Filters: Part 1: HOB. Hang On Back Filters

In this series I will talk about the 4 main types of filters and the in’s and outs of each kind. Part one is everyone’s go to. The HANG ON THE BACK


boomboompow says:

can i have two aquaclear 110 on my 125 gallon tank? thanks

Layanice says:

good video i gotta 40 gal breeder which aquaclear should i use in your opinion? would 50 be enough??


i know im late but i REEEALY need help i have a 10 gal aquarium and got a filter that works up to 20 gal tanks. recently i added some sand into my tank to spruce things up obviously i needed to filter it out so i put my filter on and about 2 hours later it did absolutely nothing, so i let my sister use it (she did the same thing with her tank) and in like 20 mins it was almost crystal clear! what did i do wrong

BB's bb's says:


American horror GOREY says:

Question. I have a 8 gallon nano cube 12×12. I have a azoo 150 on there. I am having a brown algae issue I think has to do with water flow, because some monte carlo is right green and some are cover in the brown stuff. Which HOB filter would you recommend? I don’t want something too big. And can I just transfer my medis into the new filter? I have aquaclear foam and those bio balls. thanks huge fan, love your videos.

Raider Rocha1974 says:

Great stuff!!! I purchased a marine 350 bio wheel, I have a 60 gallon tank that came with a marineland canister c220. this piece of crap kept leaking so I threw it away. Hob filters are the only way to go if you ask me.

Laura Reed says:

Fluval HOB best filter you can buy I have 6 of them

Nabil El-Saheli says:

Hi ! good videos 🙂
you are right, good filters….another argument is good water oxygenation with water flow ! no need for air-pump…right ?

Steve H says:

What is the quietest HOB or internal filters for a 36 gallon tank? Everything I try is very loud. I have a Whisper 10i on my 10 gallon and I love how quiet it is. Is there anything at a similar noise level? All the research I am doing is pointing toward canister as the only silent solution.

Toguro says:

i wish i didnt impulse buy a tetra whisper 30-60 for my 29 gallon i wonder what the ex 30-60 is like i might want to get a marineland or aquaclear whatevrr quieter

Richie B says:

Great Video!! Another Boston guy here. Just a question if you don’t mind..I’m upgrading my HOB from a marineland penguin 200 to the Aquaclear 110 after seeing this video.You sold me on the AC. Anyways, I have a 29 gallon tank, no live plants. The tank has been up and running for 5 years. So my question is, I’ve seen people say to run old filter with new filter to allow it to cycle the BB but what if I don’t have the room to run both? I have also seen people say don’t use the carbon, what do you recommend using for media since it comes equipped with AquaClear Foam, Activated Carbon and BioMax and Cycle Guard ? Thanks for any help bro!

WeaponX Official says:

I was gonna try the ac 110 for my 50 gallon but the pinguin 350 was on sale … I try it and i stuff it with the fluval mechanical media and fluval bio media, i have regrets with it, also have a water skimmer and my water is crispy clear , i have south american cichlids and ca cichlids and as you know they are messy eaters, but next time ill try it…

Justin says:

What items do you keep in your media basket in your aquaclear filters ?

Caleb Lopez-Sanchez says:

What do you mean by media? Also are the cartridges they come with sufficient enough, should I use that and sponge and media?

pancudowny says:

The ease of maintenance & flexibility of setup is part of what brought me back to AquaClear HOBs… Their overall performance was the other part. speaking of which: I’ve found placing a Cal-Flo sponge on in intake–via a poly-vinyl hose that slipped both inside the sponge’s riser & over the intake’s elbow–helped greater with my AC-50’s performance… Plus, more room for my choice of media!

Barry Allen says:

what kind of filter should i use for planted tank ?if i have 55 gallon tank.

Mario says:

I’ve got a HOB Top Fin.. It came in a 10 gal starter kit.. I want to replace the carbon filter for a sponge. How do I do that?

Steve says:

OK..I’ve got an O a s e internal filter for my 140 litres tank if I used a hang on what size would you recommend?

NoRt Bros says:

Hi I have a 50g, would you recommend an AC 70 or 110?

BB's bb's says:

hi mike, could you show how to properly clean propeller and such on the aqua clear hob? and, does it matter in the stacking order of the media ,chemical and sponge. the way it’s placed in basket?

JDO Fishtank says:

I was looking into these filters, I watched a bunch of videos and from what I’ve seen some of the water can get past the sponge, not filtered through all the media properly, is that true?

Emily J.W. says:

Quick Question. i have a 29 gallon. right now i have an aqueon quietflow 30. its noisy. is it supposed to be and is it ok for a 29 gallon? the flow seems a bit fast and i worry my tiger barbs will be stressed out. it also seems to be loud in the tank when i put my ear on the glass is so loud. any advice is welcome im new to fish

Amel H. says:

Do you use intake sponge prefilters on your aquaclear filters? If not, do you have any issues with filter sucking up shrimp, plant leaves, debris?

vince rezba says:

great thanks really appreciate it your videos have also helped alot

Muhib Maknojia says:

Hey I have 20gallon saltwater fish tank, Do u recommend fluval50 or 70??

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