4 Genius Ways to Use a Canister Filter with Your Reef Aquarium


It is common knowledge that canister filters are not your best option for filtering a reef tank.

But there are a few clever ways you can utilize a canister for your reef.

We’ll discuss this very topic in today’s Marine Depot video installment!

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Tripp Corbin says:

I use a canister filter as a secondary or back up filter on my 50 Gal tank. It seems to work well.

Jeff K says:

Probably user to use than my old Diatom from the ’70’s

Yasser dreams says:

can i use it on 150 gal aquarium ?

Roger Guzman says:

what was the final equipment on your sr80 tank behind you

solar clapson says:

May want to research the meaning of the word genius. Not remotely applicable to anything herein.

Alex Kingcole says:


George Rivera says:

i would love your feedback on this…..i have a 75 gallon reef with hob protein skimmer and a fluval fx6 canister filter. i have been going through a battle with diatoms for the last 6 months. the sand i have in there is aragonite and i use RODI water. I have a handful of snails and herms and a sand sifting starfish along with about 7 fish. i do 15% water changes every week and my light intensity is about 40% using orbit marine pro. my nitrates stay at about 10-15ppm. what in the world could be causing my diatoms? i tried phosguard and even brought my nitrates down to zero by using nopox but i noticed my corals losing color with continuous useage. could it be my nitrates that are causing this?

666baraka says:

can someone explain to me something I find hard to understand. i was hoping to move to reef hobby but use the tank i currently have.
how can a canister filter be fine to use on fresh water aquariums but not reef?? why are they not “nitrate factories” for freshwater also? what’s the difference? fish waste and food waste is same no matter the aquarium type right??
If my reef has live rock which as I understand does the bio filtration and my canister has mechanical and is cleaned from this waste on a scheduled basis why can this not work??

Tushar Mondkar says:

Why the deep sand bed in aquarium should not be disturbed what is the scientific reason behind that?

quepiid says:

How is a canister filter problematic at all. You said they can get clogged up with debris but all maechanical filtration will. You would change the polishing pad just as you would change your filter socks or sponges in a sump.

Matt Reefer says:

Great tips, already use this process as ive bern runni g reef tanks with canisters for 3 years. 60gallon and now new 185 gallon. Fluvel fx6 rocks, and there gravel cleaning attachment works great in sand bed as it has a filter sock insert i also run an eheim canister too

Clashing Spiral says:

Hi, newbie here. I got 2 options available in my country to setup my reef. Dophin CF1400 and dophin C1600. CF1400 got UV and flow rate is 1400L/h while C1600 dont have UV but flow rate is 2540L/h. Which one is actually better for my 100L tank?

Marc Rubin says:

Is that cleaning arrangement good enough to trap bubble algae as you scrap it off a rock. I.e. The inlet to the canister is connected to the hose you use to pull the bubble algae out?

Anuar l33t says:

great tips

Marc Guima says:

I have the same fish tank that you have in the back. I wish you would show us how that skimmer is put in the back. Please make a video about it. How it fits there so well.

April Cassell says:

Honestly, I had never thought to use a canister filter as a cleaning tool. Thank you!


I use a canister filter as a pump before it goes into the chiller. It is partially full of biological media. This acts as a cycler before sending the water through the chiller. It also helps keep the inside pipework of the chiller in better condition.

Γιωργος Παυλου says:

protein skimmer all ecotech pumps and activeted carbon filter

Mitch Boudreaux says:

I’m just getting into saltwater reef tanks so I would put what ever ya’ll would suggest

James Adams says:

What Canister filter would you use

Ash says:

I use a small, low flow canister with a transparent body to house a few inches of miracle mud, as well as some chaeto. I haven’t got any light directed at it but it must pick up on the tank light as it does grow! I was trying this out to see if the chaeto would suck up enough phosphates but I guess it’s too small an amount to make a difference. I’ve just started adding some phosphate removal media tied up in some tights to try and get a hold on my algae bloom. Seems to be helping but it’s in the early stages.

Jeroro Mouse says:

make sense!

Lee and Mandy Battersby says:

Could i use it as a phosphate reactor / carbon

Gleyvi Gonzalez says:

Can i use any media for calcium and phosphate reactor ? Any suggestions

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