Fish Tank Filter Showdown: Marineland Penguin 350 vs Aquaclear 70

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In this video we compare the Marineland Penguin 350 vs the Aquaclear 70. Feel free to share your thoughts on each of the filters if you have any experience.

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Forb Fam says:

I find the same with AC filters, I have run 2x AC 50s and 2x AC 30s. None restart after power blips or tank maintenance.
Marineland 200 is what I run now. Always restart after power blips and prime easily after maintenance. Also Marinelands never threaten to overflow, water trickles into tank first. I have had ACs overflow. Not cool. Finally I mod my Marinelands with sponge and bio-media, and find they do a superior job at maintaining crystal clear water. And if the biowheel fails, oh well, it works amazing without it. Though you can swish the mulm off it, and it will spin again.

Jason Thomas says:

I used to run both on my 55g tank. I gotta say marineland has given me no problems so far & I’m going on year 3 with it. Aquaclear once I switched it off my Sandy substrate has no issue either.

Bk_WiŠêR_78 BROOKLYN says:

Marineland are better

Reptile Love says:

NEVER EVER did I have a problem like you had with my aqua clear. I owned 5 of them and it is one of the most easiest to clean. I also had a penguin and the only thing I liked about it was that I didnt have to prime it. I think what you did wrong is, before you start up the filter make sure you add water to the chamber. If you dont, it wont prime on its own

I don't know says:

From an engineering standpoint, the Aquaclear doesn’t come close to a Penguin. I could wright a whole page about it, but nobody would care, and most won’t listen. Lets face it, most don’t care about the fine details or specifics about a filter, they just want something simple even if it’s not the better choice. What bothers me though, is how ignorant some people are about the simple physics of water and filteration, and how easily they get sucked in from advertising. People need to be careful what they read, Aquaclear really pushed marketing for years. I know of two people who work for them, they have fake accounts in fish forums and play THE GAME, asking questions and giving answers. BTW, Aquaclear filters jam up because of poor impeller balance and design, the impeller wobbles on the rotor and when stops can jam up.

Robert L says:

My favorite filters: sponge filter, undergravel filter, but if it has to be hang on back has to be aquaclear, a great design is a great design.
Keep in mind I never ever put the lid on the aquaclear as is quieter I find and nice to see the water!

Gabor P says:

Sorry I have to comment again ! I read the comments and 95% people say the opposite what you just said here. Me too ! Safe to say the AC is much better more reliable and quieter and easier maintenance affordable and no need to worry your water will overflow in the night and in the morning 1inch water on your living room floor thanks to the biowheel that get stock and stopped working. I think safe to say the AC is better then the marineland biowheel crap ! 21 years of my experience and look at all the people and they comments. Nuff said !

Jesse Gaflin says:

The marine land filters are good enough, especially for the price. I just equip mine aquaclear style with the media and my water is pristine. I’m not into spending money just for the sake of having the best. I want value and I was thinking long and hard about getting an aquaclear 70 just to see what the hype is all about but it’s double the cost of the 350 and my water certainly doesn’t have any issues. So for me it would be a total waste right now. Maybe if I set up another tank I’ll take the plunge or if I ever see a deep discount.

Mike Schwitzke Jr says:

I use aqua clear with pre-filter sponge on intake better biological filtration. Thank your problems could be solved by a intake sponge.

Craig D'Attilo says:

Better yet go with the Matten filter and end the madness! So much better filtration, and less maintenance. Crystal clear water, it is like a dump within the tank.

El Duderino says:

I actually really like the marine land H.O.T. Magnum filter. My penguin died after a year and my aqua clear 70 is still working after about 6 years.

jerrad wells says:

not to be ” that guy” but with those clear style filters, when the level gets too low and you flow on it, you can pour your fish tank water right into the chamber where the water pours in on the left side. i do it all the time kind of discovered it by accident

Landmine Lieutenant says:

I don’t understand why anybody buys these HOBs. The Aqueon is far better it flows a massive amount of water and you can stock the compartment however you want just like aquaclear.

Benny Blanco says:

Good video, very informative.

Maurice Maddox says:

What models do you have on your 20 gallon tanks. (Sponge filters

Magnus Veritas says:

I use 4 different sizes of the aqua clear filters and have had none of the problems you describe.

Maureen Higgins says:

I have used both filters. aquaclear 110s and 20s and 30s. marineland 350. off and on. No question for me. Aquaclears win. To restart them I keep jugs of dechlor water and just fill tgem up. But I alsobelieve in overfiltration and understocking. For my many bettas I use the 20s and 30s and baffle the outflow with. sheet flosss. That also micropolishes their water.. I stick a thin brush down between impeller spaces on weekly water changes. It cleans impeller and impeller cavity. saves maintenance. Worth the money.

Gary B says:

Jason, I have been a long time user of the Aqua clear filters…..i have had a pair of aqua 30s for over 10 years. Pretty crazy. But mine doesn’t always start back up after cleaning as well but it just needs a little prime. I give kt a boost with my planting tweezers and it starts right up. Seems like it just gets stuck. Once it gets going there is no issues. Seems like those marineland filters arent bad tho. Pretty wild that the 70 didnt clear that tank up like the marineland did. Suprising

Mike Ferguson says:

My marineland has been on my 55.  gallon for 9 years and still going strong. The only complaint that I could come up with is the shape of the intake tube. I like to add a sponge to my filter intake to keep fry from getting sucked in and its harder to find a sponge to fit the marineland squareish intake tube. other then that it’s been great

Kaiosama_Mrio says:

I’ve liked your videos before but not today haha. Honesty aquaclear isnt a self priming filter. You have to add water to them to start up i usually just clean my media add a little tank water and BOOM!! Starts up with no problem i have a 70 on my 55 with 4 Large Goldfish and water crystal clear i ended adding another one goldfish about same size and still no issue. Around the same time i also bought a 40 Gallon breeder to house a community tank with Tetras Guppies and some other odd balls fish and since then the bio wheel stopped working which i was expecting and the noise got soo annoying i replaced with another one just so it can happen again. Aquaclear has only given one issue with noise and was simply solved changing an impeller. FYI got both filter same exact time and started same day. Since then i had 2 different marinelands both new while the aquaclear i got used and only replaced an impeller within those 3 years. Also i have since then thrown the marineland and started using a 55/75 aqueon hang on the back and has done a better job than the marineland. As of your experience seems to me like the same filter has given you issues and you are basing that on “your experience” with them. Turned off on you 5 times? Noisy and wont start? I would have been replaced it. Im sure you got a faulty one

Craig D'Attilo says:

Jason, great meeting you at the AE this weekend. To restart the aquaclear, just take the intake tube off and reach in and touch the wheel that spins, and it will start, still not great, but better than taking off the pump. Will save a lot of time.

Peter Landy says:

Not going to lose sleep over this lol. As I mentioned from another of your informative youtube I like both brands. They both served me well, without problems. You made good argument for each brand why they worked or not. It makes sense to me. Different situation can flip our opinions and then back again depending on the tank setup. Just so happens I’m currently using AquaClear but I have no problems going back to Marineland if it serves the purpose. The big take away for me is the fact that Marineland’s intake is much longer making it easier to start with low water level and safer to run reliably. AquaClear needs to include longer input tubes. I had to spend extra $$$ to extend the short stock intake.

vacuum nut says:

Like your video, but you did exaggerate the cost of canister filters. Marineland makes a good and reasonably priced canister filter line, as do several other manufacturers. They are not $300 to $500 dollars. Especially, if you buy online from Drs. Foster & Smith , ThatPetPlace, Value Pet Supplies and Rescue Pet Supplies. Sometimes BigAls has some good deals. Amazon is good too. I will find a filter I want and go to Ebay to see if someone is selling it “new” at a good price. A lot of times sellers on Ebay will pay for the shipping too. It never hurts to search for what you want on Google. I have come across some bargains that way. Your local aquarium store has over head costs which means that double or increase the cost by a third. I still go to my local store for smaller items because I do want to support my local business. Given that filters, lights, heaters and other equipment does cost more at your local store. It pays to shop online.
I remember aquarium stores years ago would do what you have done. They would have one or two really strong air pumps that would supply air to under gravel filters or what was more common back then box filters. That would be how all of their tanks were filtered.

Mr Windley says:

I have a accuclear 70 and I went through the not starting after maintenance as well. I also notice the media coming up after a while for maintenance. Do you think it would be a good idea to change the filter and will that mess with the water?

James Falci says:

like a marineland commercial

Racing's Natural Aquariums says:

Great info. I run a ac110 and mine will not self prime which is a pain. But it works well, I have a marineland but have not used it yet. Thanks for the info.

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