A New Look To Undergravel Filters

For this weeks build I thought I would put a new twist on an old filter. UG filters have been around forever but this build gets around their issues.


James Hande says:

Nice DIY but I have a concern with it… Original UG filters had thin slits spaced through out the plate to try and even the water flow through it. Using the egg crate will cause most of, if not all of, the flow to be near the lift tube. The farther away from the lift tube the less of a flow if any. The screening idea was often used back in the day as well as some folks tried those out door garden weed blankets or polyester fiber sheets. LOL

Personally I never had much issues with mulm buildup under the plates and I just used the air stones or even just the rigid tube without. I would gravel vacuum half of the tank every week switching sides each week. I would remove the lift tube(s) for that sides plate to clean out with the brush and then stick my siphon hose in it’s place and suck out the little bit of mulm. Had those tanks running for 15-20 years without any problems. With a strong siphon you could actually suck the little bit of mulm up from under the plate while vacuuming the gravel. I think people ran into problems because they would slack on maintenance.

Just this old farts 2 cents!

bufunga says:

Your blade is set super high

John G says:

I clean my ug filters through the lift tube with a siphon hose,or shut down the pump,push aside the gravel and siphon through the plate,about once every fFIVE YEARS or so,you can allso attach the lift tube to a hob filter,there are a lot of easy ways to remove the small amount of debris from under the plate,don’t understand why everyone makes such a big deal of it…….simplw as simplw can be,sure beats cleaning hobs amd canistars constantly

Shug McGurran says:

Why is the water out at the top is it for gaseous exchange?

tiang Ian says:

for undergravel filter (UGF), the filter should have some gap from the bottom, otherwise, the water circulation will only limited by a small portion of the UGF. Simply lift up the crates by 1cm would do the trick.

Colin Barsby says:

I Love it……:)

David Li says:

That’s nice, thanks share video

FredHOleniuk says:

I have been keeping aquariums since 1969. I switched to undergravel filters early on and have been using them ever since. My solution to cleaning the filter has been to put a network of PVC pipes with many holes drilled in the pipes under the filter. I attach another PVC pipe to the network and bring that pipe upright to the top of the tank. When I do water changes I attach a hose to the PVC pipe network and bring dirty water from deep to the gravel out of the tank. This keeps the filter clean and solves the problem of having to tear down the tank to clean the filter. I also use a mesh cover on my undergravel filter to keep the gravel in the proper spot just as you demonstrated in your video.

Kerry Pitt says:

I noticed comments in other videos and never wrote the name of the person. Has anyone ever hooked a good hang on the back filter, up to an undergravel. That should make the UG filter work with less mess because of the suction from the hang on the back filter. Has anyone actually done this?

Melody says:

My husband and i built one into our 50gal flat back hex,we used marbles to hold it up and it had four large built in air lifts,did partial water changes and kept discus in it,had that tank for seven years !

Graham De Lacey says:

how loud is that intro ! mate, almost blew a hole in my speakers. hectic.

Todd says:

I love DIY stuff, its all about experimentation but this is a big no. Lee’s under gravel filters which have been around forever, the two uplift tubes created a current under the plate which itself was open. There is a huge water circulation issue here. Because of the little squares how is the water going to be able to flow throughout the entire bottom of the tank?
How does the water from say, the middle of the plate get over to the uplift tube? Sure there will be bacterial colonies in the plate itself but not enough circulation throughout the entire tray …

The design has a flaw because with traditional undergravel.s the ability is there by way of design that allows water to circulate under the plate back over to however many uplift tubes you have.

Its an idea so who knows, maybe you’ll have some luck with it.

I worked at a pet store for several years after high school. I loved it. The best job for a youngster just outta high school or with a leave school after lunch work permit!! HeHe..

Upside diy says:

I really like under gravel filters, because when rinsing substrates , using a diy (bucket with holes)sifter , the fine debris and substrates are seperated .and helps the.molecular rinsing. Aquarium water filtering, ugf good paired with a sponge filter , more than a hob because of plug management. thanks for the pointers.

yohjo kromwood says:

try lava stone next time thatm wil gif surface area

JD Hartman says:

If you want modern filtration methods that work, look at the wastewater industry. Every aquarium filter development has copied it’s design from them. Undergravel, fluidized bed, rotating bio-contactor wheels, wet-dry, etc.

Jesse C says:

Yeah, I have a SINGLE female Endler, once a month she has 15-25 babies (she has been in her own tank with adult spawn removed), she mated for a week when I first got her 3 months ago and she just keeps on having babies. From what I understand once they get pregnant they’re kind of pregnant for life lol.

I have noticed that while they SAY they have babies once a month there appears to be fresh babies in much smaller quantities every 2 weeks or so, almost like inbetween huge batches she’s giving birth to an intermediary brood or something. Maybe these are just smaller because they’re timid and don’t get to the food first, but I try to overfeed because of the babies, it’s hard for me to say if they’re new or just small.

Braska! through the Games says:

That overflow thing is interesting

Eric Ring says:

Have you ever tried to use a power head pump rather than air? Something to think about that cuts down on the noise.

lujayn3 says:

What air pump are you using?

Slacking02 says:

Happy New Years!

Christopher Rector says:

lower your blade level for something that thin on a table saw

Fit OutPost says:

What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing.

neighborhoodman323 says:

That looks EXTREMELY aesthetic

Susan for SLC Aquatics says:

Nice job with everything. I love your plexiglass work and your personalized touches on old tricks and new uses. I would like to know how to place the airline and air stone in the uptake pipe etc. thanks dear.

mucks says:

Patented! 😉

Kevlar Canuck says:

Nice build! One thing I would add on top of the mesh, or instead of the mesh, is a fibre or foam filter, like maybe the black charcoal impregnated mats sold for aquariums which are meant to be cut yourself. Then you have some volume for the beneficial bacteria to cling to and enough surface area that clogging would rarely be an issue.

Brian's Reefing World says:

Old school indeed!!? Subscribed

David Perrin says:

I remember under gravel filters. Thy were concave and had sallholes. And we’re glazed tanks with metal frames which had to be painted. And had putty not silicone in
The tanks or box filter.

crystal hinspeter says:

Sounds like mom ender got double hit. I’ve had that happen a couple times with guppies

Debi Herbert says:

Have you ever run an underground filter backwards by using a waterpump to push water down and up through the gravel, like a spring effect?

I am thinking of trying this; perhaps using lava rock as biofilter media…

DJ DOC says:

Wts tht material called?

Richard Pijman says:

So the air is also put in the pipe

eric wesche says:

Is there a reason your saw blade is up so high? Dose it help with the plastic crate?

geoffreyjones2000 says:

My wife said that I’m a jerk in between spawnings 🙁 peace

Aquatics And furries says:

Great build, love the idea of it being removable and that it flows up to the plants, cool idea

lepistes Günlüğü says:

If you subscribe, I am very glad you have fish gift

Peter Karig says:

Why not use a power head on the under gravel filter riser tube and reverse the water flow? Have a little sponge on the ph’s intake, and the under gravel filter would never be a hidden place full of rotting organics again, and it would help push waste off the top of the gravel back into the water column so it can be sucked into the sponge filter, or a secondary.

Daniel Keeping Fish says:

Cool video bud. Under gravels were always one of my favourite types of filter. Sad we don’t see them as much any more but great to see your take on them.

Stephen Ater says:

Easy to clean old filters, turn off pump and insert siphon onto or into riser stack and let it work.

Matthew Otremba says:

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNN ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the snail drops

Dokumashin says:

I’m looking to put an under gravel filter in my hexagon tank. I don’t have any power tools beyond like a drill and a saw. Is there a good reliable way for me to make one or should I continue trying to find one?

Anne Cole says:

your over thinking the under ground filter plate, 1/25 water change and a vacuum of gravel bed (1/25 of gravel, new section each time) once a month keeps a healthy gravel bed.

yea , its me says:

Should put some hydroton clay balls for the pothos for bio filtration and planting media

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