Cheapest Aquarium Filter – The TRUTH About SPONGE FILTERS! – Quick Tip #3 and THANK YOU!!!

When someone mentions the cheapest aquarium filter, many times it’s some type of sponge filter. But are sponge filters as good as everyone says? Are ALL sponge filters the same?

Dual Sponge Filter:

There must be some downside to all the supposed benefits. Today we find out the truth about sponge filters in your fish tanks.

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junito1957 says:


Esteban says:

Nice video, I use the same cheap filters and they are great. You didn’t mention the fact that this filter also provides adjustable surface agitation and some direction to the outflow that a normal spongefilter will not do (they just go straight up without mods) so I think there are even more reasons to use these! 🙂

Cory East says:

“Just hit 200 subs”
3 months later…


axel brizuela ayb says:

I always have an sponje filter in every fish tank in my house since one of my hang on filters burn out and all of my shrimps died so if a filtern burn out the other will provide oxigen to the shrimps or fish

Lyz Jones says:

I know this is a video from Summer, but this video made me subscribe. I hadn’t heard of sponge filters before and I’m pretty new to the hobby. Currently running sponge filters in 2 tanks. A 29 planted and a 10 gallon snail breeding/betta tank. I am satisfied with the job they do.

Lucky Schmuck's Fish Cave says:

Dual Sponge Filter:

Mark Garrett says:

Hi, I inherited a 46 gal cichlid tank and the hob filter is crazy loud so I’m looking at other options. You mentioned this sponge filter doesn’t work on a cichlid tank. What would you recommend?

birdyboyblue says:

Thanks man, good point about the duel sponges able to provide a quick bio starter.

杜甫 says:

These are bio-filters I really like them, so quiet. Is it still necessary to use orther physical filters (filters with cartridge) if I have enough these sponge filters in my 55gal tank? That means, only bio-filter + plants + periodical water change. I don’t know if that is enough for keeping a good water condition. Thanks

mildred gilmore says:

I just subbed, so maybe I’m # 201… lol 🙂 Good luck! Nice info video….

Simon Cole says:

Yes man awesome. You can swap filters. Great point. That yellow fish needs some prune juice buddy. I’m sold. Likes – 100% I just subscribed.

CJH200iiWii says:

I had 3 shrimplets sucked up due to the damn filter.. not the sponge my other one

Jbay2608 says:

I always have a dual sponge filter in my tanks, even when I use a HOB or canister on the same tank. That way I know that if the power is out for an extended period, at the very least the bacteria colony on the sponge filter has a good chance of surviving even if the one in the canister filter suffers.

Aquariums With Ty says:

A super bullet proof filter I like them too

piddle puddles says:

You can zip tie it to a rock. No suction cups needed.

Susan M says:

fantastic. i’m new to the hobby and i’ve never seen a really good, clear explanation of exactly how these things work (i’ve been using hob and looking for something more appropriate for shrimp). thank you!

Monkey Nut says:

This is the best filter. Every tank needs this as a back up

Max Power says:

Thanks for sharing mate! These simple filter systems are often the best. Greatings from Australia!

Stanislav Coros says:

removing one spunch from two, u will lost 50% of bacteria in that tank and it can kill your fishes by raising amonia for a while

Jason says:

Would you not be halving the amount of bacteria for breaking down ammonia etc, if removing one side to a new tank?

That Chico- Bert says:

Love sponge filters has my 10 gallon in my room clean and my fish healthy

Jeremy Gourde says:

Just found your channel and have to say you gained a new sub. Great presentation and I agree sponge filters are by far the best way to go especially if you got a bunch of tanks

aquaballs says:

I love your fish room and sponge filter is my favorite too

Nerd Girl says:

Im just now switching from an HOB to this sponge filter for my RCS tank. That sponge costs 5 bucks on Amazon and a cheap 5 dollar air pump, and done! I love that!. Great info, thanks!

Easy Line says:

I often read comments of people complaining that this type of filter doesn’t perform biological filtration, that is just mechanic, so I’m really confused.

Vannah Sylken says:

THANK YOU. the (terrible) filter on my marina 360 just gave up after three days. THREE DAYS. thankfully aink nobody in my tank but plants but im still vexed. anyways. off to buy a sponge filter.

Steve Yang says:

Too cheap…

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