These three best planted tank nature aquarium aquascapes are my favourites in Aquarium Gardens. Aquascaper 600, Aquascaper 900 and Aquascaper 1500 by Evolution Aqua.

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Craig Athonian says:

Hi George….i normally don’t comment, but as an artist i have to point out that one of the human traits is to get comfortable in anything we get use to and then stick with it. This is in reference to the Aponogeton species….. they look great and break up the monotony of the other tanks which have all the same plants. They are large but they add a texture that is still elegant. I’m not sure, but if this is a business that sells plants, if it is, i would want to show scapes with a variety of sales stock. So, maybe try some bio themes to highlight the different species and show to customers how to be creative with them. { an other idea to help the public is plants for specific water parameters….hard/ soft, alkaline/ acidic.} Thanks 4 another great video !!!

Donald Johnson says:

Hi George. What is the ideal temperature for fish tanks with natural plant scapes?

Cheenu Nats says:

the one with the cardinal tetras

Dexter Voskamp says:

the aquascaper 900!

Rock Fish Hobbit says:

Acuascaper 900

Bruce Bjornson says:

Second one

Ludwigia pilosa says:

boivinianus. I like it and think it looks better than the other one on the right.

MrSteelface96 says:

i dont like seeing equipment in tanks, kind of ruin a good scape in my opinion. why not make the scape ”work” hiding the equipment in the back to start whit? 🙂

fjeppesen says:

The aquascaper 600.. I’ve loved that setup since you made it. I got so much inspiration for my current scape from it.

Lee Stenning says:

Hi George,just a couple of questions about water and water changes,1st/how many water changes are you doing a week on your tanks once thay are stable ie set for 2months or so ? 2nd/ how much water are you changing at water change 60% 70% 80%? 3rd/ do you no the dkh of your water your putting in ?…reason I’m asking I changed to useing ro water about 5 years ago and got better results but it a lot of hassle doing ro to normal tap water,and looking at all your tanks on youtube and ukaps you are having big results,basically I’m thinking of changing back to tap.

s G says:

Very difficult to select any one tank. But your choice is better. 1st is aquascaper 1500 2nd 900 and 3rd 600.
What is the dimension of 1500 tank?
Thanks in advance

Whoms Jedi says:

6:39 what was the name of the ​canister filter with built in the heater as well?

Douglas Petersen says:

i was on holday and missed when you set this question Dave’s was your second tank in the video I bet im too late

Jones says:

Are you sure you only use tapwater? Do you use tapwater for all of your set up’s?

Stan TheObserver says:

H,mmm Almost infinity edged aquariums.

Randy says:

I like the 1500 the best. Great job!! What substrate are you using in the front of the tank?

Summer Nomad says:

I’m an idiot and watched it too late! Dave’s is the Aquascaper 900 but yours is the Aquascaper 1500. Beautiful scapes bro! Cant wait for the next video. Btw, agree on the plant removal. They seem too broad compared to the rest of the plants. They are beautiful though!

anarak123 says:

Awesome George!

Henrik Just says:

Where do you buy the 1500 aqua an What is the price ?

Michael B says:


Carravagio16 says:

never meet a apontogenton i didn’t like 🙂

GreenHouse ExoticX says:

Looks cool but every tank looks simular ,

moutain top fish says:

Very nice tanks I built one very similar even made the light use it as a breeder tank check it out if you want to

Chelsie Robertson says:

Yah I think the aponogeton (spelling?). Is too large. It kind of ruins the illusion the tank has of being much larger than it really is. As in the large leaves put the other plants in realistic perspective that they are smaller and the tank is smaller . Sorry hard to explain. It’s an artistic perspective thing . I think the tank doesn’t need any tall background plants . I like just seeing the driftwood rising up above everything else. Lots of open space with crypts below. Anyway. Just my thoughts. Not trying to tell anybody what to do :).

Sage Advice says:

So happy I discovered your channel! These are all gorgeous but the 600 is my favorite.

Yams says:

I like the Aponogeton in the far back left corner, because to me, it looks like they are far away – perhaps because of the way the light hits them – and it gives a nice background effect and makes the area around the big driftwood look more full, without taking over the scape. But, the Aponogeton close to the centre is indeed too overpowering imo.

That particular tank is absolutely incredible, by the way. Probably one of the best aquascapes I’ve seen.

hash glass says:

its the one that everyone like the best the 900

AY 11 says:

If I ever visited this store I don’t think I’d ever leave! The aquascapes are insanely beautiful!

Thea Boelens says:

Wauw wat een prachtige aquariums, super gedaan!

Mollie Howell says:

Beautiful. Love your aquariums. I do not have a talent for landscaping.

jose lopez says:

Hi George wheen is gonna be the Next video

jose lopez says:

The 900


if a fish dies, how do u know and remove it? because these dead fishes may be trapped into the plants… btw superb creativity the 2nd tank is so beautiful

Madhu Tumpala says:

second one is nice because in that aquascape it was compassionately awesome in 1third view

Jackie Browne Bridal HMUA says:

Love the look of all the driftwood of the beautiful

Josh K says:

Do you think the 250 version of the canister filter would be overkill for an 18inch cube, or even a 5/10 gallon? The built in heater is super nice, and on my setup the inline heater is causing all kinds of logistical issues in my cabinet. Thanks for all the great content!

Stan TheObserver says:

They are all very nice. BUT, have you ever taken the challenge of combining a monster tank of big fish AND lush plants? There is a vid of a Florida canal called “Large Natural Aquarium” and there they are – Oscars and Festae and Gars..with tough plants. Nobody on Youtube has tried that..yet.

Simon Cole says:

I’m not fond of the aponogetons. I think the jury is fairly split, so for a display tank for visitors, I would look at changing this plant.

Randy says:

Ok, at 9:32 the plant next to the Java fern at the base of the wood. What’s the name of that? Is it attached to the wood? I can see the pinnatifida above. Thanks..

Mals Aquaholics says:

hi george , im going with scape 2 , i love the scale of the tank in relation to the hardscape , nice and chunky . scape 3 is my least fave , its very proffestional but ive never liked twigs in scapes

Fishy Wishes says:

Wow! Really cool place!

Rebecca McDonald says:

All beautiful scapes. In the 1500, I agree that the aponogetons are perhaps not the best complement texture-wise to the rest of the tank. Maybe balansae crypts or Cyperus helferi as I believe you mentioned. Many thanks for all that you do for the hobby, including your beautiful and educational videos. I learn something new from each one.

carlos melgoza says:

My favorite is the 1500 and the 900 was done by Dave. I love love plants I have ten tanks one 360gal. African Cichlids,one 75 salt water ,one 30 gal planted mix shrimp. 180 gal planted . 3 40 gal breeder 1-55 gal, 1 – 20 gal and 1- 10 gal all planted. I get very good ideas on all aspects mainly on planted tanks from ur videos. Oh forgot 29 gal with a Flowerhorn name Pancho. I need to get him into larger tank_. Thanks Carlos Melgoza

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