Fluval 06 Series Aquarium Canister Filter Overview & Setup

Tom Sarac from Fluval introduces the 06 Filter Series and its simple set-up process and provides an in-depth overview of the product’s features and benefits.

To learn more, visit: http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/ca/freshwater/aquarium-filtration/series/


Stephen Hauf says:

This video is useless, not one bit on where to place the filter media inside the cannister

Steven Brown says:


fantom58 says:

Have a 75 gallon that I might convert to a saltwater fish only *without* live rock, and inexpensive saltwater fish, like damsels and hardier clowns. Don’t want to go through the trouble and expense of a sump. Would an appropriate sized Fluval x06 canister work, and if so what size?

Angie Haile says:

I hate this filter.

Jon Austria says:

someone needs to make a video on how to attach the suction cup assembly! how did you use 6 when mine only came with 4?

Bad boy 655 Jk says:

I need a discount I love your filter it’s just a lot

magzire says:

How offend are you meant to open up and clean?

marco0798 says:

got this was so happy. set it up was perfect. except one thing. the stupid pump thing snapped in 2. the canister is working no probs but wtf do I do when I have to do maintenance….. can u replace that piece?

MrBeaverMan says:


Jester Perez says:

Does this come with the hosing that was used in the video?

George Moody says:

Does it come with the tubing or do you have to buy it separate ?

Aqua Master says:

I will be getting an external filter for my tank soon. My tank is a 240 litre and I know fluval recommends the 306 for tanks up to 300 litres but would it be better if I went for the 406 instead or will the 306 be just as good for the size of my tank

Mitchel Mcdonald says:

Well it looks like iv installed the rubber adapter on the wrong end and have just noticed it after a year of running this way. I will have to change it over during my next matinance aways read your manual! Lol Thanks for the video Fluval look forward to purchasing my next canister.One question is there a dual output nozzle available for the Fluval 406?

walt russell says:

I hate the in and out take set up

Janssen Garcia Santos says:

This filter is a pain in the ass. The filter head never fits on properly and always flood my house.

MrBeaverMan says:


Jessalyn7ate9 says:

Great video, just set mine up a few minutes ago! I have a question though, I upgraded from my HOB filter to the 206, and I’m worried about it affecting my cycle. I want to add some of my established media (filter floss mainly) but I’m not sure what compartment to add it too. I am not using the carbon as it is a planted tank, however I added purigen into that box. Also, I want to add peat moss to help soften my water, would that go into the top compartment? Thanks for the video!

Austin France says:

I’ve been priming and taking apart my brand new 406 all day and it will not pump. It’s a giant piece of shit. This video sucks ass.

Zyrell Angcon says:

Plz reply

LeafVillage UchihaClan says:

How do we know if the intake is actually doing its job? I see water flowing through the output but when I look at the intake, it doesn’t even suck up the particles??

Juice says:

Hello I was thinking of getting one. But are the hose holder the top part adjustable can they open more?

B-RAD says:

I just purchased a 406 for my 75 gallon African Peacock tank and can’t stand the white intake and outlet tubes.. they stick out like a sore thumb very unattractive. My plan was to get an FX6 but unfortunately after getting my stand put together I then realized it wouldn’t fit through the door to access it or remove it being that the FX6 is too wide. My question is could I purchase the black FX6 style intake & outlet parts as a replacement? Would they fit the hose connectors for the 406 or not? If not is there by chance any type of special adapters to do so? Thanks for your time.

CreepyMonkey HeadGame says:

Do you sell the intake screen separately my turtles destroyed it

Keeping IT Fishy says:

for a 75G I need a 406 correct?

Cesare Borgia says:

water is coming out the side where the clamps are

ali baqi says:

Hi, I got 406, how frequent i should change my media?

Undead420Juggalo says:

I bought the Fluval 406 months ago, it started to make a loud rattle noise so i unplugged it and haven’t used it in months. I tried it last week and it is making the noise again, still has water in it. Cleaned the parts and still makes noise. Bought a new lid, impeller and shaft. Now the noise stopped for the most part but the stupid filter wont pump out the water. When i first got it, it would just spray water out once every hour. I have no problems with the Aquaclear top filters, which is made by you, but by far the canister is garbage. I wasted over $200 dollars on this damn thing just to get it and it doesn’t work properly, now i dump another $36 for a kit to fix this common problem. So much for a “Good Filter”

Sal Marafioti, Jr says:

I noticed you had the black foam in the middle compartment and the biomax stones in the bottom with carbon on top…carbon, foam, stones.
My instruction manual shows Carbon, stones and foam (foam on bottom). does the order matter??

Mals Aquaholics says:

Just got one for xmas … can the head be put on the wrong way round ? Or does it only fit one way

maryp1217 says:

I have checked and rechecked everything and NOTHING happens when I try to prime it. I tried to call support but funny they work the same hours I do. Most people do these things on the weekends, but they aren’t available. I am seriously getting ready to pack it all up and bring it back with the appropriate reviews! I hate this thing!

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