Aquarium Filter Review: Fired up about Fluvals on a Friday.



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…Did i mention I am feeling better? Sometimes its fun to yell….

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e schmidt says:

Dude!!!! Northern KY here!!!! Just got back into the hobby

vince says:

Glad to see you’re feeling batter, dude.
Love Fluval filters. Their U range are the best internals I’ve ever seen, and I have an old 204 that’s been running for like fifteen years, and still doing a great job.

jrob9inson says:

The greenhouse is ballin!

Octavio Medina says:

Dustin my man ur fucken funny bro love ur videos.

Bob Nugget says:

can’t wait for species sunday tomorrow…

finn niko says:


Kilgore Trout says:

would you happen to know a good source to order siamese algae eaters?

Shaun Peck says:

Im running 2 FX5s on my 220 and i love them i would’t use any other filter system

fishbroloach says:

don’t get one. i will destroy your tanks biology! simple as that!

Ziabis Oh says:

I just got myself a Fluval 206 last week and have it hooked up to my old aquarium to build up beneficial bacteria so I can move it over to my new shrimp tank, when I am ready. Now my question is. I just saw a pic of a fluval output dual nozzle. Can I get one of those for my fluval 206. I was thinking this would really well in my 29G LONG. I could place it in the centre of my tank instead of at the end since I have an old style canopy? Ideas? Thoughts?

Kilgore Trout says:

fx5 ftw. i have one on my 220g dirted tank. what are your thoughts on uv sterilizers?


aquael unimax filters are the best!!!! check them out

hanzifaction says:


VQM6 says:

What’s more “important” Species Sunday or Super Bowl Sunday? I’m thinking Species:)

Bill Hanna says:

Nice video!! I was hoping you could help me out with my issue of finding eggs in my Dwarf Puffer tank!! I don’t know too much about them but they are thriving!! They also played eggs on the glass and a few plants, and I don’t know about the reproduction of this species and would love Ro know more….PLEASE HELP me if you can. Thank you and hope to hear from you sooner than later!!!!!!!

217pat says:

i never had a fluval and obviously never had one but i want one and damn your hyper and feeling better and ecsited! lol 🙂

ieatstheinternet says:

question: I got a 100g and I cleaned out my fluval next day pop crazy algae bloom whole tank green by the end of the week. I added duck weed and some swords hoping the would eat up the nutrients and starve the algea I also but extra filter media in designed to remove phosphates. it really doesnt seem to be reducing the algae. I cant black out the tank because of the plants. got any ideas how to clear it up?

samueljames says:

He needs to scream in every video!

Jordansaquariums says:

0:28 cant tell if dustin said “blue balls” or “fluvals”. never the less great video!

MrPocketmouse says:

fluva still got the horrid plastic primer?

Gus Stav says:

lol dustin, i didnt know u were french

jimmys grampa says:

black ghost knife fish…next species sunday?


Have to agree Fluval all the way buddy.

ieatstheinternet says:

I have 3 Chinese algae eaters already and they arent denting it.

The Fish Closet says:

I have had fluvals 204,205,401,404,406. but just got into aquaclear 110’s. they’re awesome too. I find the fluval’s noisey as they age. the aquaclears are easy to clean and good for up to 110, I have 2 and and a 406 on my 125.

Luna White says:

is it just me or when he was showing us the filter, it looked like there was a betta in that empty tank? I don’t know it might be algae or something….

Korg says:

Been running my FX5 for over a year now I LOVE IT! Amazing filter, easy to use I have no problems or worries about it at all. It’s awesome. Everyone should own one. I have 3 large oscars, fat striped Raphael, black ghost knife and the tank is always clean.

firstflats says:

those wont be good lol pleco will be better trust

Pure4Kicks says:

Fluval 306 in my 55 rocks!

Aussie DIYFK says:

fluval are great filters had a 205 and never looked back but eheim are just as good i would never get an fx5 becouse theres not enough bio media space just too much mechanical. the 2180 craps on the fluv’s .lol

Morgan Anderson says:

I LOVE my Fluval!! I always had slightly cloudy water with other filters, then I switched to the Fluval and I’m never going back! My water is so clear!

Moroni Perez says:


Denny Hall says:

I think hes still sick

frogbeergolfgolf says:

Fired up Friday!!! that’s what I’m talkin about haha.
I had one of the new Fluval 306’s and it was AMAZING.
Unfortunately I am no longer in the hobby due to the expenses but still love watching your videos and seeing some good tanks. Hopefully one day I’ll get started back up.

louislungbubble says:

your running 120 watts an hour with two of those… long as your happy….never mind.

rey more says:

neighbor probably thinks hes crazy running and yelling in a green house everyday lol

Mark Krieg says:

Agreed, Fluval canisters ROCK!!! Great design engineering. Highly recommended.

boo boo wigan says:

fluval are great filters easy to use, maintain and modify, always had fluval filters got a 106, u1 and u2 never had a problem with them. I would like the one with built in heater but need a bigger aquarium first.

mdp8167 says:

I wanna call this guy a douche but somehow I’m falling in love

Abhishek Chaudhari says:

Dont scream….my child is sleeping… 😛

jimmys grampa says:

awesome dustin… dustinsfishtankstv is how ive been spending my nights at work lately.. cant wait to dirt my tank!!

TheLovatt123 says:

Fluval filters work great and last a long time that shit ass o ring they use to seal it is the problem they often leak after cleaning

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