Filters: Episode 2. Internal Filters. Pros and Cons

Episode 2 of Filters will go over the pros and Cons of the internal filter. My new intro is courtesy of Aarons Aquarium. Go check him out at the link below. And don’t forget to join MASS Aquariums Facebook group and follow me on Twitter.

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burly636 says:

I will do the polyfill with a HOB filter I do not use. It will work the same way, with a canister as the main. I just put it in today, taking the HOB out in a few weeks. I have a place that got humongous in 5 month since I got it and it dirtys a tank royally. Hang on back with the little cartridges that the tank came with is worthless for this tank. Can I do the polyfill in it alone.

J Mill says:

I dunk my internal filter under the water and my damn Dojo loaches get over in it.

solar clapson says:

I need a smoke!

HighRollahz808 says:

Have you ever tried the Aqueon Quietflow AT internal filters??? I heard they’re really good. Would love your opinion on it.

Hellish Underwater Adventures. says:

check out the Oase Bio Plus 200 ..100. 50. these German crazy filters are some great improvement..I’ve used them and the filters detach from main corner shape body and keep the dirty water in until you turn them out into bucket.

jin cris says:

how 2 store a used internal filter?

Alex Yen says:

Cons: it’s an eyesore and takes space. I love those filters.

Pondguru says:

I’m with you on internals, man. A good short term back up but they offer very little in the way of proper filtration. Internals like the HOB filters often rely on a stupid cartridge system which doesn’t allow the user to get proper filter media in there which is a real gripe of mine. Seems like manufacturers just want monthly repeat sales, not long term healthy water. Don’t get me started on Purigen….
Good video.

Michael Brameyer says:

Agreed…. I don’t like them either.. If I do keep a filter in the tank its always a sponge filter. I always keep sponges running in case I need to set up a quarantine tank I have a cycled filter immediately. Also if I lose power and my canister shuts down ,I can run them with a battery operated air pump.

Daves Rift says:

yeah not a fan. prob not the most efficient filter lol. more of  a side kick to your main filtration. did i miss episode 1? but honestly i dislike hobs just as much or more.

J B says:

agreed.  They are butt ugly.  I supose size wise though they are not much more in the way than a big ol sponge filter or one of those water bottle diy fluid media things like I got.  LOL or my other eye sore the classic water pump with the water bottle filter stuck on the intake… real sexy.  So by comparison its not so bad.  But is it as effective?

AJK Aquaria says:

I used an internal 20 years ago for baby turtles. I see they have not improved much…
Congrats on the continued no smoking.
I used to have that same shirt. The reunion 3 day concert is coming up soon at Soldier Field. Could not get tickets. I think the cheapest out there right now is about $2500 ea

Rich's Fishes says:

congrats on 2 months brother!  Keep it up!  I’ve never used an internal filter before; but the green plastic thing is surface are for beneficial bacteria to grow.  similar to bio balls……just lots of surface area due to the little pegs.  Using them as the water scrubber with the polyfill does seem like the best use of these little things.

Pixxie75 says:

Hey, did you make a Episode 3 on Canister Filters?

zhao Henry says:

Hello sir could you recommend an external filter fo my 20 gallon tank I really want crystal water thank you

michael nguyen says:

Hey could I get a list of recommended filters for a 5 to 7 gal tank?

Aquarium Hobbyist says:

nice vid. u cleared my doubts!!

Azalea Love says:

Great video please can u suggest a good internal filter for a planted 45 gallon tank

William Carino says:

I’m buying a $11 SunSun 210GPH internal filter for my 30 gallon because it’s in my bedroom and the whirring and splashing of my Marineland 200 is driving me insane. 30 gallons really isn’t much water to move or filter, and I’m sure I could hide it with a big Amazon Sword or something. If it’s not enough I’ll keep the HOB and run the internal at night, but that seems kind of overkill.

Michael Piccirillo says:

“Fake Filters” Trump

Steve Poland Aquatics says:

That may be the one type of filter that I’ve never tried. Good info though.

veroman007 says:

for the money they are fine. dead quiet and you can substitute media bags inside it. bettas love them

Tiny budgie says:

Can you believe my friend has a internal filter in a 75 gallon

Dan Hiteshew says:

Great job on no smoking! Good video.

dennis says:

my nana ‘shit the bed’ …. not my nano.

Jorden Watkins says:

Ya I don’t like these too much either. I do use one in my 10 gallon frag tank tho for my carbon and GFO. The slow upflow from that little filter works great for that. Ugly space hog but it was either that or a 60$ reactor

dan man's fish room says:

Great video mass, I completely agree

Iknow789 says:

Your tanks always have such bright water. Mine’s always clear, and not tinted, but just looks dull. Not because of the lighting, just seems something in the water gets dissolved that’s too small even for poly-fill. Any tips?

Jefferso Wilson says:

Is the IF30 national geographic filter good?

Pixxie75 says:

Been loving your videos… great info and great to watch! Thanks.

NYCity Cichlids says:

Good and fair pros and cons Mike.

Ross Ellis says:

I have a fluval u4 it’s great easy to clean and polishes the water but looks like a suitcase in the tank. You can’t have everything or can you???

forest_animals says:

I have exactly like that one that I use in my baby/fry tank & it works well for that purpose. I also have hanging in there a couple of air stones for better agitation(like u mentioned u don’t get alot w/1 of those). I would recommend that one for a fry tank, my fry haven’t even gotten stuck up in it either, cause I actually pulled it out & checked several x’s to see. I also used one of these in conjunction with a high powered filter in one of my other tanks w/the poly fill & that does really help make clearer water. U can get a bag of polyfill out of the fabric section in most chain stores for $4 a big bag. I would recommend putting the poly into a lil’ baggie like u would other media so the fibers don’t get out of the filter if they are the looser kind.
Sorry hadn’t made it by your channel in while… I subbed so many channels I can’t keep up… :o/// and I don’t want to let anyone go. LOL.

audio man says:

eheim biopower 240 has very good filtration it works for me in my tank

Slim Tim says:

Owned the Fluval U1 also and was the internal filter I bought. My backups are AC 20 and two AC 50s. Good spill, Fired Up!!!

Glen Hawkins says:

haha there not pretty but have there uses. I used a Fluval U3 as a back up filter in my 55 gallon and was able to hide it well enough. .

KrispyAquascape says:

That filter does suck but I used it along with my already established sponge filters to instant cycle my 10 gal shrimp tank. The only thing I like about those filter is that it provides a little carbon filtration for brand new tanks.

Willy Wonkowski says:

What fish do you have in there? Your tank looks spectacular.

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

Congrats on quitting smoking!  Now the new sponge filters have the elbow at the top to make surface agitation I love them.  I hated them when they made the popping sounds and made algae form on the tops of my aquariums.  They are also a lot cheaper now!  I am going to replace several hob’s with sponge to see how they do.  Several of my Hobs do not start back up after a power failure without help but I haven’t had a problem with an air pump!

shawn craib says:

Good vid Mike, A little confusing lol. Haven’t used a internal filter for 8 years but I still have one in storage just in case.

Azalea Love says:

When do we start a filter in a newly set up aquarium….can lack of filter precipitate brown algae in a cycling tank?

Erik Wappa says:

He Mike good vid my friend. I use a intern filter. Mainly that i think it is more safe then a external filter. Must say the space it takes and the look sucks. 
Tank is looking mighty bro. 🙂

Anthony Bergeron says:

I only use one because my 10 gal marina slim HOB is not enough and I had one on hand so now I have 3-4x times my water filtered and I get good result in my water clearance. It makes lots of noise when then is gunk built up near the pump and even when its cleaned its not quiet. Sucks but my cadinals love the flow in the tank so I will leave it just for em lol.

Simon Lee says:

i have a 830 gph internal filter in my tank, its definitely does the job, but cleaning it pisses me the fuck off, whenever i pull it out to clean the sponge inside of it, alot of shit comes out of it back into the water. super annoying but other than that its pretty nice, also, with internal filters, i heard that since they are inside the water they have a much bigger effect on water quality, because all the food, fish poop, etc is basically still IN the water, its just all in a fixated location, or in other words in the sponge. is this true when compared to a sump drip system, canister or HOB? let me know thank you

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