Azoo Palm filter review

I take a look at the Azoo Palm hang on back mini filter.


Rita Field says:

biohume media from great wave engineering, surpasses those ceramic media. Pond Guru, clued me. They are so more porous.

KJV1611. co says:

pretty cool little filter.

wildbill9919 says:

One of my Aqua Clear 50 filters is noisy with the lid on. I just put a small container of fish food on top of it to shut it up. Thanks for the review. I just ordered 2 of these because I hate the corner filter driven by an air pump on my 2.5 gallon White Cloud Minnow tank.

Tata Tata says:

berapa harganya

Ashley Wilcox says:

I’m pretty sure it used to be called the palm filter but was renamed but I can’t remember ºuº

Bhadrajee Dahanayake says:

Sean love the content! You should make more videos! 

Floaty-Goat says:

I’ve recently been trying to set up a 5 gallon for a betta tank and almost went with a sponge filter (despite my dislike of them) but after I found your video I’m definitely getting this filter. I love hob filters so much more and I like that you have room to put a little more media than the little in-tank whisper filters. Thank you!


What are the measures of your tank?

Celestial says:

Thanks for the review.

Shdwstep says:

I’m using this on my fluval spec V n I’ll tell ya…I never seen my tanks so crystal clear n it’s been almost 6mnths n still doing great. Strong little fucker.

Julia C says:

Is that a 2.5 Gallon tank?

Sedesla Sedeslarson says:

Thank you so much for this video, I couldn’t figure out what that little cap (the leveling knob) was at first.

john doe says:

Features: 60 liter per hour
Max Flow: 60GH

All lies!!! thats what u get from Taiwan/China



va pue says:

thank you, it helped me to set it up, as the instructions on the box are not very helpful.

Jeron Wong says:

How many gallons does your tank hold?

Dave Allen says:

dude get that bio bag after the filter you dont want the ceramic geting cloged up with shit your bio meda is always after you Mechanical filtration

TheArcticWonder says:

You are on planted tank. net, aren’t you? I recognize your pic.

Joshua Jovovich says:

Great review. Great info. and now I know what to expect when I purchase this.

Jeff McKenzie says:

The small white strip in the filter, what is it for? It’s between the intake chamber and filter media section. I can’t find anything on it.

Gavin Helgeson says:

I’m thinking I can use this for a 10 gallon tank?

@c30f$p@d3z says:

For those looking to dampen any vibration noises made by contact between the pump & the tank, try “fun foam” (color crafting foam by the sheet), found at most any place that offers a healthy selection of crafting supplies. The rubberized foam that some table place-mats are made of would work as well, and probably offers a superior material quality and vibration reduction. 

Mattie2000 says:

Do you think this filter would work on my 5 gallon tank? I have a betta community with 3 other guppies. I was hoping this filter would work.

Sweet Scoto says:

Hello! How do you clean the filter? Like with any other filter you would change the cartridges, but what do you do for this? I just bought mine and I’ve never used a filter that doesn’t have carbon filters. Thank you!!

Fusion Pieri says:

this is very good info video. Thank you Sean.

Rita Field says:

Great Review. Thank You Sean.  I like this filter, except, it is louder, than all my larger filters, put together.

xavy albarran says:

what did you put in the filter besides the sponge?

Brittany Ahern says:

Thank you for the info! I just bought this filter for my 3 gal tank and the instructions were not clear what so ever! You helped me out a lot

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