AquaClear 110 Unboxing Review – HOB Aquarium Filter – Fluval Review

Aquaclear 110 Aquarium Filter

Just an Unboxing of the Fluval/Hagen Aquaclear 110 for my 75 gallon Grow Out Aquarium.
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Species Profile Cyphotilapia Frontosa
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boomboompow says:

So i have a 120 gallon tank.. can i run two of these and have clear water for my fish? any input is appreciated, thanks!!!

OmnipotentCrawlingChaos says:

please help all you expert fish keepers… im new to this hobby and i set up a 45 gallon freshwater tank in mid June and i did not cycle the tank before i added my fish… we’re now in July and I’ve been doing frequent water changes because my ammonia and nitrite levels are high…. my nitrite is like at 3 and ammonia i think is in the harmful range….. so Thursday i decided to get a bottle of dr tims one and only live nitrifying bacteria and i added the whole bottle Thursday evening….. i checked the water the next day and everything was the same and made me very frustrated so i decided to add a little prime seachem to detoxify the ammonia and nitrite…. maybe that was a mistake…i hope my bacteria didn’t die… so its now Saturday and my levels are STILL THE SAME!! i am so frustrated after spending so much to keep my fish happy and it doesnt seem to be doing anything…. so now im only left with doing water changes and feeding sparingly once every other day as recommended by fish store owners….. my fish totally seem happy..very active and always hungry so …im just confused and frustrated…i want the best for my fish … oh and i have all cichlids… one oscar.. 2 africans… 1 Jack dempsey and a convinct and firemouth… can someone PLEASE HELP ….. I’ve done everything i can think of…

Jeremey Persaud says:

Aquaclear 110 or Fluval C4?

Big Goron says:

awesome tank and new filter man.

Got two AquaClear50’s running a total of 400GPH on my 40 gallon texas map turtle tank.

Thinking of going with just one big Aquaclear110 like you got.

Thanks for the review on it.

PS. I heard the product Purigen by Seachem is great for keeping crystal clear water. Basically small white microscopic beads that come in big containers and you put some in a bag of mesh and drop it in your HOB filter. And when they turn brown you just soak in a 1:1 bleach / water mixture and they regenerate and u drop back in the HOB. But because you can buy a huge container for like 20$ youre prob better off just using a new load in a mesh bag every 4-5 months. Just a small note if you ever run across cloudy water.

SlickChick says:

Here’s a tip for large tanks: you can use multiple 110s. Mix various bio media in each. One all sponge, others combination, one all mechanical filtration, etc. They have large capacity and you never have to worry about cycling. Leave the tops off for extra oxygenation. You can even ‘cap’ them underwater with sponge filter covers for even more bio use.


Cut your sponge in half lengthways…you will find that 1. can fit more biohome…and 2. The sponge will not push up to the surface as quickly (they do that) and 3. You can add a layer of polyfilter on top of sponge weighted down under your biohome. and lasty 4. Sponge is easier to clean.

Dude, That's Cichlid! says:

How’s the noise from the impeller?

NYCity Cichlids says:

That’s a good choice right there sir. There is no better hang over back.

TankHead Videos says:

yea I agree nice. I just picked up the ac70 like 2 weeks ago. easy to use

Mr. DPFJ Aquariums says:

I have my aqua clear filters still running for over 10 years strong non stop with no problem 2 / 110 modals & 4 / 70 modals. I’ve got my money worth big time !

pancudowny says:

If you use a poly-vinyl hose of the right inside & outside diameter, you can attach one of those sponge-filters to the intake elbow… Like I did! This will allows elimination that large, coarse sponge from the AquaClear’s stack… and makes room for more of other media.

Ashlee Simmons says:

Is this a good filter for aquariums with fine sand? Because my current filter isn’t taking it too well.

Sakura Yamashita says:

Since I’m new with keeping the fishes, I wanted to make sure I’ll be moving my fishes from 10g to 40g tank and I’ll be using a new filter for the 40g tank. I dont know very much bout the cycling process I know bout the whole bacteria and such. Where I live the stuff to put in the water to help with the new tank cycling are pretty pricey so can I just put the water from my 10g tank over to my new 40g tank then add more water to the 40g tank then move the used filter from the 10g tank to the 40g so it can help with the cycling instead? Also can you tell more bout the crush coral? I couldn’t find too much info bout that online. I can put that together with the sponge & bio ceramics right?

blistering sand says:

Can I use this filter with turtles?

bigcrack7 says:

bet it over flows the water shouldn’t be past the grey holders for media

RIPPER334 says:

Can you tell me how much clearance I need between the wall and the tank for this filter?

Thinking about adding one of these to an established tank, just can’t find any actual measurements online.

Two Guys Fish and Frys says:

PS I used bio home but now use only lava raock based on Joeys review of lava rock the whole bag is 4 bukcs Biohome is PRICEY I bought a big but only the one Im a lava rock fan try it

inventoryking says:

Good HOB Filter!

JP FromCali says:

Thinking about putting one of these on my 20gal, do you think that’ll be a bit too much for a smaller tank?

209Control says:

Great video.. I put a pre filter on the intake just for extra filtration and the food that gets caught on the sponge my shrimp can eat.

TechGuru4U says:

I’ve heard water bypasses parts of the filtration media.
Does it force ALL of the water through ALL layers from bottom up ?

Robert Kowalke says:

Great Video! Totally agree carbon filter cartridges are just to make people spend money.
Carbon is OK to use for a few days to clean out toxins odors and medicines but are never to be used constantly. Also Carbon is never to be used for a long period in planted aqauriums…as above just a day or so.

Keep up the good work! Aquaclear Filters are still the best 30 years later 😉

Harmonica In The Breeze. says:

I considered this..but the thing was so huge causing the aquarium to be a long way off the back wall? so I put it…on the side! lol

Two Guys Fish and Frys says:

Hows the AC doing Minbe are all POS’s Great design and waterflow but you do a water change they do not restart each one needs to be primed as they get older.
I have 16 AQUOENS 55/75s they out churn the AC110 by a mile and all 17 reatrst as soon as water levels are filled and I flip power strip. How is yours working?
Oh by the way the impeller stops on the AC Fluval says buy another one Aqueon sends you replacements for free


Nice! My fav HOB brand!

Michelle Hultberg says:

How much biohome is needed for an aquaclear 110 system? Thanks and very helpful video.

madcypress L.L. says:

Great Filter .

Infamous Aquatics says:

only hob I would use.

DaRell Jones says:

Good video. Quality information. Two questions though. Where can i purchase the bio home filter media and did you make the beat ending the video?


Very good rebiew! I subbed to your channel. Please check my tank if you have a moment. I am new to Youtube.

TankHead Videos says:

Quick question, what do you feed your frontosa? I use omega 1 but I’m not sure if that’s ok. he looks great. not sure though. your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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