The New Up Aqua Inline Atomizer! With Replaceable Ceramic Diffusion Cylinder.

This is a look at the new UP Aqua inline atomizer. Now with a replaceable ceramic diffusion cylinder you no longer have to repurchase your CO2 atomizer, you need only replace the ceramic atomizing cylinder. Perfect for keeping your CO2 equipment out of your tank, and hidden away with the rest of your equipment.


Rick Bolster says:

Hey great video.
I bought one. But not sure if I have enough pressure coming out.
Do you still use the bubble counter rule, let’s just say 3 bubbles for every sec.
The box says min pressure of 36 psi or higher. Not sure what they mean.
I’m using a10 lb bottle and a Milwaukee reg
Hope you can help

Redember Black says:

the old one is better. The new model allows CO2 to leak into the water from both ends of the diffuser without passing by the diffuser medium. it results in big CO2 bubbles that can’t be dilluted fast enough before leaving the water outlet. When the old model clogged up, you will just need to soak it in bleach for 30mins, brush the innards with a lilypipe brush and you will be good to go for another 6 months.

Jason Durfey says:

Where can I buy this New style of atomizer? I have looked all over and cant find anybody selling this style. Everybody sells the old style.

perilandmishap says:

Anybody, other than me, had trouble with these leaking?

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