The CO2 Reactor

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Bernal says:

Tks for the video and all the info about the reactor … i like to watch all your videos , they are very interesting …Tks.

Vincent Phua says:

Hi, thank you for the review. What’s the BPS and filter flow rate for the reactor on the 80G? Does gas build up at the top of the reactor after some time into CO2 injection? Thanks.

bruceborges says:

I have used this reactor with very good results, I never had to clean it and used it continuously for about 3 years, only once did I have to tighten the base when it came slightly loose and I had a small leak.  I used to run it under my tank besides the canister filter where there was no light so perhaps that helped where I did not have to clean it.The major problem I had recently, was that the CO2 inlet softened and fused up and so the CO2 tube popped out under pressure from one valves.  I liked it so much that I went out looking for another one (I live in Hong Kong) but could not find one even on Hong Kong’s famous Gold Fish Street, so I looked online and I did find it on Ebay but this time I purchased the Turbo version, lets see how it works.  It looks like a much better piece of kit.

karelyou2 says:

If you don’t use cold water, the heated tubing can be put on with ease.

Иіск Рагіllб 1⃣ says:

your really great for getting to the point in your information! i really like your videos so i subscribed 😀

Willi Billi says:

using metal on a CO2 reactor – – – -Not a good idea! CO2 will corrode metal…quickly! There are pvc slip on fittings available. Besides, why would you use metal of any kind – especially a garden hose fitting in your fresh water aquarium? EVEN “Run of the mill” Stainless Steel fittings are not a good idea… METAL of ANY Kind should never be used in an aquarium!

M I Khan says:

very informative. thanks

Angel Castaneda says:

is it quiet?


how to get a co2….? I don’t have a chance to get it… pls help

Frank Borg says:

Don’t you use a bubble counter?

AllAboutFishies Sweets says:

Bought this months ago and this is crap, only good for couple of weeks and leakage is crazy as hell. At the first installment no leakage but then i have to clean because well it gets dirty!! And well news flash removing it from your system is a nightmare and reinstalling it! Complete waste of money i just used it for a month and then threw it away!!

lee guankiat says:

I actually had to remove the propeller and give it a little sanding to make it spin better. And i over tighten the bottom cap of the reactor and cracked it .

American horror GOREY says:

love your videos, how many tanks you have? check out my tank I have the mini do aqua! diffuser

notis mplampla says:

quick question is this noisy? as you said its not quality and i fear the mechanism will degrade fast

LetsGrowTogether says:

when I installed this to my tank it immediately had a small leak. I had to use Teflon tape to keep it under control until I could build my replacement. Thanks for being honest about the quality of the build. As always good information.

Johnny Fish says:

Why would you silicone the bottom on the reactor? How will you clean it if you need to? Just use pipe thread tape.

Joe Smo says:

Sans substrate? Are you using root tabs ?

wallace colp says:

What would you use on a 300 gallon tank?

diannehh says:

Great video! This was exactly my thought about reactors that are such poor quality..
Have you ever tried the one from Sera, Flore Active Reactor?
I have this one, when I had to disconnect everything because I was moving the secure-screw broke off, luckily not the co2-inlet pipe (!!) but I can’t buy a new screw and have to tie it with tie-wraps :/
I paid €40,- for it but the quality imo is very very poor and you have to be so careful.. I was wondering if you tried it and if it’s better than one ordered in China maybe?
If not, I’ll try one of those cuz their price is a LOT better than Sera’s

Jérémy MOEBS says:

i subbed great work !

DFilCardoso says:

Less small talk more explaining

Brandon mize says:

quick question and somewhat off topic…what kind if lights are on the taller tank to your left? they are cylinder and hanging. i keep seeing them on planted tanks and wonder what they are and what so good about them. thanks

The Rider says:

Sera has much better quality reactor

Bangkok Bruce says:

Does this reactor have a ceramic diffuser?

Bens Apisto Channel says:

Thanks for sharing info on co2 systems, I’ve been interested in getting one, and will certainly get a co2 Reactor when/if I get a co2 system going. 

Александр Сальников says:

Hello.. Very inconvenient reactor if to establish under an aquarium. Hoses are bent. You have all outside, thus it is easier to establish – but not beautiful, when there is a lot of equipment around of an aquarium.

faisal1976us says:

Hi ,, did you recommend using ph controller to control co2 ?

neil watton says:

thanks for all your effort producing these vids , very helpful and informative. I’ve not been happy with co2 absorption in my tank’s for ages but watched this and decided to try a reactor. bought one from aquacare and it’s great , plants are growing so much better now. one thing I would say is remove the co2 line when filling the reactor to get all the air out , then replace it when the water is near the top . Save’s messing about tipping the reactor upside down . cheers once again.

Nguyễn Văn Hưng says:

very noisy

Vivian Andrew says:

Nice video, in future we can open the bottom cap if we use the silicone, thanks for tip for removing air, I used too siphon first

Jacob's Aquarium says:

My Website ➤

JimO says:


Bryan Marcelino says:

Your little giggle….

Raj kr says:

I am using this setup and I am facing an issue. At night when I shut the CO2 off and leave the setup inside the tank I have noticed water reaching the regulator. This can destroy the regulator. So to save my regulator I need to take the setup every night after turning off the CO2 and then insert it again the next morning. Everyday I need to reprime it before starting because trapped air does not start the power head.

Tord Hermansson says:

My tip to you is the Sera activ 500 reactor it is build more sturdy, and you do not need to use clamps for that! ,_)

AttentionJunkie says:

Tunze makes a good one but appears to have gotten a bit more expensive in the last 4 years. I don’t remember playing $45 for mine.

Dylan Eggleston says:

thank you for your time and experience.

peninsulamike says:

Sera Flore active co2 reactor on amazon looks like a good one, I would like to find more info on these reactors, do you set the bubble counter like it’s going to a diffuser? Thanks for the video

Rithick Guru says:

which plant grows without co2 in my tank easily

Barry Hughes says:

love all your information in your vids dude.thanks

K B says:

where is the co2 tank you didn’t show the rest of the set up

vis aquarium says:

Good video. A Co2-reactor is beter than a Co2-Diffusor. But a Co2-Reactor needs a extern filtersystem. If u don’t have a extern filter, use a Diffuser and try to make some waterflow on the Diffusor to better spread the Co2 beter through the tank.

Bart Verboom says:

how do you get to count de bublles, that go in the reactor? I built one myself, but now I need to now how many bubbles get into the reactor….

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