Aquarium Filters External Vs Internal What’s Better


In this video I discuss the differences between internal and external aquarium filters, which is better and how each aquarium filter can be used in different situations. External aquarium filters are bigger and support a larger number of fish however they are harder to maintain than the smaller internal aquarium filters.





Nelson Mejia says:

I guess your still learning but almost everything you said is wrong ..

wyzemann says:

I’m currently going through external HOB filtration, but will eventually upgrade to canisters or whatever my various tanks call for. This was a thoughtful comparison, however, in the U.S., those Fluval U2 type filters are quite rarely used by overall hobbyist due to the popularity & easy availability of either sponge or internal box filters.

Jasper Geli says:

External filters – water-driven/powered
Are the most effective because water is more powerful than air but sometimes needed to be cleaned because not all are always in contact with water. They are more space-consuming and less safe as it sucks water inside; fish inside the tank can be harmed.
They are needed to be outside the tank and needed to be higher (as high as possible to provide optimum aeration).
Internal filters – air-driven/powered
Are the least effective because air is less powerful than water but are almost not needed to be cleaned because they are always in contact with the water. They are less space-consuming and more safe as it sucks air outside; no fish inside the tank can be harmed. They are needed to be inside the tank and needed to be lower (as low as possible to provide optimum aeration).

Ian James says:

No comparison. External every time.

Monkey Nut says:

Also will the 106 fit into a fluval Roma 125 cabinet (I think u have one don’t you) without removing the middle shelf??

Monkey Nut says:

Noise test !!

Christian Stratton says:

Awesome video man

Everyday Aquarist says:

Hi as well as creating a video about filters I have also tried to see the difference between my new camera and my old one (phone). The first half is shot on my new camera Sony FDR x3000 and the second half on my Sony Xperia Z5. Audio on the new camera is not great but visually it is better than the phone. Guess ill have to buy an external mic for the new camera. If you want to help me with buying a new microphone please become a Patron

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