Types of Diffusers for a DIY Co2 System for Planted Aquariums

This is a detailed discussion on how to decide what diffuser is best for you when using a DIY Co2 system for a planted aquarium weighing the pros and cons of each diffuser.

I did not cover everything in this video so if you have questions feel free to PM me or place them down in the comments and I will reply at my earliest convenience.

Thanks for watching!


rarzorz says:

Thanks for watching! Darn I knew I missed an important type of diffuser. I also just realized I forgot to cover Co2 reactors…derp… well I am considering a Part 2 now lol

Jwhiser1302 says:

Inline diffusion is an option too. Great video man!

Eddie Alv says:

What about the cigarette fillter defuser

rarzorz says:

Congrats! Luckily the water here is 4dkh straight out of the tap so I just use water directly from the aquarium for the drop checker. If you are close to 4dkh you probably don’t need to mess with making it. Then again I have not done enough research to say that with certainty. I do know that it can be a pain to make… Good luck, thanks for the question!

rarzorz says:

Inline diffusers are awesome! Atomic diffusers are also very cool but only for pressurized systems

TheFirstFool says:

No offence, but either you didn’t wait long enough for the silicone to cure properly or your silicone work is a bit shoddy, because I’ve been running a DIY reactor with a nano diffuser using silicone and plumbing thread tape on the lid for sealing for a long time with no worries. Plumbing thread tape can be bought from any hardware store and is invaluable in sealing the thread on DIY reactors.

Cut It Up Freshh says:

Excellent vid, TY, someone finally explains the diff types of diffusers. I just finished completing my first DIY co2 about an hr ago. Is there a way to slow down the bubble count , in other words, slow down the co2 process. My bubble count is 3-4 bubbles per sec, is that normal? is it too much? or should I leave it? My mixture consist of 2 cups of sugar, 1 teasp of yeast, and 1 teasp of baking soda. I used the chopstick method, thinkng about getting the glass after seeing your vid. Thx


I’ll be starting a 29 gallon planted tank soon, and I’ll be making a DIY co2 system- which type of diffuser would you recommend?

Anthony Lujano says:

Omg please help!! I just got a glass defuser and my DIY co2 won’t work with it. Can u help me with a co2 recipes please!!!

rarzorz says:

First off each tank is different so even though 3-4 bubbles per second could gas out fish in one tank. A tank of equal size could demand more Co2 than 3-4 bubbles per second. I would suggest you look into a drop checker or otherwise index your Co2 to determine if you have too much, too little or the right amount. I have a rather boring technical video on my channel that explains how to index Co2 levels if you are interested, In regards to slowing down a reaction….

MrRangerZr1 says:

Why is ur diy co2 video marked as “NOT FOR UNDERAGED USERS” ???

Girish Thakur says:


Fishie Friends says:

Thanks for the advice on the smaller diffuser. I’ve got a little bigger of one but do have a smaller diffuser for the second system. My plan is to run two DIY CO2 systems (both with 2 2L bottles) on my 36 gallon to increase the CO2. I feel like just 2 2L bottles is not cutting it.

rarzorz says:

Me too!! Let me know if you find some for a decent price. I would be interested in purchasing it myself.

rarzorz says:

The impeller in the powerhead chops the bubbles into small bubbles. Elimiating the diffuser on the end of the Co2 line also allows the system to run faster as there isnt a presure requirment to push the Co2 through the diffuser. As a result you get an extremely efficient way to dispurse Co2 into the aquarium. I do not currently have Co2 running throuhg a powerhead but I will defiantely post a video if I change to that setup.


Thanks! I think I’ll get a glass diffuser 🙂

Sourav Bhowmick says:

Hi I tried to use similar kind of ceramic diffuser with my DIY CO2 generator. But the lid pops up each time I do that. And no CO2 is coming out. What should I do? Help me plz!

rarzorz says:

The only way I would suggest slowing down the reaction is to empty some of the mixture out of one of your bottles. Using valves or other ways of reducing the flow of Co2 can cause your system to leak and/or make a mess (sorta explode 😀 ). Let me know if you have any other questions. Nice looking tank btw 🙂

Chunk'o What says:

Just put the CO2 right through the powerhead? No won’t that just shoot large bubbles out very fast? Can you show us what that setup looks like?

AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac says:

Nice video. In my time I’ve all the difusers you mentioned.Still stuck on glass difusers. But I’d like to add another typecin to the mix. It’s only for advanced pressurized systems. It’s the inline difuser. You conected to the outflow line of you canister filter. You 100% Co2 mix.

Ve Mo says:

Question… I replaced my yeast mixture 2 days ago but wasn’t receiving any bubbles going into the actual tank, so I made yet another batch today and still, nothing. I’ve sealed every opening again and dunked it under water, held the bottles upside down and I can find no leaks. The diffuser is half filled with water and the tubing siphoned water a few inches above it. My bubble count is about a bubble per 2-3 seconds. This worked for a month before the mix went bad, now it won’t at all. Help 🙁

Kaptein says:

nice vid! I use a powerhead to diffuse the co2. I can hear the co2 going through the powerhead, but the bubbles comes out so small, that i almost cant see them. Looks like a fine, white dust comes out. My plants love it!

pittbully13 says:

Always great info. Keep it up. BTW finally started my DIY CO2 rig, do you make your own 4dkh water for your drop checker?

rarzorz says:

Let me know how that goes. I am currently running 2 2L bottles on a 29gallon and I have to replace the mixture every 2-3 weeks. I am not happy with the set-up because the Co2 levels fluxuate a little too much. I feel like your approach may have more success.

CecilDarkholm42 says:

did you make sure there wasn’t any left over alcohol?

rarzorz says:

Yes Co2 reactors are very popular. Many people use a pump or smething of that nature to stir up the bubbles in the bottom of the bottle to allow the Co2 to be added to the water quicker.

007gametester says:

re-upload it, and if you have a clue who did it, block the idiot… I WOULD re-upload it.

rarzorz says:

I prefer glass diffusers and use one on my 29 gallon. If i didn’t use the glass diffuser I would run the Co2 line directly into a powerhead. Those are my two favorite methods of Co2 dispersion. Let me know if this helps.

rarzorz says:

It should take at least 3 hours. Sorry it took so long to respond 🙁 I hope it is working now.

incisor says:

thanks for the vid. great work.

Im thinking about setting up a planted tank with a paintball Co2 canister- do you think with this setup I would i be able to use a smaller glass diffuser like you mentioned in the video?

Anthony Lujano says:

Ok ya that’s the recipe I use but when I connect my glass defuser it does not work. How long should it take befor it starts defusing? I just don’t want it to blow up.

shizdank says:

can you take it down and repost it???

excstasy311 says:

I always wanted to try limewood but can’t ever find any.

rarzorz says:

Thanks! It depends on why type of wood you get. I have personally tried a standard wood diffuser and that operated as well as an airstone. However, if you get limewood it can work as well as a glass diffuser. I should prob do a second diffeser vid on wood diffusers, inline diffusers, more on DIY diffusers, Co2 reactors and DIY Co2 reactors….yeah there is alot a didnt cover lol

rarzorz says:

The recipe can vary per setup and tank size but in general per litter use 1 cup sugar, .5 tsp yeast and 1tsp baking soda. So if you are using 2 litter bottles then 2 cups of sugar, 1 tsp of yeast and 1tsp of baking soda bottle. You can omit the baking soda if you don’t have any. If it is a larger glass diffuser you may not be able to use a DIY system with it. If it is one of the standard glass diffusers that everyone uses this mixture should work 🙂

BoBBo727FReshY says:

Great info, I have the same nano glass diffuser that I just installed in my sons newly planted 10 gallon, works great but wish the bubbles were finer. Subbed yah, check out my vids and maybe sub back.

rarzorz says:

Someone reported the video to youtube as inappropriate for under-aged users. I honestly have no idea why since the video is only a tutorial. Its very disappointing to me as it has cut the video views on my channel significantly. Unfortunately there is no appeal process. I may at some point make another tutorial video but my motivation to do so is lacking after having my last video restricted.

Khalan Wheeler says:

If you don’t use silicone as the sealant what are you using?

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