JBL ProFlora direct CO2 Diffusor [HD]

[ENG] Today I want to show you this awesome Inline CO2 diffusor. Avialable for 12/16, 16/22, 19/25 tubes. It’s a very cool product, that saves you space, aesthetics and C02. It has an integrated bubble counter and even a vheck valve. You can hold it in place additionally wih the suction cups or screws.

Heute zeige ich euch den Inline Diffusor von JBL. Erhältlich für 12/16, 16/22, 19/25 Schlauch. Dieses coole Gadget spart dir Platz Ästhetik und CO2. Es hat sogar einen integrierten Blasenzähle und ein Rückschlagventil. Durch die Saugnäpfe und Schrauben kann man es auch zusätzlich befestigen.

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Bryan says:

I see the video is made for rookies, i used up aqua diffuser the quality is bad, but it got fine bubble, so how is this new jbl bubble??? Come on you just lost the most important thing here….

Bryan says:

How fine are the bubbles??? Cant see shit

Teodor Leonte says:

I’ve got a couple of these diffusers about three weeks ago. Both leak internally, if I may say so. When CO2 pressure drops (solenoid closed), water enters the gas chamber of the diffuser to eventually fill it. It seems the leak is located at the bottom end of the diffuser membrane, as the first water drops appear at this level. Reversely, some CO2 seems to escape through the leakage area when injected into the diffuser, which would explain the unacceptable high number of big bubbles clearly visible along the hose after the diffuser. This behaviour is unavoidable, no matter how the membrane is seated and reseated on the lower gasket, and no matter the pressure of CO2 injection. Even in this video, if you pay attention to the lower part of the diffuser immediately after Patrick turns the filter flow on (the moment is marked by a line of onscreen text, at 4:08-4:10), you may see water starting to flood the gas chamber! So it seems this behaviour is shown by all these diffusers, and it’s not just a matter of bad luck…

Oliver Knott says:

super erklärung

paducahFishFan says:

Great video. Well made.

T Pir says:

I would love to buy this. Any sellers ship to USA?

Ash Kasto says:

sucks, cant find it in USA

Alex Fuxx says:

du betreibst nicht ernsthaft eine CO2-flasche im liegen oder?……oha

Dan Iliescu says:

Any change this would work with DIY CO2?

CingCartel says:

Sag mal liegt deine CO2 Flasche da im Betrieb quer? In der Betriebsanleitung solcher Flaschen steht eigentlich dass diese immer senkrecht betrieben werden sollen… wie auch immer…

Kannst du das Teil immer noch empfehlen? Bei Amazon ist zu lesen dass es im Zusammenhang mit Nachtabschaltungen immer mal wieder Probleme gibt.

Mario Thompson says:

where can I purchase this in the US?

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