Awesome aquarium filter!! (OASE)

Awesome aquarium filter from OASE. We are using these filters and are megga impressed not just by the performance which is fantastic but the maintenance is so simple, containing only sponge so no cartridges to replace and the front is held on magneticl’y so is simple to remove for cleaning the sponges and just glides back into position with ease.
Filter specs and pricing


Steve Foy says:

any joy with filter

edwardsdeacon says:

A great filter for the fry tank or hospital tank. A good video. Thanks for posting it!

Dutchnoskillz says:

Nice, i have a question. wont guppy fry get sucked in easily through those holes? i just discovered my filter in my aquarium isnt peforming like it should so i need a replacement asap. im looking for a cheap filter that has a option to fit a airhose for extra air supply for a 54L tank that is safe to guppie fry.

Underwater Adventures. says:

Have you had your one leak yet? When you turn the top control to center..does water piss out of everywhere?

Underwater Adventures. says:

I’ve actually found another Oase video apart from the ones i made? amazing!! wait until you see what i did with the Oase 50 and what Oase told me i couldn’t do ..but did it anyway? please check out my short videos on this topic? thanks and while you at it check out Richard from Newcastle, (The Pond Guru) he’s covered filtration and has some cracking videos .
respect Steve …London.

amanda ward says:

How often do u need to clean the sponges on these filters as they r expensive lol

Steve Foy says:

hi i have this filter thought it was a fantastic until i cleaned it and noticed that the 3 main sponges were quite ciean but the small sponge at the top was very clogged does that mean most of the water is bypassing the main sponges what do you think? cheers

Maria Bruyevich says:

Will it fit on a rounded corner of the Dennerle Scaper 55L tank?

Steve Toon says:

Andy, do you still have these in stock? Can you give me an up-to-date price on the Thermo 50 & 100 models plz?

amanda ward says:

Would i need the 100 or the 50 for a 54 litre tank

Pondguru says:

If you’ve got one of those set up I’ll take a look next time I’m down. I didn’t want to pull one out of a box last time I was down so would be great if I could pull it to bits. Oh, I see you pulled it to bits for me – nice one.
When I hear Oase has bought Eden and were intending to get into the aquarium trade I contacted them offering to help develop the filters (for free)…I never heard back, lol

amanda ward says:

What size is the tank that its in

Steve Foy says:

well after about a month took filter out of tank because the small prefilter does nearly all of the filtering it becomes clogged very quickly and water flow drops so i had to clean constantly it now sits in my aquarium odds and ends box what a waste of money

Steve Foy says:

looking at the design i have realised that the small sponge is the first in contact with the unfiltered water so becomes clogged very quickly i might remove it to see if that increases time between cleans

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