O2 Grow Diffuse Oxygen Emitter

Growers House Review Lab Looks over the new O2 Grow Diffuse Oxygen Emitters the alternative to air stones and its functions.



BlueYoshPlayz 123 Fan says:

I agree way too expensive when a $2 airstone will do the job efficiently

David PhoTWENTY says:

with this type of aeration, i hear its sterilizes your water?(not sure if this is the same)

would this negativity effect beneficial bacteria and microbes?

Bob Lovejoy says:

Funny how not a single video showing these “oxygenators” (by electrolysis) ever show yield gains or comparisons. How can you say its a game changer lol?? Why don’t you, or the company you’re pushing this product for, show some actual real life growing results that would justify buying this? All the scientific horseshit you’re spewing means absolutely nothing otherwise.

greymobvmp says:

Will it kill Hygrozyme?

Giacomo Giovetti says:


Fin corp says:

Too expensive….

MD PSI-RUN says:

what about the photo shop of cucumbers & Starship Troopers ?

Cool device & funny exaggeration, I get it.

TheDude says:

Electrolysis in salt water(nutrient solution)=chlorine production…. this product would be great if 99% of nutrients out there weren’t salt based. Don’t waste your money, if you want smaller oxygen particles get a needle wheel pump with a Venturi on the intake, produces very fine bubbles and doesn’t produce harmful byproducts, get res temps in check you you will be good. For the $300 this costs you can get a decent chiller and needle wheel pump and not harm the plants/yourself with the byproducts electrolysis produces

Vivekanandan Jegadeesan says:

if you want to have hydrogen explosion in your system, then this is the product you have to buy. This is a very dangerous product to work with. This will also make your tank turbid if you use water which has lot to dissolved salt content in it.

Will Boynton says:

Any opinions on graphite (carbon) electrodes?

Chapperz 994 says:

hundreds of dollars for an emitter or a 1 dollar air stone.. hmm

Steve Fox says:

Tycho – Dive

Sagrotan says:

funny how you need to use a flawed graph to make it appear as if its doing anything worthwhile . a graph starts at 0 on both axis not at 0 and 5 …. the whole thing adds a whooping 3ml of oxygen per litre while converting all of the salts in the water into unusable forms for the plants , not exactly a good idea especially with all the energy consumption .

how about you show actual evidence that those 3ml of oxygen actually do anything beneficial that offsets the massive disadvantages of this system?

Will adams says:

cool product.. a little over priced lol. also if you state false growing info in you’r review/pitch is’t hard to take you serious.

Nicholas Bennett says:

But then your whole tank is covered in white fog ?

Xcadet23 says:

U are beautiful

Edward Elk says:

as much as i like this but it’s impossible to buy this. price are way out of my pocket 🙁

Jason Mackenzie says:

i cant see how this would work,your not creating o2 it just burning off the hydrogen .less hydrogen in the water would mean a higher concerted oxygen ,if you put this in water with no oxygen in it nothing would happen ,i can see how it would work added with a air stone ,its beyond me.

Maxx Adventures says:

Plants do not benefit in anyway from electrolysis, people need to do more research on this instead of going by what others say. This will destroy the nutrients, add toxic byproducts to the reservoir and to the air around the plants. If you have one of these per plant and you have a sizable garden, that hydrogen adds up. So think long and hard about this people….

Dan Suits says:

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greymobvmp says:

$300 bucks for air in the rez.
Call me in 5 years when they come down to about $19.99 each emitter.

ratoneJR says:

plants do not consume oxygen. plants consume carbon dioxide….

sdq sdq says:

what up with nose rings ,just makes people look stupid

AndTheCorrectAnswerIs says:

I think your test is flawed. You only ran the air stone bubbler 3hrs, but stone bubblers are designed for continuous use. You should test designed use to designed use. Take a tank reading after 24hrs with an air stone, then use the O2 Grow for 3hrs BUT measure the tank after 24hrs to see if there is fall-off of O2 levels. I know the air stone will produce consistent levels, but if the O2 grow only boosts levels for a short time after its run, then what good is it?

xlioilx says:

could pay $1500 or could build out of better quality parts off Ebay. Electrolysis isn’t new technology at all.

Lation Fly says:

this work by osmosis?? in the water?

Syed Nasim says:

I cant take this guy seriously with that nose ring. Looks so homo, damn..

jsaw1988 says:

if you cant put it in a fish tank then why use it? smh glad I read these comments as well

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