American Aquarium Products & Supply ATI sponge filters review/setup part 1

I’m switching all 3 of my tanks to sponge filters, after much research and help from others I purchased some ATI sponge filters, here’s my review.


Robert Kowalke says:

Been using these for 20+ years great for breeding tanks as well. 1 thing that works great is to use Undergravel lift tube angle tops on the ends of these to direct water and reduce the bubbling noise. They pop right on just get the ones that have grilles and no media in them, though those work to if you ever have need of chemical filtration.

Sponges are still the best and easiest maint filters. The Hikari brand is also a great choice for this also HMF setups are insanely effective and only require bi-annual or Yearly maint. Depending on how messy the fish are 😉

Cats2Curious says:

I LOVE American Aquarium Products! They’re honest and knowledgeable, and give you an abundance of info! I buy all my sponge filters from them, even the HOB filter for my 10 gallon baby Tiger Barb tank. I have fancy goldfish so I can’t use sponge filters alone (although I use powerheads rather than air pumps, airstones, and tubing). I needed a canister filter (Rena XP3) since goldfish are pretty messy fish. My 75 and 60 goldfish tanks (gender specific) have sponge filters and canister filters, and my fancies are *thriving*!

RIPPER334 says:

The trouble with using a chopped up wand, is it will stop up much faster than an actual airstone. You’ll get less flow over time.

…and you can just skip the stone entirely, but it be quite a bit louder.

flyingrabbit says:

If they just made the fittings all black and even the top tube the bubbles go through black– I would like the look a lot better.

Deon 0026 says:

I love the bio home as well have it in my sponge filter

Charles Collier says:

I have a 65 gallon tank same dimensions as 40 just taller. I took 3 sponge filters took them apart. Then bought a piece of pvc and a tile. then drilled holes down the pvc and siliconed the pvc to the tile slid the 3 sponges on the pvc. Then put a power head on top of pvc. It gave me more water flow through the sponges and much quieter than the air pump and bubbles. Plus it looks a lot nicer in tank stacked than taking up so much space in tank. If you stack two sponges together for the 40 gallon with a power head you might like it.

FirstTenor76 says:

Awesome video, very helpful, thanks! Cool shirt too! I’ve been a GNR fan since I was 13… watched them when they toured with Metallica back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Anywho, keep up the good work.

Deon 0026 says:

I’m going watch this soon as I get off, is this the video where I will learn how to setup the sponge filter with the air stones?

Drea Aguilar says:

Thanks for giving an honest review since I also had been meaning to look for a good quality sponge filter for my betta tank actually.

Randy Bartlett says:

Great video. Very helpful. Thanks!

flyingrabbit says:

That pond looks really cool

xblackcatx13 666 says:

the more expensive ones are ul rated….i use the cheap ones and have no problems.

rayzimmermin says:

why not go under gravel only maintenance is vacuum the gravel and that you will do anyways and your whole bed is your filtration

FROSTY Claude says:

Hello, is this advisable for my molly tank? And how long will it last? Thank you

Anthony Francisco says:

The SunSun is more expensive because of the GPH, compared to the sponge filter

tony kaiser says:

How’s the pro sponge filters working? Did the ammonia drop more with the pro sponge filters ? I have the old ones thinking of switching

Fish Tales says:

Hi good video but i would rather have my hang on the back cannister filter, all due respects it should work ok. but they look too bulky and spoil the view of the fish.

William Harber says:

Your right they do look ugly, 🙂

But if they help you keep more of your fishes then its a good trade off. I hope all works out when you disconnect the canister filter.

R Patel says:

I’ve had three of those fusion air pump and all of them went bad in 3 months time. but worked great those three months.

John M says:

Great video. What size is that Fusion Air Pump – 700 / 5400 / or 300? Thanks!

Ray R says:

I had that same pump wasn’t a big fan thou. Suggestion for the bubbles splashing u can attach soft drink lids (the kind u would get from Starbucks or mcd’s) to the tube to stop the splash they work great! As for the air stones if they clog I would go with the multi colored plastic air stones from eBay, they can be taken apart to remove any build up but haven’t clogged as of yet and been running for a year.


cool video brother I like that pound idea your daughters tank looks very good great job I have one of those air pump with four outlets on. it and yes it’s a beast


I have my whole fish room ran off of sponge filters great review

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga says:

Great video. What’s the size of that tank

calthmlikiseethm says:

there’s always going to be food waste in the gravel more so if you don’t have an undergravel filter

Tony Star says:

Just purchased two from dr foster we will see

Charles Collier says:

I would add some Air Pump Check Valves to protect pump from water back flow if power goes out.

United Tanks of America says:

Very thorough review Jason and AAP sells some well designed and proven products for the aquatic hobby. Some do not care for the aesthetics of sponge filters but it is hard to argue their biological value, many of the top fish and shrimp breeders around the world use them because they work.

calthmlikiseethm says:

undergravel filters work just as well if not better only having to clean your gravel approximately once a month

Jesus Quinones says:

I’ve had grate success with my sponge filters, the one thing you should look clogging. Mine usually start clogging around the 2 week mark but other than that, they are really easy on maintenance day.

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