ISTA CO2 Turbo Reactor Review

ISTA CO2 Turbo Reactor Review:

Requires either a canister or powerhead pump to use.


vadimkrylov says:

Which one would u recommend this or Ista max mix? Which one is less noisier?

jon frances says:

hey you mentioned a min/max flow rate, what is it exactly do you know?

Doggy131992 says:

can you use it with a co2 bomb ? i mean do you need presure?

vadimkrylov says:

That’s really true. The Co2 connection is the worst part of this reactor. I couldn’t hook up a CO2 tube without leaks. While trying to fix this the co2 connection cap broke off. The CO2 connection is too short. Its unusable with CO2 tubes. I tried three.

Gus Stav says:

how is the efficiency? 

Rommel R says:

Didn’t know you had to invert it..thanks for posting this video.

Simon Cook says:

really good review mate. If the co2 still doesn’t make that carpet grow its time for some better lighting i think.

Dolores Arizaga says:

Whats is your capacity en gallons

Rico Suave says:

nicee i got the ista max going to mess around with a powerhead and diy co2

Alan Reid says:

Hi Joshua, How’s you’re tank been since you installed the ista reactor? I’ve just set mine up on the out flow of a eheim 2217 but the wheel at the top is not spinning nearly as fast as yours. After an hr or so the top of the reactor builds up with undissolved co2 gas and the wheel stops. I’m thinking of getting a bigger filter with higher output or try the powerhead method you did. Did you try linking it to your cannister filter first? It’s taking hrs before I can get drop checker to turn green. The in line atomiser I had worked but blocked up and had to be constantly bleached. Do you now get 100 %dissolve rate without the need to keep turning the reactor upside down to clear the build up of bubbles? Thanks Alan Reid.

RedDelPaPa says:

I much prefer a homemade rex grigg style pvc reactor hooked up to the output of my canister. No flow or co2 input limitations. No moving parts. More reliable.

Sergei Leshchinsky says:

Looks exactly copy of Sera Flore Active CO2 Reactor 500.

Joshua Sachs says:

Not sure why I couldn’t reply to Jon Frances’s post, but from the ebay post: 360-1000L/H flow rate. Conversion: 95G(low)/264G(high) per hour. If that’s not accurate, you can look for “ISTA turbo CO2 Reactor Diffuser” on ebay or Amazon.

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