U-Barn CO2 Diffuser Review! This thing WORKS!!

Usually I’m skeptical when I buy something off eBay, especially when it’s cheap and from a no-name company. This CO2 diffuser which is sold by U-Barn makes the tiniest microbubbles which helps the CO2 disperse evenly and makes for more absorption into the water. I will never go back to glass diffusers!!

Ebay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271037310439


AlwaysChangingMind says:

I bought the exact one for my dad’s tank. It worked for a week and then wouldn’t let out any co2. So much so it completely stopped the co2 coming out of the regulator and eventually popped under the pressure. This is just a cheap knock off of the GLA Atomic diffuser that I own myself and if you think those bubbles were tiny then this GLA Atomic Diffuser will blow you away. The one you just got, we already threw away. It became a safety hazard pretty much.

James Kilgore says:

Check into a rex griggs reactor bro. 99-00% diffusion rate. You’ll save a ton of money and gas on co2 and it doesn’t make your tank look like a bottle of sprite

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