ISTA Aquariums Disposable CO2 System Review

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Elias Ibazeta says:

hahahha omg

Dru injun says:

hey Jacob, not sure if that bubble counter is built like this, but try this. (if you still have it) keep the nut screwed all the way on, attach your airline, then start unscrewing the nut. the nut will secure the airline after unscrewing it. hope that wasn’t too confusing. lol

crazy shrimp lady says:


Marie R Les Savon Bains Marie says:

That was really good to know I would of unscrewed it too,you talk about the paint ball co2 would that work and is it cheaper? thanks for sharing

nathan_185 d says:

would you say this would be good for a beginner in co2 systems? im looking for a co2 system for my 20 gal. This is the only system our local pet store sells and they say it is wonderful and that thats all they will ever use but after watching this i have my doubts. Also how much c02 do you need to be putting in a 20 gal tank?

Darksideoftheaquarium T says:

In my opinion this system is not worth the money, because spending about 50 bucks for the unit and 10 bucks each time to get another canister. is too much for that little co2, it is more reasonable to get the 1 litter co2 kit also from ista which i do have which has a solenoid, and i did not waist all the co2 in the canister yet even though its been running non stop since Christmas, also you can reuse the canister over and over. and the price is 145.

Harvey Williams says:

What kind of Regulator is that??, And where can I purchase one??…

Ben Arthur says:

I dont know if anybody has commented yet saying this, but it looks like the lock screws on the bubble counter are reverse lock nuts. So how they work is you screw the nut on all the way to the bubble counter, then you push the tube onto it, and UNscrew the nut until it is tight on the tube behind it. this is how all the tubes connect  on my canister filter at home, it keeps the tubes from popping off accidentally.

Mark Saunders says:

you should read the instructions on the bubble counter and learn how to connect the tubing. I have that bubble counter and it works fine and connecting the tubing is easy when done right

scrapironfish says:

I do not recommend these disposable kits. They cost a ton of money in the long run, and you have to set it on and off every day. Get a regulator, solonoid, and a tank to fit it.

Cesar Reyes says:

lol it was a great video jacob the co left your grasp 😀

Frater Oz says:

That was funny AF! LMAO! The look on your face was priceless. I am subscribing now. lol

David O'Shea says:

OMG!!  LOL!! 

m0rce1 says:

ha ha ha so funny… sorry.

Inderneil Bose Roy Chowdhury says:


LighT HanzeL says:

RIP headset

Robert treboR says:

What about zip ties on the bubble counter?

C. Carbone says:

Laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. Thanks for leaving that part in the video, not only for the enjoyment factor, but also to show what could happen. Knowing that this system will only last for a couple weeks at best tells me this is NOT a good buy. Thanks for the review!

Maximilian Crisafi says:


F Faulkner says:

lol that’s a waste of a co2 tank.

The Rider says:

and those litle botles cost too much its a robery and it doesnt last very long i have one tropica 95g

John Zimm says:

Hi Jacob, I am setting up a 20 gallon planted tank (with carpeting dwarf hair grass) in the school I work in. And I don’t think they want me to have a CO2 tank. So I was considering maybe DIY with citric acid, but then I came across CO2 tablets… do you think they would work? And with the DIY, I am worried about having to manually turning on and off the valve so the CO2 does not run all night… I bought an Ista 95g kit, but I am thinking about returning it because the bottles are 20 bucks each and I think they only last a few weeks! Any suggestions?

LiquidPixelz says:

Pants filled with ammonia 2:10

Valentino A says:

ROFL damn! i laughed my ass off, sorry Jacob haha :p

Mr.smiley 426 says:

lol your face was priceless

The Rider says:

jacob can you tell me if the thread off that co2 bottle is M10x1 because i have one tropica co2 95g kit but i want to change to a an exting. and i have to put an adaptor  i saw one is M10x1 to din 477  my doubt is if the thread of those disposable botlles is called M10x1 can you help me please thanks the diameter off the thread of my disposable bottle is one and a half centimeters

TreCoolResident says:

Oooops 🙂

The Crystal Chris says:

Omg that’s scared me! Great video

Douglas Cordero says:


Mr West says:

HaHaHaHa!!   That was hilarious.  Omg.  I laughed so hard.  Twice!

juntistik says:

Would you recommend a disposable for a nano tank? something good for an office with not much cabinet space below?

João Ismail says:

Based on the fact that plants only need CO2 during the day and If you really have to use this system for whatever reason (financial, space, someone gave it to you, etc.) is to only turn it on 1 hour before lights go on and close it 1 hour before turning lights off. This way the disposable bottle will last longer. You can even higher up the dosing. Another thing i suggest is to use a CO2 reactor if you have this system and your aquarium is bigger than 15 gallons. I am saying this based on my own experience. Reffilable bottles of CO2 have the best cost/efficency in the long run. DO NOT BUY DISPOSABLE CO2 BOTTLE SYSTEMS IF YOUR AQUARIUM IS BIGGER THAN 15 GALLONS!

bentlikeitsmaker says:

you can take those small system and add on them paint ball adapters and also solinoids

mohammed alshamali says:

Loool thats funny

youthfuldeception says:

lol greatest review ever

Luis Oliveira says:

Thank you for this post, and sorry for that little accident there.
What do you think about placing a 3rd party solenoid valve in between bottle and check valve to control Co2 feeding period. I’m thinking about this process to my vacation period.

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