My Experience with CO2 and planted aquariums

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would recap my experiences with dosing CO2 in my planted aquariums. I’ve done the DIY mix and the modified Fluval 88g kit so far to date and have success with both. Below are some of the links I mentioned in the video:

Hydra Aquatic CO2 adapter –

Great channels for high tech CO2 setups:
DIY Aquapros –

Dennis Wong –

Jacobs Aquarium –

The Green Machine –

Rich’s Fishes –

Michael Gumm –

Pauls’ Planted Tanks –

Some other great planted tank channels that don’t always use CO2:

Pecktec –

Rachel O’Leary –

Gavin’s Aquariums -

Mass Aquariums –

Nature Aquatics –


Erich Cahyono says:

How about the light sir?can i use led bulbs from philips?

aaryuhi says:

Wish audio was a little louder….

wyzemann says:

SUCCESS! I’m not sure I listened to one word you said; that aquarium had me BEWITCHED!

something to do about nothing says:

Any welding supply store will fill that paintball tank for ya. That’s what I do.

steviecrx says:

gorgeous tank and great info!! I subscribed. what type of plant is that on the right side of the tank that goes all the way up and floats at the top is it jungle val?

Just for 89 Fun says:

where did you get the co2 check valve

Pedarsag says:

When I was looking for advice for my first planted tank most people were telling me not to use CO2 and not to dose my tank with Flourish(fertilizer) that the fish poop and food waste would be enough nutrients in the tank for the plants. It was only 10g but very heavily planted.

OriginalMindTrick says:

Unstable CO2 and too much light and organics in the tank is the cause of most of algae.
I would avoid going CO2 unless you get a pressurized system. Too much hassle and the CO2 swings tends to lead to algae. Just get easy plants instead.

Russ Polk says:

i roll with the paintball setup and i couldnt be happier. i think every planted tank should run co2..your plants will love

Derek Goes says:

How are you balancing the tank with no hair algae? I’m using the same co2 and medium light but have hair algae.Thanks

Reggie's H&P Cichlids says:

Nice aquarium like the setup

Aylee Shoemacher says:

LOOK AT HIS BUTTCHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tristan Tristan says:

nice tank, good job

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

HI TinG.. This was great.. all super interesting and excellent info. Nothing is better than experience talking. I find it a little over whelming. I will do another planted tank some day…

David's Fish Tanks says:

great looking tank and great video !!

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