Aqueon Quietflow 30 Review

Hey Guys!
So in Todays video,
I will be reviewing the Aqueon Quiet Flow 30
This is an AMAZING filter for aquariums as it polishes the water and makes it clear!
Rate: ★★★★★


DavidsAquarium says:

I’m actually thinking about buying another small aquarium and buying 3-4 male guppies after Christmas 🙂 I miss having lots guppies 🙂 be sure to check out my video updates :)!

Jorge Pita says:

I have a penn plax 100 cascade filtrer and a aqueon quietflow 20 and i can say with properly that penn plax is quieter than the “quietflow”, all because the vibration the pump does

TopNotchTanks says:

I have an ac20. Aqueous are pretty good filters for the price though

PunkSkaful says:

It looks like the filter in finding nemo, but I think its Aquaclear or something because the one in finding nemo has transparent tube

Must Luv fish says:

I had that filter for my 10 gallon and when I got my 20 gallon it came with a power filter do those work good too

PunkSkaful says:

Hi Fish4Ever what do you call that Glass hanging on your Tank is that a for the fry? …. I mean what is the purpose of that? I’ll search it, but I don’t know what to search any tip?

Nathan White says:

That would be called an intake tube not an extension tube 🙂

Fredy Vega says:

My motor just gets hot and it doesn’t spin did it break?

KevinsWither says:

How big is the filter lengthwise?

Payton Barry says:

hi guys!!! I just bought this filter and tested it out on my 30 gallon tank and I thought the pump was a little loud and there was a lot of water noise. I am thinking about raising the water in my tank so that the waterfall that is supposed to come out is gone. I am also thinking about buying the tetra ex 45 and selling the aqueon. if anyone has any suggestions please help me I need help!!!!!

Freshwater tanks says:

nice video you should check out my channel

Alex Vasquez says:

Your tank is clean 😀

William K says:

I have a 40

DavidsAquarium says:

Nice filter 🙂 I’m actually going to order the Aqueon 55/75 soon for my 30 gallon 🙂 they seem really good! 😀 nice tank,nice guppies,great video 🙂 thumbs up 🙂

Cheyenne Alston says:

Hello nice tank beautiful color and clean I have the 75 filter I wanted to know what is making the bubbles in your tank and do I need to buy one for my tank to go along with the filter thanks

yogosans14 says:

Is it loud?

DavidsAquarium says:

Nice filter 🙂 I’m actually going to order the Aqueon 55/75 soon for my 30 gallon 🙂 they seem really good! 😀 nice tank,nice guppies,great video 🙂 thumbs up 🙂

Crazyhermitcrab says:

I hate this filter. The 30 came with my 36 gallin bowfront. It is not enough GPH. It keeps my tank clean but it is way under the GPH needed for this size tank. I also think it kills the bacteria if you replace the media.
So I just ordered the eheim canister filter for up to 65 gallon tanks. The cost of those aqueon filters is $$$$. Also, I feel that it doesn’t hold enough biological bacteria. So I modded mine. I stuffed it with filter stuffing and sponges, and I put gravel in it too. So I am making my own non-replaceable media. With kens blue bonded pads. I am using the 10 in my fry tank, and that’s working.

betta r chanel says:

I have the 10 one

Fish4Ever says:

yes! I think they are!
if my tank wasn’t in my room I would get the filter you have because the ac is noiser.

David Tao says:

No such thing as a usb HOB filter 😉

Nice review

KevinsWither says:

How long is it?

Tjanae80 says:

Mine is making a loud buzzing noise. I’ve cleaned it and all. 🙁

Ashton T M says:

Thank you

Logan Wolf says:

i love this fliter it does a great job on my 20 gallon

Rick Pelland says:

I’ve heard many people say the 55/75 is ridiculously loud. Being that its sold as a “quiet flow” kinda steers me away from purchasing any aqueon power filter products, I suppose until in proven otherwise.

jason rothfeld says:

I’ve altered mine by removing the pads and putting a handful of aquarium cotton. Ive also added a small bag full of ceramic rings for more beneficial bacteria to grow. The only problem is that the flow is somewhat shitty. It trickles somewhat of the water. I dont know if this is a problem, and if so how would I fix it? Any help is appreciated thanks.

David Conlin says:

it comes in 10. 20 . 30 .50 and 55/75

Jake smit says:

I have the 55/75 and don’t need carbon. All I have is sponges and bio balls.

shawntal sher says:

I thought these had current settings?

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