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Steve will only use over the back filters. canisters have leaked on him.Millennium filters.
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phosphate says:

they are and always will be

IdTapThat4Life says:

Man you need to clean you filter that shit is nasty lol, and the bio weals work really amazing btw Marineland is is what my brother uses for his 55g tank… I have a 29g crayfish breeding tank with a millennium 3000 works amazingly and i also have a beautiful 55g Florida native tank with a 100g TetraTec PF500… please check it out just look up video White Crayfish and Filters

Vidal Soto says:

you think you can use CO2 instead of oxygen on the blue nozzle? thoughts?

e1casper says:

ihave three marinland and i love them of course averyone has there fave but i love mine

Meng Lee says:

i like da sponge in da back of da filter.

jettaaddiction says:

i lol’d at 1:34

Fire launcher 01 says:

I had a penguin bio wheel for three months and didn’t here anything but sadly had to take my tank down

marsdog says:

those things are hardly turning over any water. no wonder your water is murky.

Chelsea McMurdo says:

I got a used one with a tank, is the oxygen being added when the blue thing is up or down? Mine is unfortunately kind of noisy when it’s up.

phosphate says:

that water isn’t even going through the filter its just back flowing those filters are shit aqua clears aqueons and marine land all the way

garretts91 says:

I love the Marineland Bio-wheel filters. The penguin model is amazing your both severely mistaken. The one that’s loud is the emperor model that has the spray bars to spin the wheels.
Just take a second to think about how many great products Marineland makes!! I use an Aqua-tech chepo filter on my shrimp tank and its literally silent. Never herd a peep from it. Guess who’s cheapo model it is?.,…Marineland.

luis de santos says:

Those two filter work hard and water quality isn’t that bad but fluval c2 fan

Garrett Blumenstock says:

Bio wheel work

Money says:

i have a penguin biowheel 150 right next to my bed and its silent , make shure your water level is to the out-take of your filter.

Lachang Thao says:

You look kinda rich to me.

ReCess yuu says:

WELL I USE IT BAWT 2 YRS I TINK YES ITS QUITE THATS TRUE!!!!  BUT ONCE IT START LICK JUST LIKE I SAID  YOU WILL NEVER ABLE TO FIX IT AGAIN SO GOOD LUCK FOR YOU GUYS STILL HAV IT!…  fuck hanging filter its not milennium its a lieeeeeeeeeeeeee  it dont even get close to DECADE  LOL!!!

Matt Carroll says:

Penguin is made by Marineland. They’re not noisy like you say. Canister filters are superior to “Hang on the Back” filters suck in my opinion. I run a Fluval 305 and have had nothing but success with that filter. I swear by them now. You gotta be an idiot to spill water all over the floor. But, I guess there are idiots out there…

Fire launcher 01 says:

Ps it was a penguin 150 on a 10 gallon

InvisieMoto says:

i got aqueon filters. 4 stage filter. even wet/dry and all other stuff. very quiet when water full really good

Don KiksBiscuits says:

these millennium filters are pretty quiet

Xerxes845 says:

Biowheels aren’t loud these days, I have an emperor 400 and a Penguin 125 and neither are loud.

Joseph Coleman says:

I’d say that a large percentage of the water is bypassing the filter altogether. It’s running down the intake part of the filter housing. As far as HOB’s go, go Aquaclear if you can spend the money. They are more than worth it. If you can’t just buy the Marineland. They do the job too, but are really cheap. Petco had Penguin 350’s for $25.00 on sale last time I was there.

Eric Ver Linden says:

Dude, clean your filtration system, it’s nasty.

phosphate says:

NO do get the penguin bio wheels theyre the 2nd best hang on back filters out there

ReCess yuu says:

fuck this filter mennnnnn!!!!   mines fakup its licking and believe me guys you cant fix it once its start licking fuck hanging filter DUDE!!!!!    

Brad Heintz says:

What’s up fish tank people. I have had a Millennium 2000 filter and I really like it. They are very quite, reliable, and the have a nice clean look. I also like that you have the option to add oxygen. I ran mine for about 4 years with no problems.

walkwitmeh427 says:

I have a millennium 3000 filter in my 80 gallon tank for the past 7 years and i have never regretted the purchase. the cartridges are becoming a little hard to find but as he said you don’t need to change them just rinse and reuse.

Brandon Franklin says:

you should make a video of how to install and prime a millennium 2000 filter for me please.

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