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So I am obviously glad I get to try out a new eheim pro 3 as I destroy and rebuild the 220. The dirt I have in there is making a mess, but it happens. I am still jacked to be tearing it down and starting fresh. More on the Eheim as I get using it, but solid construction and high quality parts. I’ve notice my lower tank is now balanced. I can keep medium tough plants like star grass and ludwigia

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aznsushi41 says:

why does the eheim have three tubes ?

LuckyLogan says:

@paducahFishFan Party at Dustin’s house

Wildguitar007 says:

@sheqgp hoe gaan dit met jou, ek is van Suid-Afrika, waar is jy vandaan?

fantasticguy66 says:

Eheim is the bomb!

Bob Nugget says:

Im so lonely over spring break right now I realized I’m trying to TALK to Dustin through my computer.

Jacob Wang says:

try pm

leann lewis says:

Mia Rocks!!!

fishforme2 says:

1. get some kick-ass stones in the mix, i’m talking some larger pieces. 2. go vertical with the driftwood, and explore the area above the waterline with your wood. Let it rise triumphantly above the waterline, and add some air-living plants to the wood above the water. Just my humble two cents! 🙂

Tang526 says:

That’s whats up, Eheim doing work. I knew they wouldn’t let ya get away with making that one vid hahah! Nice work, brah

StupidCompanyVEVO says:

@RamenFury yes. I agree

Alex Connors says:

What model Eheim is it? Did they swap it out for free for u ?

louislungbubble says:

aquaristic . net…………this is a mail order site in germany…i just recieved 2 filters not even available in australia ..the price even with postage and the euro being more than AUD was half what i would have paid here…………i will never buy a filter locally again….all you need is a adapter plug for euro socket…….marty

MrGreygoose101 says:

Is the unit built in heater?

funnymakeslifesunny says:

jaimiet96 the dammad3 thebossmanhunt are all mean. PERIOD!

Tang526 says:

btw why does it have 3 hoses? And just my opinion, you can’t hate on Eheim for leaving the pieces, in single pieces (output tube) cause you gotta give thumbs up for modifications

reign4life says:

those clown loaches have great color!

bobl78 says:

electronic control…waste of money

~Michele~ says:

It doesn’t make you cool to be first!!!!!!

Thomas Weeden says:

did you seriously try to bite that plant? lol

Christian says:

Glad to see your liking the eheim. 🙂 it does not have as powerfull a flow rate as the fluval, but it has a much better power loss ratio, in other words, when it’s filled with media it does not lose as much flow as the fluval. Theres a really interesting scientific comparison/test between the eheim 2080 (the one you have, only without the heater), and the fx5. The eheim is much, much more effecient, and quiet, but not as powerfull. i’d link it but yt doesn’t allow that.. Very good reading though

Connor Baxter says:


zackdmb says:

tanks looking great man …but aside from X-large driftwood you should add some large boulders, something to really add some depth to the tank. id also consider draining the whole thing completely and adding more substrate in areas to create “hills and valleys”

D. Baez says:

What kind of light is on that tank? I’m liking that they clip on.

TheBossManhunt says:

No one can say first now.

godricko8o says:

dream tank

JT Vintila says:

Rainbows, Angels, and different Schooling Fish. Or discus instead of Angels.

Cole Fagley says:

Do you think that could chill a reef tank?

LuckyLogan says:

Dustin’s giving his tanks some slow love 😉

funnymakeslifesunny says:


TheBossManhunt says:

@funnymakeslifesunny whatever

Doberman Service Dog Team says:

Honestly the substrate is really ugly. I hate to hate but needs entirely new substrate.

leann lewis says:

What is the name of the cory’s floating around?

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