Inline CO2 Diffuser review

Six month inline CO2 diffuser review, although it’s a Chinese knockoff this device has more than stood the test of time. It has worked flawlessly and without incident for the last six months, I have disconnected cleaned and reconnected it a couple of times with no issues, so if you want to save a few bucks you might want to check out this diffuser on EBay..


gegounaris says:

Why did you put diffuser on the input and not at the output of the filter? Is there any reason?

Doug C says:

I was going to order one of the GLA diffusers this coming week or two, but you may have convinced me to try one of these out.

Slim Tim says:

Awesome review

Jwhiser1302 says:

I always thought they’d break, awesome man!

Tiny Effort says:

I bought the exact unit. Worked great for 1 day. Then it was forever clogged. The pores in the ceramic were to tightly packed.  Nothing I tried ever unclogged it including bleach.  It’s a piece of shit.

Marcus Nerison says:

bought the same one on amazon , still waiting on my regulator , good to know it works well

catklyst says:

Pleco <3

Ruben says:

My Eheim quick disconnect does a good job and I always clean it when I clean the canister filter. It has little O-Rings and it’s good idea to have extra’s. I notice not so long ago the output flow was low and I notice the hoses were dirty so I put a wire with a loop at the end with a piece of rag and pull it to clean the tub Wow. A lot of stuff came out and the output flow was on again. I’m going to pick up one of those brush.  

eric shevket says:

great tank not sure if you mentioned if the diffuser was on the out or inlet ?

Hilde says:

Is it quiet?

Yev Zakharov says:

Im betting all that GreenLeafAquarium buys all of its diffusers from China and resells them for $39. It’s completely normal and part of business. So it’s not wrong to buy directly from China, considering most of the items are identical to what your pet store is selling for triple the amount. My 2 cents…

godlikecharacta says:

what tubing size does it fit into?

Pauls Planted Aquariums says:

tiger lotus

Ashab Alamgir says:

What is that big red leaf plant towards the left? Thanks!

NickMach007 says:

Glad things are working out well. Sometimes there are good deals to be had on evilbay.

Mark Abeja says:

is the reactor still working perfect till today?

Aquatic Hobbyist says:

How many bubbles per minute are you running I just bought mine and would like a reference on where you started

Hilde says:

I have been told that the amount of pressure to put out Co2 is less with a reactor than a glass ceramic diffuser. Thus wonder what the pressure is needed to push Co2 out using the in-line diffuser. What pressure do you have your regulator at?

Jwhiser1302 says:

Tank looks boss btw!!!!!!!!!

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