Aquarium Filter Tips and Tricks! Start Saving Money Now!

In this video I show you how to optimize your aquarium filter to increase biological and mechanical filtration. By using an intake sponge and more biological media inside the filter we can save ourselves a lot of money over time.
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Patricia HM says:

I just bought a bio cube 29 gal. tank. How can I change it if you think that would be a good idea. Please respond.

brian ruse says:

Any idea what size sponge

Bradley Fortner says:

Noob question: Will a layer of activated carbon in the filter remove tannin’s from the water if I use driftwood decorations?

Olivia Cramer says:

I have the quiet flow 10 and I hate it. I was on a super tight budget when I bought it and I really regret that purchase. Should have just waited another week. XD

peddongom says:

Is the fx5 filter suction to much to put your large intake sponge? If not, would I need to remove the wide grill thingy from the intake tube?

Heather Lovejoy says:

Great video! So carbon is not needed?

FudgeYourCouch says:

Any tips for optimizing my fluval 306 canister filter?

Victor Fox says:

You’ve revealed the filter manufacturers’ conspiracy to keep suckers buying expensive cartridges and have to buy over sized filtration. MARS company won’t be happy with you saving people money and their small fish/shrimp.

Dito 3207 says:

Could I use any of these for a guppy and shrimp breeding tank

myhrdly says:

Question. Should I float the sponge in the tank for a while before switching? Or is there enough BBB in an established tank to safely just take the old filter out and put the sponge in its place? I don’t want to kill my cycle.

Evo in Oz says:

Awesome video. Subscribed.

Amy Lenz says:

I’m am wondering how I can improve this filter on my tank. It has a built in filtration system and I am wanting to do better for my fish that to use and replace charcoal cartridges every few weeks. Can I get some advice?

Lisa Cook says:

the filter max does not fit on my aquaclear 30.

DaDonBossMan says:

More effective for bioload yes, but less effective for mechanical

Frank Carlson says:

I am just wondering why you don’t like the Marine land bio wheels. I am new to hobby and have had one in the past. I am trying to learn about filters I thought it was a decent filter so I am just trying to see your thoughts cause I could learn from you as you are much more experienced than I am

Guzman Myrna says:

Since there is an intake sponge does it still suck up fish waste and have same gallons per hour?

Dave Ton says:

Topfin Internal Filter Cartridge Replacement(4 for under $5) at petsmart, fits right into aquaclear intake!

Vicky Haines says:

This is an amazing video! Thank you so much for making this!! So I am new to fish and like you I LOVE guppies. All of a sudden I have 4 tanks lol! Nothing crazy, my biggest is 35 gallon, 20 gallon, 5 gallon and a tiny little 2.5 gallon that I have for fry. The filter for my 35 gallon is a Grreat Choice ( that’s not a typo, its actually how they spell it) internal filter so I can’t put an intake sponge on it. Do you have any ideas on what I can do to rig some kind of intake sponge to it? Also with the white sponges you use in the filter how do you maintain them? Rinse them out? Thank you for your great videos and for the help!

Biological Media says:

If i put some sponge or filter floss inside my intake tube would that work?

Daniel Ireland says:

Cory do you does with your turtle tanks? I myself use a reptifilter but do the same tips apply?

Matthew Meyer says:

I understand this is a old video, but are you saying i shouldn’t have carbon filter in my tank?

Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy says:

I go back and watch these videos just because I like listening to some one that is just as nerdy as I am when it comes to filters.

Patricia Kloeppel says:

a simply awesome video I wish I saw this video long time ago ty Cory for your great video, shared your video

Utilities 21 says:

i seriously need to change a lot in mine !…i recently got a SunSun HBL 302 hang on the back filter. This filter comes with two filter cartridges with a sponge and activated carbon in both. I have been dosing liquid carbon in this nano tank that has some monte carlo and marsilea hirsuta growing. Will the activated carbon take away all the liquid carbon that i’m dosing? is that possible? thanks so much for that video!

Richard Fuentes says:

Great video as always I have that first filter you showed and I used a small bag of pre cycled bio rings and a different sponge, my problem is that I’m using it on a 7.5 gallon shrimp tank and that one is rated for 5 gallon max. I’m more than likely swithcing over to the smallest Aquclear which is rated from 5 to 20 gall. Very informative vid. Thanks!

Betta Beauties says:

Instead of a filter bag, I use a pantyhose sock (free from Payless) for my bio media. Takes up less space for smaller filters.

Cichlids23 says:

Great info

Kyle Collins says:

how would i go about switching to the bio rings on the auqeon quiet flow without wiping out my bacteria colony that’s already established on the cartridge?

fred charles says:

Hang on filter, I ran a long tube down to suck water thru my undergravel filter.

Hitesh Bhandari says:

Make a video on indian filter

Erick Ondich says:

Side note on the Quietflow 10. I tried an Aquaclear 50 sponge in there as he showed. The design just flows over the top of the sponge and not through it if you install it as he showed. Might work OK if i had a prefilter on there and weren’t relying on the sponge for mechanical filtration. If you stuff it in sideways vertically so the intake hits the sponge first and has to go through the sponge there isn’t enough surface area to flow through and most of the water goes over the bypass unfiltered. I filled the rest of the space with bio rings. Still looking for a better solution. Going to try some one inch filter foam cut to size and stuffed in the cartridge holder instead. If that doesn’t work i will just use some cut to size bluewhite floss pad and call it good. Those Aqueon filter cartridges are loot so i am willing to spend some money on different ideas on principle alone.

Reggie Richard says:

May have missed it , but where is your chemical filtration ?

Hobbyguy says:

While I like the idea of the intake sponge, loading up every square inch with sponge media results in “short circuiting” of the water treatment. The greater surface area of the sponges plugs up the media much faster and the water simply flows around the media and does not get treated. You need that extra water space inside the filter. My background: I’ve owned aquariums for over 40 years and I was employed as a Wastewater treatment facility laboratory analyst and superintendent for 30+ years.

Dtdude505 says:

So I have a 75 gallon with a red devil in it. I have two AquaClear 70s. I have one sponge that comes with it and the rest is bio. What would have more surface media the bio or if I were to have three sponges in it?

Teresa Weidig says:

Loved this video, it’s my third time watching.

straight nonsense says:

Can u do a top fin 60

Patricia HM says:

Wow! Thank you so much. I have used a bio-wheel and pad forever and was not happy but didn’t know what to do. Love the video. Thank you.

Derrick Upthagrove says:

Would car sponge work too?

Jouncsen Xie says:

Is my bio media still useable for a new aquarium if it was in an old aquarium before with fish dying due to many diseases?

vaviking1 says:

Thanks Cory for trashing my Marineland Filter. However, I understand now and will upgrade my intakes and replace the cartridges. Thanks, Tommy.

John Cutesack says:

Hello ! Could you send me some aquaclear filter and emperoor marineland in Romania? I ask because I can not find anywhere in Europe.

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