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A video examining some of the best filter media available with some general tips at the end to help when choosing between buying a new filter and upgrading your existing one. What is the best media for aquarium filters?
Media is as follows with suggested best type of filter use (shown in same order as this video):
1 – Biohome Standard
A compact sintered glass media suitable for overhead filters, trickle filters, sumps, external and internal filters.
2 – Biohome Plus
As above but with additives to ensure much faster colonisation by bacteria.
3 – Biohome Ultra
A larger version of Biohome standard with rougher feel. Possibly the best media available. Suitable for trickle towers, sumps, larger external filters, overhead filters and multi chamber koi filters.
4 – Biomotion
A rounded sintered glass media with neutral buoyancy. Suitable for moving bed filters, overhead filters, trickle filters, sumps, external filters and internal filters. Has montmonrolite clay coating to condition water.
5 – Ceramic Rings / Noodles
Ceramic media with variable surface area depending on quality. Suitable for external filters, overhead filters, internal filters, trickle filters and sumps.
6 – Bio Sponge Ball
Plastic media with added internal sponge to trap solids and support extra bacteria. Suitable for filters with a fast flow through rate e.g. Koi filters, Shower filters (before ceramic media) and large external filters.
7 – Hel-x
Plastic filter media which is an evolution of K1. Has approx 40% more surface area than K1 per litre. Supports very hardy bacteria which rapidly consume ammonia and nitrite. Suitable for moving bed filters and high demand applications (koi or large aquariums).
8 – K1
Most widely used plastic moving bed filter media. Has less surface area than Hel-x but is smaller so can be used in tiny filters. Supports vigorous bacteria as above. Suitable for moving bed filters.

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Paul Garwood says:

How much Bio-Home would you say I would need to fill one of the trays in the Trickle filter system you have revued?

Omar Saad says:

Very Professional, excellent work

Darren Ivicevich says:

I currently have biohome plus in both of my Fluval 306’s. They have been running since April 2016. I am going to replace one of my fluvals with a Eheim pro4+ 350. How do you suggest I use my established media along with what is supplied by eheim and how do you suggest i set up the cannister? It comes with three trays, bottom mech pro mechanical filtration, middle tray a combination mech/bio, and top tray bio balls. thx

Nano-quarium Fish Nerd says:

Hello, I am planning on getting an internal At30 aqueon filter. how could I maximize that small filter with better filter media?

Akik Miah says:

Thanks mate appreciate it

Richard Yin says:

maybe its just me, but the ceramics all seem to be the same thing? Just ceramics in different sizes and color??

martin denbigh says:

Hi Richard, yet another great video. Just wondered what would be the outcome of simply breaking some of the ceramic media and just mixing it in with the gravel of the aquarium? Would it still do the job and saving on putting it in the filter. The reason i ask is that i have a internal filter with no room for any additional media.

Jordan's Fish Room says:

getting BIOHOME ULTIMATE and a aps ef2000 this week mixing BIOHOME ULTIMATE with Fluval BioMax

SPBU 3411711 says:

Can i mixed the moving bed using kaldnes k1 and biohome and ceramic ring? if can then kaldnes first then ceramic ring and biohome or opposite which kaldness will be the last ? thanks

mcbob74 says:

Thanks for the helpful info. I have a 305 and I love it. Keep up the good vids. They are very helpful. Ty.

Your loyal friend,

Ngoc Van Nguyen says:

Thanks for the video, what is best order in the filter to place the media?

Hann Productions says:

I’m thinking of customizing my 10 gallon filter to make it better what ring or noodle should I use. Also how often will I have to change them

Sony Jose says:

Can we use broken red bricks instead of the ceramic ones?

ILoveCheese says:

Hi, I recently purchased a Marineland Penguin Power Filter (50 to 70 gallon flow rate of 350GPH). I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to aquariums and fish but I want to learn all I can. What would be the best media I can put in my filter to get the best filtration I can get out of it? It came with two Rite-Size C” filter cartridges and 2 bio wheels. That is what I have in the filter at the moment plus 4 spare C filter cartridges I haven’t used yet. I have one Oscar Tiger in my tank at the moment (about 9.5 inches long and about 3.5 inches in width/girth) and it’s a really messy fish but very fun and entertaining (Love the big guy or girl don’t know 🙂 ). Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Philthy Phill says:

What do you think about seachem matrix compare to bio home ultra

Alan Shackleford says:

I’ve bought 18kg of biohome ultimate so far to use in all my tanks. Best media by far. Water is always at 0 ammonia, 0 nitrate and 0-5 nitrate after proper cycling. My fish look alot healthier then they use to because of biohome. If anyone is wondering, If you live in the U.S.A Greatwaveengineering has the lowest price per KG for biohome. I made the mistake of buying off ebay where its twice as expensive for my first 3KG.

Mian Ali says:

Hi, how are you?
I just ordered 15 trays upper trickle boxes. I currently have a long-wide 40 gallon freshwater with 10 glofish tetra, 3 mollies, 2 cory catfish, 5 ghost shrimps and 3 african dwarf frogs. The tank has two filters; aquaclear 50 filter basic media and tetra whisper 40i filter and they are both cycled. so I am going to upgrade to the upper trickle boxes that i already ordered. I also ordered 10 lbs of biohome ultimate. where can i put the cycled media from both aquaclear 50 and tetra whisper 40i filter to the upper trickle boxes? is it ok to put the whole lbs of biohome ultimates in the medium tray and last tray? would they hurt the fish? I also ordered gel balls to seed biohome ultimate bacteria, would it cause the cycled media and gel balls conflict? sorry for my bad english.

Eric Mezenberg says:

K1 is way overpriced compared to things that can do just as well.

Slick Rick says:

Hello @pondguru I’m looking into buying biohome for my canister filter in the new year. I’m from Canada and I’m wondering if is selling the legit biohome media. Thanks

John Manton says:

Hi, just watched the video. I note you have Juwel filters in your shop. I have a vision 180 with internal filter. A couple of questions. 1/ Is the Juwel filter any good? 2/ I have the cirex ceramic basket in mine. Would it be better to fill the basket with the ceramic media you recommend. 3/ Is a canister filter preferable to the juwel internal? 4/ I saw your video on installing a canister filter. How much maintenance is involved with a canister? Thanks John

Frederick Dunn says:

Can you use cured concrete inside an aquarium? Sorry, that was off topic. Nice video by the way 🙂

fred schulp says:

What would you recommend for a canister filter?

Marcus Aggripa says:

Great video. I learned what I needed to know. Best of luck. Wish you were in the U.S. Cheers!

Akik Miah says:

Hi Richard I have a question how do you store bio gel ball thank you

Jacob Adams says:

Would you do a video on biogravel?

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