Since I saw a lot of comments telling me that I need to get a canister filter I decided to actually get one. This is for all of my fishes health and for you guys!

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Camera: Sony a6300

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Thomas Heath says:

He has no idea what he’s talking about

Teezy Subben says:

bro .. u just dropped $100 ……… u couldve build urself a bad ass filter system for less than that ….

Mehdi Charaf Eddine says:

Love your videos❤️Tjis aquarium is super but it needs ana arowana

LKW 119 says:

Get a bigger led light bro

jon97gamer1 bluesparkgames says:

Quick question, what is the outro song?

Justin Skelly says:

Put a background on the tank so you cant see all the cords hanging at the back

trey Jackson says:

You have my dream dog a rottweiler

Ernie Gonzalez says:

Love your channel bro. Do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about everyone’s opinions.

Helen Wilson says:

Luke we love both yours and Paul’s videos. My kids are home educated and many of the home education community are following both you and Paul on your journey. It inspires our own children to follow their own dreams! Keep going and don’t worry about the haters, I’d like to see any of them achieve what you both have in this short timeframe!
Filtration….start to watch aquarium co-op, diy king, Dustin’s fishtanks, Greg at aquascape, Ohio monster fish rescue and all of them have great information on filtration. Once you understand about the different stages of filtration you will have more confidence in what you’re doing. You can even make your own filters and save yourself some money or buy secondhand, its an expensive hobby. Well done luke!

Armando Ebk says:

S/o from mexico city

bxkid7 says:

Thats a dam good filter

Pekano says:

the only reason u need one is to follow the nitrogen cycle and have proper bio filtration if not your fish will not be so healthy so we are just wishing the best for u and ur fish… if you dont know what the nitrogen cycle is the wow learn it

Grizzly Beard Outdoors says:

I’m not saying this guy but I see some ppl on YouTube getting fish and what not trying to do the whole fish pond/tank thing and they have no clue what there doing…

Kristopher Mackey says:

I have a 75 gallon without a canister filter in it and its fine

Fishy Draws says:

Where is the huge tank in the description lol?

American Reefing says:

Great video!

DukeCity 505 says:

Do you not understand you have to cycle a filter and build up beneficial bacteria before you throw it on a tank with a bunch of fish. Just because the fish look ok doesn’t mean they are healthy. Get a test kit and test the water on camera.

emerson galicia says:

I have two Fluval 110 HOB filters and two Aqueon wavemakers on my 75G. Each one of the filters is rated at 500GPH. Cool set up.

Brian Williams says:

Your overflow should be on the opposite side of the tank from the return on your canister filter

Zingo89 says:

I have same filter and its been great for me so far, my only beef with this filter is that its kinda annoying to get all the air out of it after u done a filter cleaning etc but just some shaking around and it usually fixes it

Casper says:

Good move man ! fluval is always my go to! looks great

Yea says:

Put Some Ricks in your tank

Alejandro marquez says:

Nice, that’s enough for a 120 gallon jajaja you need to put the input and out out of the canister filters in opposite sides of the tanks bro

kea noko says:

Plant it

Cody Johnson’s Aquatics says:

He said we just like to tell him what to do

That Friendly fish keeper says:

leave the other filter in the tank, don’t waste it

Glen Davison says:

You could had made one for a fraction of the cost with better filtration… how ever.. You are doing good for what you have.

Trig Tennant says:

You should get a plecco for the 75 gallon

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