you cut the line and then splice it together with the check valve?

Prime Time Aquatics says:

Wow! What an understandable video. Thinking about doing CO2 in a couple tanks and will use this video as a reference.

edwardk12687 says:

So where do we get the grommet? Also what can we use of the inside of the tank isn’t threaded ? My regulator did not come with one, nor did they give me one when I swapped my tank out.

KG cichlids says:

that was well described and shown, great video cory!

BSA aquascaping says:

Good video Cory

alex li says:

i have a 20g h and i would like to add c02 so how should i regulate it?

How To Aquarium says:

Very helpfull, thank you

Cook Forever says:

THANK YOU for describing the details of setting this up in a way people can understand.

Mika On The Fly says:

How do you know when its enough or too much co2? That’s the thing I don’t understand.

HtownTanker says:

Yes! I have been waiting for this kind of video. Thank you!!

Daddy Tankee says:

I need to step up my plant game

Greg Smith says:


Nick Gorecki-こんにちは-ツ says:

Thanks I know I’m late but lily helped me a lot


Anomaly LooT says:

Can you teach us how to make a home made co2 ?

Dale Bailey says:

My tanks are low tech because Co2 is scary to me. This helped explain it quite a bit. I have three 10-gallon planted tanks. Do they sell easier systems for small tanks?

ArsenalOfColor Aquatics says:

Ummm you said you were going to mention reactors vs diffusers in the video but then didn’t? or am i just weird and missed it?

Greg Erdman says:

Good tip about acclimatization and operating pressure! Good advice based on good knowledge! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Catfish Cave says:

Excellent explanation of everything involved.

Henley Black says:

Probably the most simple and easy to understand CO2 video I’ve watched. You always explain everything so well! Thanks for making a video like this.

funnyhappyharry says:

I visited the aquarium co op shop for the first time in Edmonds two days ago, and the service I received is the best I’ve ever had in terms of pet or aquarium stores. I’ll be returning for further investments as the knowledge there is really helping me get deeper into making fresh water aquarium tanks. Awesome stuff.

Aquarium Thoughts says:

Just in time about for when I receive the co2 art regulator from Aquarium Co-op to replace some cheap ones that have been dying on me. Those co2 art ones will work with paintball tanks with the proper adapter, correct?

Chris Hofmann says:

Thanks for explaining this system. I thought it was going to be more involved. On a 125gal with medium to low light plants, with an fx6, stingray lights on for 10 hours how many bubbles of CO2 should I be running?

Fish are rainbows, Cory’s n tetras

Tha is cory!!

Subhojit Paul says:

This might not be the right place to ask this, but I am not getting any complete or well-rounded answer to it. The question is, if I put my fish tank near or beside the tv, will the sound from the tv make a problem for my fishes?? My tv isn’t turned on all the time, only for 4-5 hrs maximum/day, and it is completely turned off during night and morning, say, from 11 pm to 11 am. And the sound level is also within 70 db. Kindly help me with this.

Duckerooni says:

Wow i was planning to set up a c02 system this weekend. What great timing

Dan Hassler says:

Do a video on the Co2 Art Regulators you just started selling.

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