Aquarium Sponge Filter vs Power Filter

Aquarium Sponge Filter vs Power Filter. These filters are both great and have been used for many many years. I think it really depends on what you want the aquarium filter to do. If you like the sound of bubbles the sponge filters are great. If you want it to be more quiet, hang on back filters can be great.
Aquarium Solutions sponge filter:
ATI Sponge Filter:


Victor Fox says:

Here’s a tip for those who tend to lose power for long periods. I have a sponge filter with two air pumps connected to it. One is a regular air pump and the next is a Penplax B11 automatic backup air pump. Both tied together with check valves to prevent air from bleeding out into the other pump. The regular air pump is also on a battery backup such a computer UPS. So when I lose power for a week. My fish are perfectly safe and the sponge filter never skips a beat. Just make sure you carry plenty of spare batteries.

Matthew Carpenter says:

Hi new subscriber to your channel enjoying your videos, just set up a new 360 gallon running 2 big canisters and wanted to add more filtration. After watching this I bought my first jumbo sponge filter to compliment the canisters and I’m really happy with it and will buy another one for the other side of the tank. Thanks for the tips cheers Matt

Big Homie says:

What do you recommend for a 10 gallon tank?

tifino says:

… on the edge of my seat! – waiting for each time I was to again hear ‘cancer filter’ heh heh
– until Lamont finally had the opportunity to say ‘cannister filter’ 🙂

Cade says:

Hey I am about to purchase a sponge filter for my 20-gallon tank. However I already have a hang on back filter, and I was wondering how would I go about adding the sponge filter? Do I just add it and take the hang on back out or what? Please help.

Tatsuhiro Satou says:

Im Weird i like the look of a sponge filter in a nicely scaped tank

cicco says:

The best sponge info video in the whole world thank you so much guys..

Rian James says:

would you want to use a sponge filter in a 30Gallon tank with 3 goldfish? I have this tank along with my tropical tank and have really considered putting a giant sponge filter if it would be benificial

Ben Brevis says:

I like all your content, but there’s just something a little special about the old stuff with Lamont 🙂

Fish Keeper Daniel the Great says:

hey bro, cory , you medicate leafy greeen substance?
or no sleep team?

Elbert Yu says:

what if you stick a sponge on the intake of a filter?

Muhammad Maharban Gohar says:

I have 60 Gallon tank 4 feet in length and i am using power head sponge filter, water flow is 1.8 meter. It that too strong?? should i change filter or is it good as it is???

Chefrob101 says:

So did he ever eat that antique fish food?

AlwaysInAtari says:

Liam Neeson in Taken 4: Who’s Taken my Sponge Filter?

No5 says:

Sponge filters are terrible. Hardly any sucking and water flow, hardly any surface breakage for airation. Waste of time. Bio Filtration is subpar in comparison to marine pure and chemical filtration.

marshall keller says:

Soooo, sponge filters are bad for heavily planted tanks? Takes away all the CO2?

true_plays says:

Just bought one

Han Muz says:

Loving this Channel

Daniil Ant says:

I LOVE Them!!!
THEM=Sponge Filters

John Nimmo says:

Is it possible to run a 100g discus tank solely on sponges for filtration and regular water changes?

Guen says:

Would this work for an axolotl in a 30 gallon tank?

Unknown User says:

Cory that sponge filter you holding i use it on my filter system not as a air filter is it ok for me to use it as a filter for my filter system?

Jessica Cloud says:

Cory, I just had to say that I could listen to you talk all day. And I understand what your saying, because I’m new to all this and you seem to try not to go over my head with big technical words. Ok, you do use technical words but you explain it so even a newbie can “get it”! So I just wanted to thank you for helping me learn so much! Love your videos!

the bogan fish mother says:

How many would you put in a 6ft tank?

Bryan Black says:

Well you convenience me to get sponge filters and I am loving them. I bought the ones that do not let you use an air stone unfortunately but with a simple diy you can cut out the stuff they use and put in one. (They are now quiet and working great )

I have learned so much from your channel over the last few weeks.. thanks 🙂

Aquarium Co-Op says:

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steven osborn says:

What is the best sponge filter for my ten gallon tank can you post a link I want to get 3 for my ten gallon tanks

aliciacb8284747274 says:

How much turnover would you recommend for the air pump? I have a 7 litre shrimp tank im planning on putting a sponge filter in and I currently have a 27 litres/hour pump. Would you recommend something higher? Like a 90L/hour?

Olga Yevstratenko says:

Hi, I’m new to these sponge filters. i just got my first one for my guppy fry tank. I am wondering, is there anything i can do to make it less noise when its bubbling. people think my aquarium is like boiling or something. and i cant get used to the sound of both the bubbles and the air pump, as this is in my room. Will be greatly appreciated if you have anything to share with me regarding this!!

Joe Brown says:

Right so i was gonna get a canister for my new tank which is 49 gallons roughly. Its going to be a community tank with plants too. After watching this, its made me really re-asses whether i want to get one! would a sponge filter be suitable?

Unlucky says:

I have a Fluval 206. Could I put a sponge like substance or something OVER my filter intake to prevent fry from being sucked in?
Not sure if this is a thing or not

Hope K says:

Question. What metals can go in aquariums. I want to use this for my turtle to make his water cleaner and it cheaper/easier for me. But i can have him eating it. I had the idea of puting a cage around it. Maybe using a type of metal? Any ideas? And if these do not work do you have any other idea what i could use? Like a net that would work? Thanks

Victoria_Lynn x says:

So glad I came across this video! Love the way you explained how a sponge filter works! Would u recommend a sponge filter for a tank with two common goldfish?

Beef Supreme says:

8:28 what?

Paulette Gray says:

Can I use this in a ten gallon tank? How much for the whole set up?

Dave Cox says:

Where can u get never clog air stones? I need to buy several

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