Best Aquarium Filter? Hang on Back Reviews – The Aquaclear is still the best aquarium filter as far as hang on back filters go. But it’s three times the cost as a penguin filter. Here is a link:

Aquaclear 110 Filter:

Additional Fish talk:
I know rainbows need to be kept in a school, but can it be a mixed species school? I currently have 1 Bosemani and 3 Turquoise (Can you tell the sex of the 2 Turquoise below?). Also, what is a good schooling fish to add with them? Can I add more bottom dwellers? My setup is a 75 gal with gravel, live plants, I also have some black neon tetras, a BN pleco, a garra rufa, and a Chinese Butterfly loach.

Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself as a newer cichlid enthusiast. This is my set up. Going for a complete twist on tanks. Training fish. As you can see I have fish that aren’t supposed to be together. African to American. But this tank is 2 years old and every fish has been in here the whole time except for flowerhorn who was just added as the last one died from eating a lizard. And of course a few yellow cichlids as they grew from babies in this very tank. Yes. Even some of the babies love as I’ve gotten this tank to become peacfull. There are no dead fish or fish attacks. Yet as you can see this tank is all of the most colorful yet aggressive fish put together. Tel me your thoughts. But keep the negative crap to yourself as again this tanks set up is not new.

I must say I enjoyed reading all these comments. This tank has been established and filled with these fish for over two years. As a matter of fact there is 6 babies in the bottom. And about 1-3 of them will survive. The only new fish is the flowerhorn and that because my last flowerhorn died two weeks ago from eating a lizard that fell in the tank.
These fish do just fine with one another. And again are not attacking each other. But thanks for all the comments.

Guys. He’s said he’s a newer enthusiast. Instead of just saying unhelpful things, maybe explain the problem and what he can do to fix it. How else is he supposed to learn and grow? You should do the basic research before you buy any pet. Not mixing South American and African Cichlids is very common knowledge.

Obviously that would have been ideal. However, I’d say that time has passed and calling him a moron is doing no one any good FFS. I must say I enjoyed reading all these comments. This tank has been established and filled with these fish for over two years. As a matter of fact there is 6 babies in the bottom. And about 1-3 of them will survive. The only new fish is the flowerhorn and that because my last flowerhorn died two weeks ago from eating a lizard that fell in the tank.
These fish do just fine with one another. And again are not attacking each other. But thanks for all the comments.

Hey guys! I read somewhere online that Hikari Betta Bio-Gold was one of the worst foods to feed a betta. Can I get everyone else’s opinion, and maybe some info on why it’s so bad? I thought Hikari were a pretty good fish food company? Thanks. Hikari used to have a very good betta formula. A few years ago they changed that formula and it is not quite as good. It is not a bad food to feed, it’s just not a top food. I’d say it’s a decent pet store pellet to feed. Their frozen foods are wonderful however.

ive actually tried other “more popular” brand, such as the spectrum, betta buffet, ect. theyre too big, even if you soak them beforehand. one of my bettas choked on the spectrum. they rejected the buffet. the hikari is the only one they like and is perfect size, i dont have to worry about them choking. Try bug bites or omega because hikari now has a BUNCH of fillers and Bettas are carnivores!! They don’t need wheat and potatoes in their diet I actually just checked their formula today. Northfin, Omega, Bug bites are all good choices.

Still has a bit of wheat and potato I haven’t found a formula that completely doesn’t use any of it but there’s a lot more protein in this and the fillers aren’t the first few ingredients. Well u won’t believe this….went to walmart and they had more than a dozen bettas in nasty dirty cloudy water. Several already in very bad condition. Needless to say i had them get me the store manager. His name was something and he was the assistant manager. Very very nice young gentleman. I voiced my concerns and explained proper care to him and he took notes. He said the dept had a new manager and he presumed that person didnt know how to care for them because they had all just come in. He took my number and actually sent me a picture of all the betta containers with new clean water. I was completely shocked and impressed. He had cleaned them all himself. Finally something positive about Walmart. I might add it is my least favorite store. So kudos to him at the Walmart.


RJM Aquatics says:

I don’t understand why you are saying the penguin is half or 1/3 the cost of an AC 110. If you compare the penguin 350 it is closer to that but apples to apples the penguin 400 is 63 dollars for 400gph and the AC 110 is 500gph for 65..

CaptainNemo49 says:

Seachem 110…………. hands down !! 50 GPH more than the Marineland 400 Pro and $4 cheaper. The tidal 110 self-priming also and self cleaning impellar.

tea glass says:

u have to clean the holes in the spray pipe, and aim it to hit the bio wheel to keep the bio wheel spinning

tea glass says:

maybe the got rid of the spray bar

Tappa Tappa says:



I use 3 Aqua Clear 110’s, new this year. I hate them! These just don’t seem to operate like my old ones of bygone era. So many issues with the baskets lifting, removing the intake is a serious pain when the filter slows, blocks, which seems to happen very frequently. The intakes frequently need to be removed, and they are a real problem for me, once they get coated with slime. They won’t twist easily to remove them, so that I can fix the issues with the filter slowing down, or stopping altogether. Really, all my other HOB filters do not have this issue, only AC. I’ve had one intake break on me recently. I hold the baskets down using paper clips. I use the pre-filters on the intakes now, and seems to slow down the issue with rising baskets, but now the pre-filter blocks up fast, and still have to remove the intake, which is a pain! I think the AC is overated! I’ve used them since they were the DYNAFLOW, and so I can say this.

John Ornelas says:

It’s a lot cheaper to heat up a fish room than individuals tanks with heaters. Heat the fish room, water will get to room temperature. My local fish store keeps room warm and uses no heaters in tanks.

Kerry Pitt says:

The flavour of the month will always be different. Everyone loves the new kid in town until there is a new kid in town.
I have only ever had issues with restarts when I was so lazy my aquarium level dropped to low. As soon as suction was broken by a power outage it could not pick up again. You can buy the Penguin and a half dozen impellers and still have money to spend on another fish or two.
Advice is sadly abused. Watch Aquarium Co-op, he calls people out with their poor advice. Even if nobody knows for sure, they feel like they need to have an answer, so they go with the general word out there.

markie mark says:

Now one thing I will say when my penguin won’t restart when a power outage for more than 2 minutes my penguin is stuff what biological filter pads and things of that nature and so that might suck up a lot of the water when it’s when it’s turned off and that’s why It probably won’t restart good video though

MoreChannelNoise says:

I have heard so many people say they just got a penguin and it was very noisy, so it must be pot luck if you get a good one or bad. I don’t own any HOBs just use simple sponge filter.

Dakota Davies says:

I have one of the ones that won’t restart. Even if I just bump the plug I have to fiddle with it to get it flowing 100% the spray bar for the biowheel still flows but the bottom part just gurgles and bubbles till I fiddle with it. Also it is loud af but it’s old and it does work and flow well when it’s working. Love your videos

tea glass says:

would like to see deep water fresh water sand beds, a under gravel filter tank, t8 vs compact florescent, vs t5, vs led. i added some fast growing plants and they took over, pearl weed, water wysteria, fox tail, your plywood tank build,

markie mark says:

Penguins are good AquaClear is a good seachem is good no matter what kind you got they all need to be customized to make them even better all and may I also add the Aqueon is also an excellent filterbut I must say when I do have a power outage my penguin 200 does not want to restart if it’s a quick power outage lights on lights off then it will restart right away but if it’s out for more than 2 minutes it does not want to restart

michael long says:

I had one for a very long time on my 55. I had my power go out for like eight hours and it still turned back on and started running again without me having to do anything

nsane992002 says:

I’m running a couple of sponges and a tetra whisper 40i in my planted 20 tall right now and it’s working great.

Tappa Tappa says:

Would beneficial bacteria benefit from having an airstone in the HOB filter ???

Glenn K says:

I run an emperor 400 by Marineland and it’s great I also like the aqueon quiet flow 75 it’s been running awesome

tea glass says:

the marineland s20 u can fit 4 aquaclear sponge filters in each compartment, i did that for a year with low flow going thru it

Don Gallagher says:

Penguins are less likely to lose their siphon in a power outage my AquaClear does every time guaranteed I haven’t watched your whole video yet I’m working on it but another thing about the penguin is they have a thinner profile so if you already have a tank against a wall a penguin may fit where an AquaClear will not just a little of my two cents

tea glass says:

i had these penguin filters right after i changed my tank from under gravel filters. this is before the internet, i just poured water into them to get them started and cleaned the impeller here and there, they lasted forever, i am going back to under gravel filters, made 4 tanks deep sand beds for experiments

Jesse Gaflin says:

Marineland filters are my 1st non kit filters I have four of them. Just got my first aquaclear and I can now see why everyone likes them, hardly any micro bubbles but I think they’re still way to expensive but I understand people paying those prices. I only bought one because it was deeply discounted on the clearance table at petsmart. That being said marineland gives you good value for what you pay, especially when you set them up aqua clear style. And for me they’ve been very reliable, even the bio wheels which is their biggest draw. I wish marineland and fluval would collaborate and make a aquaclear filter with a bio wheel.

Benn Benn says:

Guys ive had 3 red devils and green terror and texas and a dovii living peaceful out of no where they are going at it all males any clue pls

Michael Ransom says:

Idk why you dont like sunsuns but i have 3 of them love then and there just as good as marineland. So why dont you like them let me know

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