Radion Diffuser Review: Wide angle lens vs. Diffuser

Here is a review of the new ecotech radion diffusers. I am running 3 x gen 3 XR15 lights on my redsea reefer 250. Here i compare the optical performance of the standard 80 degree lenses + diffuser with the 120 degree wide angle lenses that i had on my lights.
Also check part 2 of the review here

See the links at the end of the video for how my lights are setup.


DarthSimon says:

I’m stating with Across now… With the 3rd Radeon… I actually bought a mayagi tort today!!! Lol

Reefsimply says:

hi there what intensity are you running your light and how many inches above the water you have them set up?

DarthSimon says:

Actually picked up a Miyagi today!!! Wish I could show you picture… Lol

AmroAzul TV says:

Also check out this review with an analysis of how the diffuser affects PAR on both the 80 and 120 degree lens

nmjhd1234 says:

How come you didnt leave the 120 degree lense on? Wouldnt the diffuser spread the light even better with even less disco ball effect? Great review btw

John’s Reef says:

I ordered diffusers. Thanks for the awesome videos.

DarthSimon says:

Hey Man, I have the same exact tank. I use 2 Radion XR15’s latest…. Do you think a third would help?? Did you start with 2? I ‘m starting to do some Acros…. Thanks

revenge69ful says:

Such great videos. Better than some of the online vendors do. So informative. Thanks

DarthSimon says:

What’s that acro you really love??

DarthSimon says:

So I installed a 3rd XR15 today…. Tank looks great with more light in center. Also will set lunars in center and darker around edges. Curious what kind of lights schedule you run? Willing to share??? Also tell me about the UV Sterilizer u have and how you plumbed it?? Thanks Man!!! Steve

DarthSimon says:

You were talking about one in your videos. It wasn’t doing so good and you fragged it. Was it Stawberry Shortcake??

DarthSimon says:

I got up to 50% max during the day, and slowly ramp down. What are you at? My Par levels are sand bed 120 to about 170-200 max up higher…. Should I increase? They are mounted about 10 inches above with the standard Radion back mounts…

Reefkpr says:

Very nice review. Your the second person i’ve heard from about the quality. Bubba said his came scratched. I’ve been considering these for the XR30’s.

Reefsimply says:

hey thanks i aprecciate that and thanks for your videos iam having issues with my nutrients nitrates 0 so iam about to dose potassium nitrate how big is your tank?

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