All about all in one aquarium top filters

By Paul Talbot


arbit3r says:

Thanks for this, great information.

Bernard Gabriel says:

do the mediums (carbon and ceramic) in the filter have to be submerged?

Niube Niutro says:

Hi dear where I can buy this filter

Bernard Gabriel says:

Thanks mate! This video is a great help for my RBP =)

Rekha aww says:

how use full is having more wats of top filter. am looking for 5 feet aq what is the suitable wats for that

Juan Ze Gamer says:

what type of filter is it

Fish Tales says:

Hi Paul could you do a vid on how to change the bulbs in an aqua one aquastyle 620
aquarium please? Nice vid as always thanks very much for the info.

OZ says:

Hi Paul I have a few questions .
1) I have Aqua One AR-510 can I get rid of the carbon cartridges & just use up my aqua one premium sub ceramic substrate ?
2) The poly you mention do I remove the original sponges that came with the tank as shown in your video?
3) I have only one light working and am wondering should I change it to a superbright LED or can you recommend any thing else
4) Can an automatic fish feeder such as Eheim be attached to the mid bar for when on holidays?
I have new cycled fish tank live plants ,3 male guppies, 10 tetras
Thanks for your videos very helpful

Javi Lim says:

Why when i think about ar i think about ar guns

Myron Nepomuceno says:

What do you put in the last compartment of the filter to the right?

André De Lorenzi says:

Nice explanation! Does it is work for a planted aquarium, or I have to use an extra filter, like a canister or something? Thanks

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