Best Aquarium Heater, Best Fish Tank Filter, Eheim Jager, Aqueon, Aquaclear – Who wins?

Best Aquarium Heater, Best Fish Tank Filter etc. Products are made with limited life expectancy. Also getting out there and seeing more stores to see more fish can show you what is really out there.

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Kenneth Badders says:

I still like the National Geographic, ones like I said they are Eheim Jagers only black and yellow instead of blue and black. BTW they went on sale at Pet smart for 75% off because I think there going to stop selling the National Geographic, name there a slow brand because Pet smart, doesn’t advertise how great the products are people know nothing about this company’s products anyway I am going to buy up the 250 watt ones @ 12.00 each that’s right I didn’t goof here and then I will get a few Aqueon, Pro’s on sale on Amazon, these are virtually indestructible.

Joe Manta says:

You mentioned the aqueon pro heaters,what about the cobalt heaters are they any good.

SomethingsFishy says:

+1 on the Eheim heater, mine is driving me insane, it won’t calibrate. at least 5 degrees off.

tank9er michael says:

hey cory….I know this is going to sound like no pun intended an off-the-wall question… but where could I find posters like that of all the different fish species?

JJ1Monster says:

I really dont know what heater to get for my 40 breeder, i just want one that is built well and doesnt break or explode killing my fish. Every time i look up a heater on amazon with 4 or more stars i see like 10-20 percent of reviews with cases of failure causing damage to the tank and fish. if anyone has any ideas for heaters that would be appreciated.

Devlynn Hawkke says:

I always love hearing people, especially sales people talking about planned obsolescence.

Frank Corey says:

I went back and listened to this today during lunch and I have to say I’m glad you took the time to give your perspective. I try to use my 2 local fish stores rather than the giant Pet stores or Amazon where possible as the level of expertise and advice from the fish store makes the higher price usually worth it. A few weeks ago I setup a full hospital tank as a newer coral beauty was apparently carrying some stowaways and i didnt have it long enough in quarantine. My error so I figured it would be good to setup a larger tank for a long term quarantine and hospital.

This is where I got suspect of LFS #1. This is a place in business since 50s and always seemed to have solid advice. However this time I noticed that they were subtly steering me to the most expensive item in each area. I generally use Aqueon Pro heaters, I like the plastic housing on them and they seem solid so far….however, I was told how these were junk and I must use Eheim Jager. I caved and bought one, the build quality next to Aqueon which was same price or slightly less is so so. When discussing filters they said I really should upgrade my canister filters to Eheim 4+ and that the HOB filters I have, Aquaclear 110 , are junk and I should replace those with Emperor 400…. The whole experience left me feeling that this place I trusted only wanted to push their most expensive products, or in case of HOB, a filter that needed specific cartridges I would get from them, never mind that they sold me at least one of my AQ110 filters. This has led me to research much more online through forums, youtube, etc. Keep up the good work. Do you have a Patreon site or some way for those of us on the other side of the country can support you and your shop. thanks

taz man says:

Do you still consider the Aqueon pro heaters to be one of the best on the market? Liked and subscribed Thanks

Todd Hayslett says:

I have a Whisper 3 from 1998. Never needed anything but an o-ring. Same impeller that came with it… still dead silent. The new Whisper filters don’t have the same reputation.

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

You may be interested in my video on this topic which does a back to back comparison:

goodall1bay says:

I have to say, the Fluval canister (fx5) filters are in general opinion very well made, they are tough and got good motors,.

Born2Be_Ke Vlogs says:

So what is overall the best heater for a 55 gallon fish tank?? Im in need of major great quality advide!! Thanks

Carlos Varela says:

Idea for another equipment: Water changing equipment. I know the shop runs on auto water change, but for the average hobbyist, what equipment do you suggest? Gravel vacs? syphons? the type that connect to a faucet? What is the best setup for lazy water changers?

DaveTheWave says:

love this video. thank you for your honesty.

Fish in the Corner says:

So I’m looking for a heater for a ten gallon that will last a while… what do you think I should buy?

Southern Oregon fish guy says:

you guys are awesome I get so much information from your videos keep up the good work

Mike McManus says:

I have been out of the hobby. You gentlemen are really giving me an education.
Thank you

Ramon Moran says:

I have a 30 gallon freshwater tank… should I get 2 heaters or just 1? And what do you recommend? What brand/heater! Thanks for the info!

Cyber Bane says:

planned obsolescence is becoming rampant and the only way for it to go away is for us the consumer to raise hell

Shelby Rhodes says:

Quietest and most affective air pump for a 37 gallon tank that would be hooks up to my spine filter?

g bear says:

#bringbacklamont At least for a colab on a live stream

Pa. Fish Preacher says:

I have one of the jager’s but now am in need of 2 new heaters, You just sold me on the Pro’s


I have questions in my marine land bio wheel so I need 4 sponges what about black carbon pads cut out how do I put that in do I clean both at same time

goodall1bay says:

Still got a green Eheim heater from early 00 still working good, got loads of old small Fluval internal filters they refuse to break

Jack Bruce says:

Walmart HOB filters, I’ve used them for years, and they freaking suck. The impellers fail every 6 months or so(usually while at work, or away from home for more than a few hours). I finally bought a Fluval canister, and will never go back.

Kenneth Badders says:

What about those titanium heaters they sell on eBay any good? Anyway I enjoyed this video very much and you backed up my theory (and others) about the Sunsun, Aquatop, Marineland, canister filters being the same and they are the same because I have them all.

Warren MacDonald says:

Cory, I’m an aquarist of many decades, with about a 10 year gap, and now right back into it. My favourite powerhead was the Marineland Penguin 1140; it was simply designed, easily maintained and lasted many years; so I bought another one 2 years ago and within 1 year the rubber ends on the impeller assembly disintegrated. So i bought a new impeller for $28 (I figured the 1140 was worth it) and every time I clean it, the rubber tips are in perfect shape.. I think substandard arts must have been used at the factory where the PH was produced, but the impeller must have ome from a different factory, or it could have been a fluke, but now the 1140 is running the way it should; quiet and effecient.

RPG nukes you says:

Is the internet delta therm heater any good and how long will it last?

Temiloluwa Salako says:

Hi, what heater would you recommend for a 10 gallon fish tank with guppies and mollies?

The Angry Fish Guy says:

damn dude, you are a wealth of knowledge.. Awesome! So glad I found your channel.

gnovincejr2 says:

11:54 for when item falls from his left eye brow! Finally Lmao!

Billy Villacis says:

I wonder if that exploding Marineland heater is the one that killed King of DIY’s stingrays…

Kandoloh says:

You have some great information but I’m still torn about what heater would be best for a 40g breeder?

Kenneth Badders says:

Forgot to mention that I buy National Geographic, Aquarium heaters which are made and re-boxed Eheim Jager’s you can see by reading the bottom of the box where it states made in Germany, and the warrantee in the box is Eheim’s. Petsmart, sells them and on sale most of the time so they cost the same as the Eheim ones that you order online but you don’t have to wait for it to come to you and you don’t have to pay for shipping. They do differ ever so slightly in appearance but are essentially the same in every respect. I like them because National Geographic, takes some of the money you spend on them and uses it towards conservation efforts and I know of no other company making aquarium hardware doing this. Also FYI they also sell National Geographic, canister filters which also are Eheim’s Ecco Pro line the only difference is they are black with yellow logo writing and not Green like Eheim. Otherwise they are exactly the same and you can get real good deals on them on some big sale days. I have 2 that are rated for 80 gallons and they are awesome powerhouses.

Wakin Goldfish says:

Love your videos!

Michael's Fish Room says:

How about an episode on preventive maintenance? IF you see this in your heater (condensation or whatever) time to get a new one. A noisy Penguin filter, how to prime an AC filter or canister.

123 456 says:

aquaclear filters bullet proof

Mark Pemberton says:

What type of filter do you recommend for a 16 gallon tank?

Box Boy Troy says:

Here’s a good question.. I’m setting up a 33 gal long reef tank, and decided to go with the Koralia Nano circ pump for current (two of them of course), but am unsure whether to go with the 425 model (15-30 gal) or the 565 model (20-40 gal). I want a little more current to help with detritus and give the corals a boost, but I don’t want my fish to be on a treadmill all day you know? I thought I read that the Koralia Nano’s run a little more gentle, so I think a couple 565’s should be good.. but what do you think?

Najma May says:

what heater is good for a 12L betta tank

TechGuru4U says:

Trying to decide between Aqueon Pro, Finnex titanium with controller, or Fluval E200 heaters.
Price does not matter, looking for the best performance and reliability.
What do you think ?

HamsterLuv7777 says:

I just got an Aqueon Pro heater and haven’t had one before. I had an Ebo Jaeger heater that was working great and I’d had it for years but noticed condensation inside the heater and I was afraid it was going to burn out or something. I looked at getting a new one but the brands seemed to have changed a lot and so many heaters seemed to have poor reviews. I saw good reviews for the Aqueon Pro and decided to try it. So far it seems to working great. I felt relieved after watching this and that you guys recommended it.

Alex Shelby says:

This video is awesome.


I have ehieme heater still going for over 6 years no trouble

Shelley G. says:

This video is worth a kings ransom…….I trust in your opinions very much so. Keep up the good work on all that you do.

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