Aquarium Filter Review/ THE ONES I USE!!!!!

Link to the pumps I use:
Link to the filter pads I use:
Link to the Seachem Safe:
Here’s a little walk through of the filters I use. Aqua Clear. Love em. Also, how to trim up for adding foam insert to stop shrimps and little buggers from getting sucked in.


Freshwater tanks says:

And that is not a 110 it’s much longer

Corvus Oscen says:

Don’t change the bio media ever, rinse the sponge when you do water changes and clear out the impeller at the same time. Carbon throw out after 3 months or so.

OceanLife69 says:

Great info man!! I will start using these, they definitely look perfect for the media that they can carry!

mebert35 says:

Appreciate the video. So out of those who ask what filters you use, do any ask why you drink the blue ribbon? Matter of preference. LOL.

Rick Barg says:

Who gives a shit

Kevin Hayes says:

Love the old school vids !

Freshwater tanks says:

My local fish store is the normal price it’s worth

Ruzz P says:

mawfukkin spacegrass

Glenn Quagmire says:

Fuckin’ aquaclear. 

Freshwater tanks says:

Go online they are so much cheaper

ultrafloss492 says:

Amazing! 🙂

CoralMan24 says:

marketing my friend lol great review though love aqua clear have one that is been running for 20 years now

J. Coop says:

Did you expect your audience to be able to hear you? If not, well done! Mission accomplished.

Chris L says:

thanks! just got my AQ110 today excited to set it up

Chris L says:

Do you have an email I want to send you a video of my AQ I have a question.

callasexperience says:

love the music, I feel mike plugging my marshall…

Todd T says:

great video, i see you have a lot of ac filters,i bought a 70, came in damaged so they sent me another, ibtried both impellers, it makes rattling noise ,any suggestions?

peter davies says:

whats with the devil music

Justin Villareal says:

Watching video after video on filter reviews, trying to decide which to buy. Had me sold when I thought, “I trust the dude drinking PBR,” while holding a PBR in my hand.

elyh777 says:

Bro! I want a fish room but dread the light bill! How much does this hobby cost u monthly just on electricity?


$59.99 for the 110??????….shit …we pay $150 in Australia…..sux.

ttttrigg3r says:

Good video man. How do you clean the impaller though? I don’t understand that part.

Robb5994 says:

just got a 20. i have water flowing from the left compartment over the left edge of the grey media basket.does this mean that water isnt getting filtered.its just flowing out over the media

the lazy fish keeper says:

maybe u could expand your vocabulary to 7 letter words. you have   some good information  just need to work on your delivery  stay well

Garrett Singer says:

$59 dollars for an AC-20!?!

Dave OG Miles says:

Got enough tanks

Yilmaz Sahinkaya says:

nice video but not about blocking the flo i think. maybe excess floating food and fish waste wont get sucked into the filter?

Elle Ziehl says:

Such a cool fish room

Chris L says:

i’m thinking on buying an AC110 would you recommend it and have you ANY issues at all no flood or overflow issues? or mechanical trouble cracks or defects over time?

Amanda Ramirez says:

Love the review. Makes me wanna go watch some Seth Rogan movies..
Couldn’t make up my mind but went ahead and got the 20 for my 10g, love the ability to customize it.

Jeremy Almodova says:

they got bought out by fluval….. now price doubled… good product through… I own them as well

Shadow Walker says:

Next time you do a review please turn off the shit music so we can actually hear the review. Not everyone listens to that garbage.

Chris L says:

How often should I clean the actual filter and change the media I do weekly water changes.

kathy laughlin says:

do you  think these filters will work for a african clawed frog tank my tank is not filled all the way it ‘s about 4-5 inches from the top its a 30 long

Gabriel DeStellano says:

SUBSCRIBED… You had me at Clutch.

Darren Arnett says:

awesome video man. Used ac’s my whole life had a 500 for 15 years ran non stop. If its hob ac is it”. Bought 2 marineland emperors in emergency year or so ago. Junk! But am running 4 acs at moment. Awesome job on the video again.

scot marq says:

Fuckin PBR! Hey does it work for reefs?

Jakes says:

Hahaha love the comment “WTF is in here….” good video!

Corvus Oscen says:

I would recommend for sure, they last forever, only time the have issue is from user error or lack of simple cleaning and maint.

DarkIllusia says:

Nice video. Not sure what was more distracting your voice or the song. I was coming for info but song name please. 😀

Edward st.antoine says:

nice video tnx

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