Where to position a pressurized CO2 diffuser

Near water flow! Distribution of the CO2 is key. Also, your goal is to keep the gas in contact with the water as long as possible in order to achieve 100% dissolution. Thanks for watching


Jwhiser1302 says:

Good stuff man!

Rogue FJ says:

I agree with you.  My atomic diffuser is sitting right underneath a circulating fan.  My plants are growing like crazy!

Phil Grady says:

You must be doing the right things because your tank looks great.

Sudipto Roy says:

My aquarium guy told me to place it on the wall opposite to the one that has the spray bar (I use an Eheim Classic 2217). Is that the right thing to do? The flow is pretty strong on that end.

CK Poorboy says:

Would you recommend more oxygen in a tank with pressurized co2?

YOUSIYC7 says:

Love your tank, trying to achieve the same in my 55g tank. I just purchased the completed ultimate Co2 system from aquariumplants.com, it comes with a CarbonDoser Internal CO2 Reactor. My question is, what is the difference in a reactor and a diffuser, which one is better, and can the reactor be placed in front of the filter water flow just like in your tank?

Hugo Cardona says:

Tank looks sweet! Would recommend a wave maker on a 20 high? Thx in advance

jeremiemcd says:

Good info, tank looks great, any plans of trimming?

Chuck Fader says:

Your tank is my dream tank, very nice.  Love the vids.

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