Aquatech Power Filter Review & Setup -Aquarium – Today we’re reviewing the Aquatech Power Filter. These are commonly sold at Walmart or amazon. They’re a descent HOB aquarium filter. For more information, here is a product link:

Aqueon Filter:

Added aquarium fish talk:
Have you tried any form of chemical media in case of some sort of contaminant? Or had you been medicating. I’ve been medicating.. I feel like today they do seem better but I had to emergency remove general cure last night they had a bad reaction to it. Was treating with Paraguard and they didn’t handle that well either.

If you haven’t already, I seriously and highly recommend a full dose of Methylene Blue, keep the lights off, and cover your tank with a blanket or towel etc. You are going to lose all of your fish if you keep stalling with meds that dont kill velvet. Do not turn your lights on or expose the tank to light, as velvet is photosynthetic and will not die if light is in the mix. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. I have dealt with velvet a lot more than the average aquarist, and I am telling you what you need to do. I bring in thousands of fish every month for retail and I deal with all types of diseases and infections, velvet being one of the most common.

You’re worried about bacteria in your filters when all you have to do is dose your tank with Turbostart or Seachem Stability to reactivate the bacteria beds. Dont even let it worry you, I dose with meth blue all of the time. I go through gallons of it, and I never deal with completely crashed filters after medicating with meth blue. Just hit your tank with the meth, and dose it afterwards with bacteria supplement and you’re done. I’m more worried about your tank decorations turning blue for a month. So pull those out beforehand.

Test ur water as well.also yoyos are v v sensetive.i have lost 10 of them same size as urs…they even die if ur water isnt prestine and enough have ich issue i would still auggest heat method instead of medication but its up to you. Lights are on too long. Reduce the time your lights are on.

That being said since it is a planted tank, you can’t cut down on lights too much. So you could add some shrimp or Otos or Siamese Algae eaters or bristlenose plecos to keep the algae under control.

Got the monster sump, as my daughter calls it, up and running on a 120. Just checking for leaks on the overflow box at the moment. I was saving the sump for a larger tank but haven’t bought that yet. Never owned a monster fish before but I’m starting to consider it! How does everyone feel about Oscars or something similar to that?

(sorry in advance for how long this is, i got a fish sprung on me so i have a lot of questions now lol) hello everyone ! i set up my new 29 gallon a few days ago and used a filter, some rocks, and a piece of wood from another established tank. my parents went out without me and got a bristlenose pleco to put in my tank as a surprise. to be frank, i put it in because they’d be irritated any other way lol. my first question is : will the pleco be okay in this tank or will it need an upgrade? i also tested my water and had 0 nitrites, i couldnt tell if it was 0 or .25 ammonia, but the nitrates are super high. my mom told me she’s tested the tap water and it just has high nitrates and that shes never been able to get it down in any of their tanks. i’m planning to do a big water change but i wanna get more opinions before i do just incase im messing something up. i’m not sure if the tank could be considered cycled or not, either. thanks.

In theory the tank should have sufficient bacteria for whatever the bioload on the other tank was, or close to it. So it “should” be ok but you’ll want to monitor it. I don’t know what “super high” is but nitrates in excess are harmful to fish. If your tap water has nitrates higher than about 40ppm if be looking at different options such as an RO unit or loading your filters with pothos or something.

I honestly don’t have enough experience with this situation to answer that accurately. Hopefully someone else with high nitrates in their tap can chime in with some better help.

Really, even if you go the R/O route, if you have high nitrate tap water I would plan on doing a fairly heavily planted tank long term anyway even if you do R/O right now while getting things established. If we’re talking super high levels out of the tap you’ll actually be doing water changes to ADD nitrates (for the plants) not to remove them for the fish. So instead of basing your change schedule on what’s needed to keep nitrates down, you would base it on what’s needed to feed the plants.


Marc Gray says:

Chris I have an emperor 400 and I bought the foam from one of your videos. I just installed but water is coming out the overflow. I just cut to size but I didn’t cut the foams thickness. Am I doing something wrong? Also should I put pinky floss before or after the foam?

Tittylovwr says:

Great vid with some comedy

Jesse Gaflin says:

Just addressing your comment about these filters having gotten better. I read that marineland bought out aquatech and they’re the one currently manufacturing these brand of filters. Not sure about the veracity of it all.

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