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Words of gratitude to Paola ( for the idea and special thanks to Bryan from Santa Monica Filtration ( for providing and allowing me to review my experiments with the algae scrubber.
I like the idea of using the same natural filtration processes in aquariums as in ocean.
Using the algae scrubber HOG.5 (–12-Cube-feeding-per-day_p_21.html), provided kindly by Santa Monica Filtration, for over a month proves it to be the best aquarium filter and much more!

HOG.5 manual:
Santa Monica Filtration YouTube channel:

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Kapui H says:

Do you change your water in the guppies water bottle tanks? Do you pump air into them? I really curious as I want to try it.

son tran says:

Wow!so could you show us how to make it this filter as DIY?

presouz says:

Very interesting… thanks for the vid, cant believe this replaces filters…

Geoff Saunderson says:

Cool scrubber, but this is NOT a filter, and will only help to reduce nitrates. It will hardly touch the real nasty stuff like ammonia. Please kids save your money, get a cheap filter or make one, lots of vids out there.

Dee From Brooklyn says:

Great channel. I subbed. I lime the research aspect of this project. Plus you end up with microfauna to feed other tanks

Mr. Spyrouklas says:

Hey i want to ask you something about guppy bottle aquarium: everyone says that guppys need a heater and i want to have guppies in a bottle aquarium but they dont need a heater?

CANDY QUADS racing says:

Nice, what guppy strains do you have?

T Buzz says:

This is cool and different, thanks for sharing!

Ivan _ says:

Can I keep two guppies in a 1 gallon?

SonnyGoten89 says:

So cool! How big is this aquarium?

Mavi Beyaz says:


Elise says:

This is really really cool. Your videos are my favorite


I have a 200 gallon freshwater fish tank do they make bigger versions for big tanks are is this only good for small tanks like my 10 gallon meno tank?

Tony Benny says:

Finally you brought an aquarium

L C says:

I have a question can you use this method in a 10 tank? While still using a regular filter?

Brayden Lerahl says:

I have personally used this algae scrubber and it SUCKS

Waverwreck says:

Use one of those cheap blue plastic razor blades and you will get most of the algae from the aquarium wall with no effort with just a tiny mod. Take a cutter and cut off the guard – the plastic barrier thats in front of the blades making contact with the glass possible. Then shave the wall.

Junella Hovatter says:

Your not serious what a joke get you a under gravel filter runs on same pump you can’t see it an is way more efficient go smoke another one

Scott Special says:

Great content would love narration versus having to read subtitles

JW Aquarium's says:

Great video I subscribed hopefully you can subscribe back ☺

Fishman says:

Very well done! It will be interesting to see how this does long term. Keep up the good work. You’ve given me an idea for a diy project based on this.

gmlasam says:

Why did you rinse off the white rocks with tap water? Shouldn’t been better to use aquarium water instead? You’ve killed off all of the beneficiary bacterias from the rock and introduced chlorine in the white filtering rocks which can harm the fishes, snails in the aquarium.

Tutorial N Fish says:

Yg suka aquascape, jangan lupa mampir di chanel saya ya untuk motivasi selanjtnya

B. Roland says:

This is amazing

kaelaplays says:

Your tank looks awesome! Keep up the good work! 😀

Mr Penguin says:

this is your biggest fish tank so far?

WHY NOT says:

Maybe you can do a update on your bigger aquarium.

Junella Hovatter says:

Water changes take out nitrates the under gravel filter with beneficial bacteria breaks amonia to nitrites then nitrates naturally any live plants will eat it up as well maybe go smk one was a bit harsh but your still dreamin

Swiper Fox says:

Suggestion.You may put a transparent cover when you put that thing back into the water…

The transparent REMOVABLE cover may be made of glass, acrylic, or plastic… that fits into the mouth (or open part) of the algae filter.

So when you pull it out, you have ALL the algae… and no more brushing the inside of the aquarium with a toothbrush.

And you can put whatever amount of algae… back into the aquarium.

Sky Vlogs Channel says:

what’s the song called

Troy Scotchburn says:

You have great videos, easy to follow and I always learn something. Thank you for taking the time ti make them. And, for the many experiments!

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