Cheap Sponge Filter Review and How-To

This sponge filter is a good, cheap, easy-to-use air-powered filter for fish tank filtration. I’ve used one in a small aquarium for snails for several months, and I like it so well I ordered three more.

Skip to about 1:11 to see it in action.

They can be found on Amazon under the “Jardin” brand:

…or under the XY-2831 label:


mark beep says:

I still use my hydro sponge filters, but I purchased these for my new tanks, and the advantage are the dual sponges, it allows to do partial cleaning of the filter media by just doing one sponge at the time.  And these are less then 6 dollars anywhere you can buy them.  Great product.

Raiyanblader says:

i have two questions about this… 1: so do you just connect some tubing to it and put the tubing outside of the water? and 2: will this and an aqua tech 10-15 gallon filter work to filter a 20 gallon tank? (im planning on upgrading from my 10 gallon 😀 )

Arif Khan says:

so i can have this instead of internal filters? this will collected fish waste for guppies aswell as provide oxygen ? it doesn’t seem powerful enough to me to be able to collect waste. Or does it just purify water clearer?

Gene Hart says:

Is this a good option for a 10 gallon?

FireStormGaming says:

what powerhead did you use to connect to the filter? Thanks in advance.

ParrotProduction says:

How tall is this filter in the shortest position?

Blurry Face says:

i bought this pump for my 30 gallon and the single sponge version for my 10 gallon. they will be used in addition to the power filters that came with the kits. thanks for the reviews, the only bad thing i hear is the suction cups lose their shape and eventually stop sticking. but only a few users seemed to have this problem so over all ive seen very good reviews.

andrewesquivel says:

so wait, is the periscoping exit supposed to be under the water?

TheExperts1000 says:

HOw long would I take to cycle a 10 gallon tank with two of these?

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