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**** About This Video****

In this video Ty from Aquariums With Ty reviews the bes budget canister filter for you to put on your aquarium! If you are trying to learn more about filtration and filter media then watch my video. Fish tanks and the aquarium hobby can be very overwhelming so I made this video to help you find what you need for your aquariums!


MrAlienautopsy says:

Just found your channel…great, informative content. I’m getting this!!

bambikiller338 says:

I would really like to see a follow video on this filter after a few months to see how often you had to change out the media and too see if its reliable.

Aquatic Rants and Reviews says:

Sorry to correct you but carbon does NOT remove chloramine and at anything other than very low flow rates will not remove chlorine either. You should not use carbon in a quarantine tank anyway because it will pull any meds you use right out of the water. You also state that carbon pulls ferts from the water. According to Seachem, Fluval, and most other carbon manufactures that is not the case. But…You should never really use carbon without a specific purpose in mind anyway. Such as…removing meds and tannins. Carbon will also help with odors but if you perform proper maintenance on your aquarium it will never stink. Other than that great video.

David's Fish Tanks says:

cheers sir great video

JDO Fishtank says:

That’s a smoking deal on Amazon for that filter. I would cut the hoses so they go straight, no curves, will help with water flow and GPH.

Larry D's tanks & more. says:

I passed on this at petco now I wish I had gotten it, oh well next aquarium.

alan molstad says:

as for the spray bar that is included with the cascade filter?….
I used it when I first got my filter, and it was great!
But over time it will get plugged and you need to wash it to get the little holes clean.
its not a big deal, but after a while it was more simple just to take mine off.
I still got it and from time to time I put it back in

Tropicalfishcraze Channel says:

good review


I use this on my aquariums and it works amazing! I need to get one for my 10 gallon planted aquarium. Please check out my tank on my channel!! You got a sub from me!!

Boyce Bomar says:

I was trying to decide between the Penn Plax Cascade and Eheim 2213 when I found your video. I was ready to order the Eheim but I didn’t like the idea of not having trays for my media. After seeing your review, with the trays and all that room for my stuff, I’ve ordered the Cascade. Thanks for sharing!

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