Precision Bazooka CO2 Atomizer Diffuser for Aquarium (up to 250L) 65mm

The World’s finest CO2 atomizer disffuser for Aquarium (up to 250L) 65mm

Excellent CO2 dissolution rates, easy maintenance and durable materials make this CO2 atomizer diffuser a perfect choice for novice and expert aquascapers alike. Designed to be used like a regular glass CO2 atomizer diffuser, but offering higher CO2 dissolution rates, this diffuser is perfect for high-tech planted tanks.

Small, easy to clean and hard wearing — this is the perfect diffuser for pressurised CO2 injection.

A CO2 Diffuser optimizes the CO2 entering the aquarium for efficient plant absorption and less waste. As CO2 bubbles pass through the porous diffuser, they are diffused into streams of tiny bubbles. With increased surface area, the tiny CO2 bubbles are readily dissolved into the water, increasing the saturation of CO2 in the aquarium ecosystem.

Important things to know…

This professional quality diffuser requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.
Must be used with CO2 pressure rated tubing only, not for use with silicone tubing.
Do not use with bubble counter fluid or other bubble counter oils. Fill bubble counter with water only to avoid contamination of diffuser.
To use this CO2 atomizer diffuser, simply connect your CO2 bottle regulator to the atomizer with our CO2 Tubing, and tighten the safety nut.
It is recommended that you set the pressure on your regulator to around 1.5 bar as a starting point.
You should then lower the pressure of the regulator until the pressure is insufficient to force the CO2 through the atomizer, then increase slightly from this level.
The working pressure needed to use with atomizer will vary with regulators.
Please allow a few minutes for sufficient pressure to build up to allow the CO2 to begin passing through; it may not begin instantly.


Darko Jantula says:

I bought it from was a year ago and still have not cleaned, how to clean a bazooka, thanks in advance
my bazooka works:

nmacog says:

bought this from you guys a few weeks ago – it’s made a HUGE difference to CO2 distribution compared to the JBL Taifun I had previously !

deserthawk07691 says:

I just set my tank using this yesterday & it gave me TONNES of problems. It work well for only a few minutes after the pressurized CO2 was turned on at 2-3 bubbles per second. After that, it just stopped on it’s own & the CO2 gas could not get out of the diffuser as if the item was clogged. This clogging forced me to remove the check valves as they keep popping out of the tubing.This direct connection from CO2 tank to the diffuser eventually lead to the CO2 resistant tubing bursting.  

This item is heavily over rated & cost significantly more than normal ones. I hold the view that such expensive item will have to perform exceedingly well as compared to normal ones. 

Very dissapointed with this product!

moforockband says:

It’s great while it’s working until it blocks all on it’s own accord every 2/3 months. Even after using the overprices cleaning agent still no success! Actually after using the agent it became totally blocked LOL!

DIY Biotopes says:

Is it enough to use an airpump ?

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