How To Set Up CO2 In An Aquarium!!!!

How To Set Up CO2 In An Aquarium!!!!

Today I’m finally going to be trying out CO2 in my 55-gallon planted aquarium. Special thanks to Aquatek of California for making this happen. Make sure to check out their products listed below.

Aquatek of California


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Products Used:

Aquatek CO2 Regulator Mini (eBay Listing)

Aquatek CO2 Regulator Mini (Website)

Aquatek CO2 Proof Tubing 16′

Aquatek Brass Bubble Counter

Paintball CO2 Tank (24oz)

2″ CO2 Glass Diffuser


♫ Music Used
1. Paris Looky – Crystals

Camera Gear
Microphone –
Camera –
GoPro –
SD Card –

Products Were Sponsored by Aquatek on August 9th, 2017


G’s Tanks says:

7:53 I can already lots of condensation in that heater. If I were you I’d get it out

Anna L says:

I want one of those too, but they’re so damn expensive here where I live

Gavin Chen says:

I need to try aquatek

Mega Alfa says:


Am. Aquatics says:

Lol is yours leaking. Mine is and I don’t know why

Evan Baker says:

i don’t see the links to the products

Brayan Peralta says:

What is Co2

Frany says:

Is it ok to not have airation in you tanks? A LOT of aquarium hobbyists don’t have airation in their tanks.

G’s Tanks says:

“The tube may leak… you might die… more importantly your fish might die….”

PNat_GAMING YT says:

Hi, love your setup and your commentary.  One question, where is your check valve?  New sub.

Reginald Finley says:

This is actually a pretty good video. Thanks!

Cole K Fishing says:

You should get an oscar for your 55

Prathmesh Aquatics says:

Nice video …

Camron Ramsey says:

I really like this video.

Jordan's Fish Room says:

hey tanks looking great

Chelsea Girl says:

finally someone that explains the co2 system. Thanks kid!

Jon Maroutsis says:

How’s your tank doing today? I just bought the whole system you have here and am installing it on Friday. It’s a 55 gallon as well. How often do you have to refill the 24oz tank and how many bubbles per second are you running it at? What have you seen in terms of plant growth and carpeting?

BORG Aquatics says:

Nice video
Will this fit say a 90 gram paintball co2 cartridge?

How Ward says:

So with that regulator you do t have to use a washer between the tank and regulator? How about plumbers tape? I have just heard horror stories about leaks. Going to go co2 this year and liked your video. Good luck!

jess luy says:

Hi ,Thanks for the video! by the way, how do you remove a non empty co2 paintball tank from the mini regulator? is there any danger to it?

Kumar Ramachandran says:

Pro review bud. Will this setup be enough for a 46g tank and how Long will a 24 ounce tank last for if I use it for like 6 hours a day

G’s Tanks says:

What happened between you and James

The Notorious German says:

Very good video! Do you know if you can hook up the mini regulator to a 5lb tank down the line?

FUNNY SH#T says:

dope vid

Frany says:

I think you should add memes and commentary in you vids ;)))))))

Camron Ramsey says:

By the way, I just got a fifty gallon tank, and I need a filter. So, I was thinking I should get a Sunsun, but I hear they are bad. What do you think?

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