Macro Aqua 2l Pressurized Co2 System Review

I recently received my new co2 system. There really isnt a lot of info available for it on the web. so I made this video for anyone looking into buying from MACRO AQUA. Here is the link to the system.


Kurt Webster says:

Hey man first off I’d like to really tell you how much I appreciate you making this video. There is literally NO info out there on this baby. Oh shit I just realized you uploaded this like three days ago. Fuck yeah good timing man! Haha EVEN better. ANYWAY thanks again. I’m going to be calling a few places around my area to find out about that valve. I almost bought this I’m glad I waited after hearing how hard it was to get that filled up. 🙂

Francisco Inacio dos Santos Neto says:

Hi, do you know if the solenoid is 110v ou 220v? Thanks!

Elizabeth Dennis says:

just seen it

Scott Williams says:

will the dual valve fit a tank I bought from a welding place?

Elizabeth Dennis says:


Wojo 77 says:

Just had to refill the tank. Running 1 bps for a 12 hour photo period, a full tank lasted 4 months.

Elizabeth Dennis says:

where do you fill it up

Rob Comber says:

I plugged mine in after following the instructions and screwing the lid to open but I have no flow at all, and our regulator setup is somehow different. I have a tiny nozzle that cant be moved at all. What am I doing wrong?

Stephen Johnson says:

What psi can the 2 L be filled too? The instructions say up to a thousand grams, but that means nothing to anybody I take it to get filled with here in the States. they all asked me what PSI and I have no clue

montydesijokes says:

turn the damn music off

ray yu says:

Hi :come with Check Valve?

kickyouinhalf says:

Sounds like the US might have some issues with their own standards if every place you’re going to is giving you a different excuse about why they wouldn’t fill your tank.

Paul Kennedy says:

Kill the crazy piano music dude!

montydesijokes says:

turn it off right now I said right now

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