Aquarium filter setup! How I Bio media Filter!

How I Bio media Filter! Aquarium filter setup!

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Ad Astra says:

Subscribed! 😉 =) =D

Olaf Von haegele says:

You need to RINSE lava rock! It has greater surface are than any ceramic product per any given volume. Not as pretty but wildly efficient.

Who said Aqua? says:

Joel, I suggest you pick up The Ecology Of the planted aquarium. It has a lot of good info even if you don’t run dieted tanks

Brittany Caron says:

Are sponges not enough on their own (in a hob)?

ShelbyRae Lane says:

3 a.m. on a Friday morning Jed, glad to hear Korbin might be putting up a bio media sale, I need me some of them for a future project.

Meatman says:

I used exactly the same rings

Corvus Oscen says:

Links, along with other links, also links!

maniatikoleal says:

I love the illumination on the video with the tank background contrast and image quality. Nice video also, I have a question: I had a tank I didnt do water changes in 2 months, after doing so, I noticed my bio ceramic rings are brown brown brown, do they still work? Should I get some new rings that can hold more bacteria (maybe they got clogged up with plant waste and turtle poop ?

Stealth Bobber says:

I’ve done the dye test with those rings where you dip the tip and see how much/how fast dye creeps into the ring and they’re the best. Eheim, Marineland, Fuval etc. The 12 dollar rings do the best haha.

Eric K says:

I used matrix for my Cichlid only tank and didn’t see any measurable denitrification / anaerobic benefits. It works great for nitrifying bacteria (just like gym socks could), but that’s it.

Rogue Aquariums says:

IMO, theres nothing wrong with using the ceramic bio media especially in a freshwater system. It’ll work fine especially when you have multiple tanks, how ever I use the seachem pond matrix on my reef tanks because it holds much more beneficial bacteria. Infomative video. Joel.

matthew smith says:

What do you make of the complete filter medias that promote growth of anaerobic bacteria that readily take in nitrates and off gas as nitrogen?

I’ve used some in the past for heavily stocked tanks but I’m not sure if they have a place in the planted tank hobby.

I know reefers have used deep sand beds for this for years now, I read an interesting article wet Web media about deep sand beds in fresh water tanks. I think she used black worms to help keep stuff healthy (like earthworms in the garden). You’re pretty up on all the science and whatnot, what are your thoughts?

ian says:

I have lava rock as bio media in one of my filter setups, has worked like a charm. Super cheap and easy to find and can b e crushed to size with a hammer. Got a massive bag for like 4 bucks at walmart.

CRS Aquatics says:

I’ve always ran bio rings. Never had any issues.

Matthew savant says:

What about ceramic rings for an HOB filter? Can the bag of ceramic rings work when they are fully submerged or do they have to be airrated somehow?

LittleLargeMouth says:

My filtration is 4/5 filter sponge and 1/5 ceramic rings!

muhd Muzammil says:

What about lava Rock

Who said Aqua? says:

I just order 10 pound of clay balls for aquaponics and I soak them overnight and they work fine for me

Cris Vega says:

Plants are my friends

BORG Aquatics says:

What I’ve been using lately is eheim’s substrat pro. Currently have them in my fluval canister filters. 1 liter will fill 1 tray. They are the size of peas (1/4”).

Marcus Braun says:

Moving bed filters is a thing, I don’t get. No sense for me.

colinbarsby says:

Super vid.

Ralts Gardevoir says:

Thank you for supplying me and “us” the viewers with all of these good videos, its always nice to come here and check out your videos for the answers to my questions.

Monkey Nut says:

Bang for buck us no good when your limited on space. I need most surface area per litre for small tanks

Aftab Aziz says:

Hi, ive recently purchased a salt water fish tank and i wanted to ask if you can use aquael bioceramax 1600 ceramic filtration media in my sponge filter in the fish tank?

Richard D says:

How often should I replace the bio media in my canister filter? I have ceramic rings and little balls (not sure what they’re made of)

João Gonçalves says:

Hipnotised by those wavy plants in the back

AJ Naps77 says:

What did you mean Cycle a tank by throwing the media in the tank? The filter or straight in the tank itself? Thanks

Fish R Relaxing says:

I would be interested In how you would setup a sump for a large cichlid tank. I know cichlids are out of your norm but you are kinda the freshwater sump guru. Something like a 180g or larger tank. I don’t know why more Big cichlid guys don’t run sumps tbh.. the nitrate levels we accumulate daily and weekly is insane and no amount of plants would ever help.

Robert Medina says:

ceramic or sintered glass?

Vincent Vader says:

Lava rock is super cheap. O.5 cubic ft for like $3 @ home depot. It’s a pretty big bag.

sevdet kukaj says:

Whats the best Bio media for Koi tanks ( canister filters) or it does not matter, your rite the rings are amazing

CJ Black says:

Informative and helpful – Thanks Joel

BigDog says:

What are your thoughts on Marine Pure spheres?

bald and dangerous says:

good news at last the long awaited 30 gallon tank with matching cabinet will arrive today ,now being friday the 13th ,i hope this does not put a spanner in the works ,will take me time to build up equipment i want ,but bang goes the internal filter and getting a canister one,this bio media will do very nicely thanks as part of the canister media ,,thanks for the tutorial joel ,always welcome and much needed ,see you on the live stream tonight……..all the best……………….dougie

Rebecca says:

Haha, I bought Matrix once and opened the container and looked at it in confusion… Haven’t bought it again. 😉

Zach Dziura says:

Joel, great looking tank, man!

randy frazier says:

Can you make a video about the filtration on your reef tank?

Gabriel Sanso says:

I run an aquaclear 30 on my 10 gallon Gold White Cloud tank; I filled up the filter with regular aquarium gravel (plus that tiny amount of filter media it comes with), also put the filter foam over the intake tube.
Would you say that amount of basic aquarium gravel can house enough bacteria for a setup like mine? (there are 13 minnows in my tank, and it’s planted)
Great video, by the way!

KG cichlids says:

not to mention that the mesh bag itself will harbor beneficial bacteria 🙂

Aqua Fuzzy says:

I get the aquaclear media, since they’re sold at the pet store where I work. In small amounts they’re okay, but I can see why you’d get those bigger bags for the large amount of water you’re filtering. I did get Matrix once, and it was cool, but haven’t seen a huge difference between that and the AC.

Cae Walker says:

I can get heaps of pumice from the beach. Will that work just as well?

Ultimate Fishkeeping Show says:

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Take care.

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