TWINSTAR aquarium sterilizer – Heimtiermesse 2014


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In this video I show TWINSTAR aquarium sterilizer, presented at the booth of Stattrand Aquaristik during Heimtiermesse 2014 in Hannover, Germany.

TWINSTAR looks a little bit like CO2 diffuser, but it’s not a diffuser. It doesn’t produce ozone O3, either. TWINSTAR consists of two electrodes, made of metal mesh, and an “intelligent” power supply. When turned on, the electricity conducted to the electrodes cause electrolysis of the water particles – so these “microbubbles” you can see in the video are made of hydrogen and oxygen, probably. These gases, however, are not the sterilizing factor. Somehow hydroxyl radicals (OH*) are also produced, and they make the sterilization possible. they disrupt cell membrane of algae and harmful bacteria, but they don’t do anything bad to “good” bacteria in filter and substrate. They also don’t harm plants or fish. According to what I have found in the internet, TWINSTAR works best in newly set up aquariums, as it prevents development of algae. But in an old aquarium it will not kill existing algae, or will kill them, but to a limited extent.

You can read more about TWINSTAR here:


and here:


sunkhiu bong says:

Bagus aguarumnya

Najeeb M says:

Super good.

Arya Gupta says:

Guys I am so sorry for my stupid oversight. Sincere apologies.  AND I AM DELIGHTED WE ARE GOING TO ENJOY THE CHANNEL AS ALWAYS.

Lation Fly says:

how long can i have this on??

ruslFuSiON says:

Приятно знать, немного похож на диффузор СО2, но это не диффузор. Она не производит озона О3, либо. TWINSTAR состоит из двух электродов, изготовленных из металлической сетки, и “умного” питания. При включении электричества к электродам причиной электролиза частицы воды – так эти “микропузырьков” вы можете увидеть в видео-водорода и кислорода, наверное. Этих газов, однако, не стерилизуя фактор. Как гидроксильные радикалы (он*) производятся также, и они делают стерилизацию возможным. они разрушают клеточные мембраны водорослей и вредных бактерий, но они не делают ничего плохого, чтобы “хорошие” бактерии в фильтре и субстрате. Они также не нанести вред растениям или рыбе. По данным что я нашел в интернете, TWINSTAR лучше работает в новых аквариумах, так как он предотвращает развитие водорослей. Но в старом аквариуме она не убивает существующие водоросли, или убьет их, но в ограниченном объеме.

BiteMyShinyMetal4ss says:

Very interesting! So this sterilizer seems to be a new approach to desinfecting the water in the aquarium like an UV lamp. But does it also destroy useful nutrients like the UV lamp?

Photo Sushi IV says:

I wonder if this would lower the ph like h202.

Arya Gupta says:

Very very sad that this is going to be your last video. Enjiyed all your upliads. Pls reconsider yiur decision 🙁

Arya Gupta says:

Very very sad that this is going to be your last video. Enjiyed all your upliads. Pls reconsider yiur decision 🙁

Benjamin Liker says:

Getting one soon this month! Depending on how it performs for me, I may be one of only a few sellers in the US.

renato cicko says:

where streaming worksand how mA

Michal Šafárik says:

I really hate this product, no body can tell me, on what kind of technic it works, I asked manufacture, and so on… plz tell me something about it. Can I make it my self? It looks like they keep it in secret so harder to make a copy. 🙂 thx

BiteMyShinyMetal4ss says:

So I will receive the Twinstar Mini some time next week! I’ll let you know more once I have it 🙂

Niko says:

On a low tech tank? Algae is hardly an issue with low tech, strange example.. Hmm..

Team Aquatics says:

Very interesting product.

kiyarash marda says:

I’ve been using one for 6 month. it is effective !. but I am wandering how it works! what is the mechanism of this device! I think should be simple! do have you any idea ? 

Aqua CNL says:

Here is my hand made analog Twinstar works for 6 months, works great!
Homemade analog Twinstar

danturbo316 says:

Now this is interesting.
Would an overdose clean out your tank?

yaoming yen says:

Would it do anything against parasites?

massoonmann says:

it’s a scam. UV is way more effective in just about every way.

ShaDynasty76 says:

So does this device actually work?? I’m very close to purchasing it on eBay

k9feces says:

also kills fish

shizdank says:

i so want to try this product out, is it readily available in the US???

Lation Fly says:

is this salt water?

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